Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mandala Mashup

Mandala Mashup.
Basically you take four tiles and arrange them
as you see above.
Then you trace concentric circles
that cover all four tiles.

I started off with a couple empty medicine bottles, 
then a drinking glass, and a small plate.
You could use a compass but I have
never been good with those,
so I go simple with what is available.

Next I separated them into four tiles again.
I tangled them one at a time.
Tangle each one differently.
You will end up with four different 
little pieces of art.
When you put them back together
in this arrangement,
you have a mandala mashup.
I love it!

Perhaps you would love to give it a go.
If you don't have tiles,
just take a sheet of cardstock
(or white scrapbook paper)
and trace four squares the same size.
I used tiles that are 3.5" square.
Cut them out and follow the steps above.
Instant mandala mashup!

The Creator's Leaf

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

In Our Back Yard

 Let's play . . . What's In Your Back Yard?

Hahaha! Mark has hunting cameras set up in the
back and side yards. He checks them each week to
see what kind of animals we have passing through.
And let me tell you we have had it all.
These pictures are from this past Sunday morning.
In our back yard. 
I think it's cool he got such great pictures.
I don't think it's cool the bear is so close to our house.
Other than that . . . isn't he cute?

if you are wondering what Maine wildlife is
doing on my art page, well. 
I started a blog called
There Be Dragons Here
and apparently not very many people
are aware that it's there.
So I am going to drop it and combine photos of 
Maine, and my dragons, and our wildlife -
with my art work. 
I hope you don't mind.
On the other hand, 
this might mean daily postings again. 

The Creator's Leaf

Friday, September 9, 2016

Galaxy Explosion

 A couple days ago I watched a video showing 
how to make a zentangle inspired
galaxy on canvas. 
In that video Sam Taylor walks you through
making your own galaxy.
This is the one I made.
You should try it for yourself.
 I started with an 8" x 10" sheet of art board.
Using a roll of frog tape, I traced a circle in the center.
(Frog tape. Pretty cool name. Yes?)
Then I used Grumbacher watercolors and filled
in about 3/4 of the circle with galaxy colors. 
A handy dandy toothbrush made the perfect
spattering tool for white paint stars.
 Just the appearance to this point made me think
of an exploding galaxy.
Think exploding water balloon.
Spewing out whatever is inside.
Showing force in expulsion.
I used printemps shooting away
and beadlines to show this expulsion.
 As I added other tangles, I kept with the idea
of pushing them up and out.
 I really liked what I had at that point,
but the instructions were to shade
so shade I did. 
Kind of strange feeling shading on an art board,
but it worked. Hahaha!
 Here is some detail prior to shading. 
And here you can really see those
paint spattered stars.
I love the way it looks!
(Those strange little bumps you see
are where I tried using glow-in-the-dark
white paint for the stars.
Mostly it made little bumps that didn't
glow at all.)
So, what do you think?
I think you should watch the video and
give this technique a try for yourself.
And . . . I still have two more pieces
of art board. 
Just sayin'.

The Creator's Leaf

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Get Your Color On Tutorial in Etsy Now

I have many times been referred to as
The Queen of  Color
and I get many questions about how I
accomplish such colorful backgrounds.

The answer is here in my new tutorial:
Get Your Color On - 
A Color Ink Spray Tutorial.

And it's available in my Etsy Store
for immediate download.
Using my step-by-step project guide,
you will be able to create beautiful 
backgrounds like these on your first try -
or close to it.
 From there it's an easy step to go straight
to tangling - zentangling - your beautiful
works of art.
(Or you could frame them just like they are.)
 Here are a few samples of projects I tangled
using my colored background pages.
This is page one. I immediately jump into
projects and lead you on a step by step journey
to a colorful adventure. 
This is a photo heavy tutorial for those visual
learners out there - like myself.
Here is a link to
Get Your Color On -
Color Ink Spray Tutorial.
It is an immediate download item.
No waiting for shipping.
And -
thank you for your interest.
The Creator's Leaf

Monday, August 29, 2016

Airport Tangling from Last Trip

Here's a little airport tangling project.
I hadn't posted it because it wasn't shaded
until last night.
Tangles are narwal and printemps.
Of course.

