Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I Can Draw That With My Eyes Shut Tight!

Draw with your eyes shut?
Strange question?
Perhaps, but that is exactly what the Diva
asked us to do this week in her
The Diva Challenge.
I always love this challenge.
I've gotten away from using a string when I tangle.
I like the freeness that comes from not using a string.
But sometimes we just need to go back to our roots.
Back to where it all began and start over.
That is what Laura asked us to do in this week's
Diva Challenge

I took a 3 1/2" zentangle tile and used a pencil
to lay down a dot in each corner,
then connected the dots with lines
forming a box.
With my eyes open :).

Then I closed my eyes,
kept one hand on the tile so I would know where it was,
and I drew a string.
I like loopy-di-loops, so it kind of
went in that direction.

Then I opened my eyes and went
whoa! not such a great string!
But I had decided beforehand
that I would go wherever my blind string
took me . . .
. . . and this is what I drew.
I am forcing myself to leave some white space
(negative space)
in my tangling lately. 
And also lately - I am having trouble remembering
what tangles I actually know.
I have 4 or 5 basic ones that I use all the time.
Talk about being stuck in a rut.
So, I have started working on something
that I learned from Cherryl Moote that I
will share with you soon. 
An ongoing work in progress.
Coming soon.

For now, head on over to the Diva's page here
and check out all the blind string offerings.
You could even close your eyes and try your
hand at a blind string. 
I'd love to see how it turns out!

The Creator's Leaf

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mermaid Journal

Got my journal cut out and sewn together today. And looking at this photo, I see that I need to take it apart and resew it. This time in the correct order. That would be a tail you see right behind that cover. It is supposed to be a place for a mermaid face to peek out. Oops! But I am going to post these photos anyway. Cause I already took them :).
A closer look at the pages.
This seahorse is one of my favorite parts so far. And the glimmery, shimmery, oceany look in these paints. Studio acrylics from PeBeo, the iridescent colors. I actually used a gold, a teal, and a green on this page and scraped them across with an old Disney World room key card.
Here is the reverse side of that seahorse page. You can see (almost) the full mermaid here. Or at least what will be a mermaid when I get to that part of the class. 
Hopefully this octopus will make some awesome hair for one mermaid. I have to tell you I've never done anything like this journal before. I have done a couple of Jane's classes (not Teesha's) and Jane really explains things well, so I have great expectations for my little mermaid circus book!
Linking up to the Artist's Play Room today. You can check it out here.

The Creator's Leaf

The Mermaid Circus

Step right up!
The Mermaid Circus is now in town!
Actually, the mermaid circus got to town 4 weeks ago.
I'm just running behind schedule.
As always.
Mermaid Circus is a fun art journal class taught by
Jane Davenport
and Teesha Moore.
And I've been wanting to take this class forever!

Today I was working hard:
cutting out pages for the journal,
painting pages,
spraying inks, and
slapping paints.
And my hands look like a mess.
Nothing new there!
Let the fun begin!

The Creator's Leaf

Monday, September 29, 2014

When Is Enough - Enough?

Sometimes I have the tendency to overdo things. To take things one step too far. It is hard to know when to stop. So, how do you know when enough is just that - enough? In the drawing above you see a lot of negative space. Some people call it white space, except in this case it would  be green, yellow, and blue space. Hehehe!
Let me walk you through what I did here. I started with a scrap of watercolor paper - about 4" x 6". (I'm too tired to actually get up and go look for a ruler. Sorry.) I made a watercolor background with my Dylusions Ink Sprays - lemon zest and london blue. Then I made some ghosted dots with a stencil and some water. I liked the gridwork look of the dots, so I started with those and began filling in some of the dots with printemps.
I just kept adding them where it seemed appropriate. Then I added double lines - making the resemblance to tinker toys kind of the thing here. When I felt like I had "enough", I stopped. Notice that it does not cover the entire block. Not even a whole corner. I filled in a section that was irregular in shape, to give a comfortable feel to the page so far, then I left it at that and moved on.
I added some clusters of printemps out near three of the corners. Similar in origin to my tinker toys, but really quite different in appearance. Next I added some clusters of holes. A little here and there. Not overwhelming the page, just a highlight - so to speak.
I wanted to keep the number of tangles to a minimum. I am liking that whole minimalistic approach lately and you can really see it here. I connected some of the areas with tipple - those little, tiny circles. You can really do amazing things with tipple. Notice how they draw your eye into different portions of the drawing. 

