Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Little Color Play

My art life has been so focused on books
and more books
and not on making myself happy in my
art walk.
So yesterday, I took a day off.
A day to play with color . . .
just because I could.
These strips are remnants of pages created.
Pages waiting to become projects.
 Pages like this.
None of them completed.
No idea where I will go with any of them.
Not for sure.
This one will probably end up in an art journal
as a background for play with other products.
Although the colors are Dyan Reaveley's,
the project screams Carolyn Dube.
Hahaha! Time for some color play!

The Creator's Leaf

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cee-a-Mosa, New Tangle

Are you ready to try a new tangle?
Here is one I designed recently called
So named because the pods remind me
of the seed pods on the mimosa trees
in Florida.
Let's walk through the steps.
 I began by drawing cee-a-mosa in a circle.
You do not have to draw it this way,
it works well in straight-ish lines also.
To set up this piece, I drew a double line circle,
then added the seed pods along the lines -
inside and outside.
Next, I auraed the entire piece.
If you are new to tangling,
auraing something basically means
outlining it.
 Now, go inside the circle and add a seed podded
line across the middle. Before adding the aura,
add two perpendicular sets of lines,
then aura the first line.
(I found it works better if I add new podded lines
in between the pods of the existing lines.)
 Add the seed pods, then aura. 
 In that same crossing point,
go back and add one more set of podded lines
to each one. 
 Your sections are all set up.
Make sure each seed pod is blackened in.
 Now there is the simple process of auraing each section . . .
. . . and keep filling sections, till you are done.
 Cee-a-mosa in the round completed. 
Cee-a-mosa is a flexible tangle. 
You can fill sections with it like I did here also.
Such a fun tangle.
I hope you will play with 
and make it your own!

The Creator's Leaf

Monday, June 20, 2016

Work in Progress

Working on a new large project.
Actually started this in Florida,
I need to finish it up here in Maine.
The background is Dylusions Ink Spray,
my standby, my go-to product.
London blue and bubblegum pink. 
That mix in the middle is arukas
and my own airways.
The overall piece is 9" x 12",
this is just a small section to get you
Stand by for more.

The Creator's Leaf

Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Little Airport Tangling

If you have followed my blog for any length of time,
you already know how much I love color.
Bright color.
In your face bold color.
I love it!
You will also know that we recently moved way north.
Thankfully it doesn't reach 100-105° F here -
hallelujah -
but it does require me to make a monthly trip
down south to take care of my mother.
Which means a lot of airport time.
I knew that my last trip would include a two hour
layover at Reagan International and I wanted to 
stay busy.
I pulled out my Peerless Watercolor swatches 
and a Stillman & Birn sketchbook
and got busy.
I used a water brush and touched it to the swatches -
seriously that's all you do -
and laid down splotches of beautiful color
until the page was filled.
At the airport, I found a table at the food court 
and pulled out a Sharpie Fine Point
and got busy. 
If you look at each section of color,
you will easily be able to see what I did.
One tangle in one section of color.
There are a couple places where I carried
the crescent moon tangle over into another
section, but mostly it was one tangle per.
For this piece of art I used:
diva dance rock 'n roll
crescent moon,
tipple and printemps,
and that's it. 
Easy piece to create even if it does look a little
harder than it really was to make.
I have a product review on peerless watercolors
Bright, bold, and portable.
Just exactly what I need them to be!