The Creator's Leaf

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Manatee Sighted in Maine

Last November, while flying to Maine,
there was a beautiful young lady
sitting next to me. 
She was tired and slept nearly the whole flight.
Even leaned on my shoulder for a while
as she slept.
She awoke as we were landing and leaned
across me to see out the window
We started talking and a friendship 
evolved from there.
Her name is Haven.
As we talked we found out she lives
in the next little town over from where
we live.
That's pretty wild considering where we live
how far away the airport is.
We have stayed in touch while Haven was
away at school,
and now all summer she has been home.
Haven serves at a restaurant in her home town
and we have seen her there many times.
A couple weeks ago Haven told me she'd be
leaving for school soon.
She asked if I could draw her a manatee.

My friend Ben Kwok has a line of coloring/
tangling books on the market.
They have templates that you can tangle,
which is exactly what I did here.
I used Ben's outline of a manatee,
divided up the sections the way I wanted them,
and I filled the sections with tangles.
I used Schmincke watercolors to add
a little pop and a bit of splatter.
Some white gel pen highlights added sparkle
to some of the tangles.
If you click once on the image,
it should enlarge so you can study it better.
And then I framed it.
Goodbye, Haven.
I shall miss you,
but I will be here when you get back home.
Go with God, dear friend!

The Creator's Leaf

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gotcha 8C's

Yeah, I'm sure that title makes no sense.
To you.
But to me it makes complete sense.

In my Facebook group Zentangle All Around
I offer an almost daily challenge 
involving one or two tangles to try out.
This particular challenge was to try
the tangle 8C, which looks fantastic
when it is drawn correctly.
And therein lies the challenge.

My first attempt was that middle section,
to the left. Yes, it looks good,
but no, it is not correct.
I thought it would look good morphing
into gotcha - that's the middle section
to the right.
But I wanted to get 8C right, so I added
a band across the top and bottom
and tried again.
This time I had success. 
And it all morphs together so delightfully.
Add a little shading and call it done.

Want to try these tangles for yourself?
Here are links to gotcha and 8C -
because pink = link.

The Creator's Leaf

Monday, August 22, 2016

Drogon, A New Tangle from Lily Moon

Fun tile to draw!
The border is gotcha, one i really love tangling.
Lower right corner is my very own tangle
- airways -
and across the frame is Lily Moon's new tangle
So versatile and easy to draw!
Drew this tile in Florida, just getting around
to posting it. 
Rainy day here in Maine,
so tangle time this afternoon - 
or a nap -
is a given.

The Creator's Leaf

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mickey Tangling

This past week I spent some time in
a hotel room in Florida.
I had taken this thank you card with me,
thinking I would tangle it.
Each time I spend a few days in a Disney
World resort, they send me a
thank you card
with Mickey sketched on it in blue.
I figured it was perfect for drawing on!
When I posted my tangled Mickey
in my Facebook group
Zentangle All Around,
I had a couple people ask me to make
a template, so here it is -
a Mickey template.
It's ready for you to tangle.
Have fun!

The Creator's Leaf

Friday, August 12, 2016

4 Tile Swapping

 One of the CZTs had a great idea to host a 
swap using four tiles,
drawing a mandala onto them,
then tangling each quadrant differently.
We mail our set to her and she will
match one of our pieces up with pieces from
three other people and mail us a set back.
Sounded like a really fun idea to me!
So here are my 4 tiles.
Here you see them unshaded.
At the top of the post you see what a 
difference shading makes. 
It's a pain sometimes but it is
always worth it!

I will be out of town for a couple days.
Expect more posts when I get back. 

The Creator's Leaf