I considered stopping at that point, but felt the drawing needed a bit more. So, I added more printemps in that upper right corner, as well as a segment of them in the lower right. 

It still needed a bit more, so I filled in some of the tinker toys with cheesecloth - which looks pretty much like screen! I love using it and it is such a forgiving tangle to draw. A white gelly roll pen added some highlights.

Then I stopped and looked. I left the drawing until the next day, and again looked and analyzed. The drawing felt complete to me, like it was e n o u g h. So, I stopped. Fun tangles, lovely negative space, and some warm, inviting color. When your drawing speaks to you and you are happy with it - that is when you know that enough is enough.

The Creator's Leaf

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kali's Home, Well . . . Sort Of

You read that post title correctly - Kali is back in the hometown. Mostly. Actually she's in Colorado getting ready to make her first wedding cakes for her best friend who gets married in a couple days. No pressure. First cakes = first altitude baking = a little stress, but nothing she can't handle. Kali has done the research and is ready to create some awesomeness! Can't wait to see pictures!

Some time back I made several tiles of beautiful color using - what else? - Dylusions Ink Sprays. (Yes. I know I'm in a rut, but it's such a beautiful rut.) I took some basic art supplies to Maryland - but didn't get a lot of drawing time in. Too much packing to do. Hahaha! This is one of the tiles I drew. Actually the only tile. The other things I worked on were larger scale and I will show them to you over the next couple days. 

To make the background for this tile, I sprayed a light mist of water over the whole square. Then I liberally spritzed on some Crushed Grape Dylusions ink and let it run in the water. After about 10 seconds I lightly sprayed a bit of London Blue Dylusions ink in just a couple spots. Again, I let the water move and blend the colors until I got a look that I liked. A heat gun quickly dried the ink and maintained the beautiful colors. When I tangled the design, I just followed the flow of the colors. I started with the big swatch of spiral printemps, then filled in with the urchin. Lastly, a couple swimming indy-rellas appeared. What fun!

The Creator's Leaf

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Cards - It's A Square Thing!

Getting ready to head to the airport. The mail came in today and I just had to post this before I leave. Moo has some new business cards - cute little square ones! A little larger than the twinchie and a little smaller than the official zentangle® tile. Here is my new card! All my own artwork. I love it!
They even sent some cute little cards to share! I'm thinking they've heard about my pink hair? Or maybe my blue hair? Or maybe my pink and blue hair? Nah! Probably not. Hahaha!

The Creator's Leaf

Monday, September 15, 2014

Ghosty Postie #3

Similar to the past two days' posts, so I won't go into a lot of detail. Other than my eyes are almost shut and I'm about to fall off my chair. Ugh. I hate flying.
Started with wet paper and added some spritzes (?) of bubblegum pink - Dylusions Ink Spray. I did this totally backwards. I sprayed the pink first, then added some Lemon Zest. Apparently that make bits of ugly green. Who knew???
Time to salvage some paper. So I added water and some more color. Let it run, and bleed, and move. Then I blotted it.
And I was happy. Finally. This one was a bit more work than I like to get involved in. I like these projects to just come together because they are more fun that way. 
I think this is what I drew on this piece of paper. If you cut off the top inch of paper. Which I would have when I took it out of the sketchbook. If this isn't what I drew - too bad, you get to enjoy it anyway :). It was so much fun to do! And sadly I think I am out of ghost posts to make. Oh well. Thanks for checking in with me as you read my crazy posts. I'll be back home soon and everything will return to normal. I think.

The Creator's Leaf

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ghost Post #2

Yet another ghost posting from cyberspace. In case you missed yesterday's post (or today's still - depending on the use of flight meds and patches) I have flown north to help Kali pack up and come back south. So I am providing you with some pre-planned posts. Ghost posts, so to speak.
Of course, everything good starts with a Stillman & Birn Zeta series sketchbook. It's the only way to fly. So to speak. (My eyes are blurry. Hope my spelling and typing are working.) Stillman & Birn and some awesome Dylusions Ink Sprays. Now all I need are some jelly bellies.
One little tip I would offer when working in a journal, place a larger sheet of paper under the one you're working on to catch the overspray. Spritz that page with a bit of water. You can find a little spritz/sprayer bottle at your local dollar store. Or Michael's where they cost a little more than a dollar. But not much more.
For this page I used lemon zest and calypso teal. Spritz your colors on right over the water. Let them blend for about 15-20 seconds. When I am making a page such as this I try to use at least two colors. I stayed with just two as this is a smaller page. If my base page was a larger one - say an 8" x 10" or larger - I would use three colors. 
You could add a little more water at this point if you feel you need the colors to move more. I was happy with the way they looked, so I rolled the page with a paper towel and it looked like this above.
I ended up with bald spots - which I felt left the page incomplete. So I added more color but not in the way you would think I'd add it. I just spritzed water around the edges and it picked up the fine droplets of color that the original spraying left on the paper. Dylusions ink sprays are not water fast, so if you add wet product - more ink or water - the colors reactivate and you can move them around some more. Or blot and lift some color off the page.
Getting closer. Yay!!!
I felt like it needed a bit more contrast, so I added more lemon zest. Love that color! And I dried the whole thing with a heat gun.
I am not sure where I'll end up with this piece. I added another layer with a couple stamps. And some staz-on ink, which doesn't run or mess up the Dylusions color. Hopefully you are able to make sense out of my post. The meds are really kicking in and I feel like I'm fading. The good news is that I should be in Maryland with Kali at this point - packing ourselves into oblivion. Whoa.

The Creator's Leaf

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ghost Post

For the next few days I will be on the road traveling. Actually in the air. Flying. Yes, I am wearing my patch and about to fall asleep. Hahaha! And, yes, I have my medicine ready to prevent panic attacks on the plane. Suffice it to say - I don't travel well.
It is time to bring Kali back to Florida. Yay!!!!!!! And in preparation for the no-blogging-time-allowed due to packing Kali up, I am pre-posting a couple easy posts. Awhile back (should that be one word? or two? Awhile or a while) I prepped some pages in my Stillman & Birns Zeta sketchbook. Of course I used my Dylusions Ink Sprays! For this particular page I spritzed the whole page with water first, then spritzed a little bubblegum pink and fresh lime. You can see where I just sprayed them right onto the page.
Then I spritzed more water right over the top of everything. If you let it sit for about 15 seconds, the colors will start blending and mixing. If you hold the page up - tilt it - the colors will move and make drips - or runs - down the page. You have to be careful of mud. Watch for it. Muddy colors you might get if watching you do not. (That's my Yoda impersonation for the day. Thank you so much flying medicine!)
Where you get too much color (and you will), just roll some paper towels over it to pick up the excess. Or you can blot with the towels. If you roll you may get the awesome pattern that the towel has on it - transferred to your paper. You can see that in the above photo. Look in shadow portion. See it? (Come to the shadow side. We have cookies. Or jelly beans. Which are almost the same thing.)
Sometimes the blotting or rolling will take away too much color. If you are a color freak like I am - that will be a problem. Easily fixed. Just spray more color. And water if you need it. 
Here is an example of blotting. Just use a tip or a fold and pick up the color you want to get rid of. If you work in a journal the color may pile up in the binding. You can blot there as well. Yay!!! I may have done that a time or fifty along the way.
You will know when your page is complete. You will just look at it and go  . . . wow! that's pretty cool! You can either let your page air dry, or if you are satisfied with where the color is at this point - dry it with a heat gun. Or a hairdryer. Either works fine. Of course you could always huff and puff over it, but you might get into a hyperventilation issue. So. Do not try this at home alone. Enough said.
This is what I eventually tangled on it :).
The Creator's Leaf