The Creator's Leaf

Thursday, June 16, 2016

New Must Have Book for Tanglers

 My tangling friend Genevieve Crabe has just
released a new book.
She is a master of color and here she has created
a new book of . . . pre-colored backgrounds
meant to be drawn on.
Or tangled. 
And the best part?
This is Volume 1!
 You know how much I love color.
Bright, bold, beautiful, rich, lush color
this book delivers all that and more!
Genevieve (did I mention she is my friend?)
sent me a copy to play with and 
test various pens to see how they 
get along with the book.
Let me tell you I had trouble deciding 
where to start. It won't be long till I've
 tangled every page in this book.
The page above is where I decided to start.
I tangled my underwater scene with a
Sharpie Fine Liner pen.
It is pretty much always my go-to pen. 
And it worked like a charm here.
No bleed through to the back of the page.
No smears, it dried just as fast as it does on
I also used a white gel pen from Sakura for 
various sparkles here and there.
I love how Genevieve's lovely colors show through.
They aren't overshadowed by the art.
The art and the color compliment each other.
 This page is darker than I usually work with.
It is good to step outside your comfort zone
once in a while and try something new.
So. Step I did. And I loved it!
I pulled out my Gelly Roll pens and went to tangling.
I found that I love the fluorescent gelly rolls
on dark paper. They seemed to work the best
for me and they did not bleed through the paper.

Let me make an explanation here for those of you
who wonder why we don't use a heavier paper.
A couple of us artists have been using Amazon/
Create Space to publish our books.
When we use them we have no control over the paper
they use. If we print all black and white,
they use a lighter weight paper which allows
more bleed through. Just like you - we don't like it either.
Which is why we include a section in the book 
where you can test your pens.

If we print in full color like Genevieve has with this book -
we get a heavier paper, so you can do a bit more.
You still have to be careful with markers,
test them in the area where Genevieve
explains about pens and markers.
If you have bleedthrough and you still
want to use that marker anyway,
just place a sheet of cardboard behind your page
and tangle away!
Next I moved on to regular,
purchased at any art store, Michael's,
Wal-Mart, or Hobby Lobby, kind of gel pens.
This time with a page color range about in the middle
Not too dark, not too light.
I found that primarily white, pastels, gold, and silver
gel pens worked just fine on this page.
I will go back later and complete this page
and the one before.
No bleedthrough. 
And both the gel pens and the gelly rolls
dried quickly with no smearing.
Might I just say I love this page!
Not bragging on myself,
bragging on Genevieve,
and her color sense.
I love how the colors just flowed from 
one into the next on this page.
They worked perfectly for stacking tangles.
Here I used a regular micron pen from Sakura,
and a Copic multiliner pen.
Perfection with both.
Colorful Backgrounds?
Heck, yeah!
And I love every page in this book.
I can't wait for Volume 2 to come out.
(No pressure, Genevieve! I know you are
already working on it.)
Go now.
Go get you copy of Volume 1.
You can't go wrong.
Here is the link again.
Now, back to tangling. 

The Creator's Leaf

Friday, June 10, 2016

Practice, Practice, Practice

Some time ago I was part of a Facebook group
dedicated to making stacks of tangles.
Literally stacking one pattern on top of another.

I find after all this time it is still the best way
for me to practice tangles I love,
or tangles that are new to me,
or just ones that need work.

It is really easy to do.
Just make horizontal lines 
- dividing your page into sections -
and fill each horizontal section with 
a different tangle.

So, grab your sketchbook and divide a
page into sections -
horizontal or vertical -
it doesn't matter.
And tangle away!

The Creator's Leaf

Monday, June 6, 2016


Too much happening in my life.
And I am sick on top of everything else.
I wanted to share a little dragonair and
punzel fun with you!
These two tangles are so much fun to draw!
You can never go wrong with either one.
Click the pink link to take you to step outs.
Have fun!

The Creator's Leaf

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Drawing on a Wall

A couple posts ago I showed you where I had 
started tangling on a wall in my studio.
I don't get to work on it as often as I'd like,
but this is where I am so far with it.
Working on a little 'floaty' feeling,
open and whimsical.
So many ideas, so little time.

I remember the day my son 
drew on our bedroom wall -
and the bathroom wall -
and how I had him wash off what he could.
I should have left it all.
Sorry, son.
The Creator's Leaf

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Relaxing With Narwal

We are finally all settled in and my office/studio
is looking pretty good.
And workable.
Now if I can just keep it clean.
As if. Hahahahahaha!

I've spent the past few days in Bar Harbor, Maine,
working on some art but mostly relaxing.
And eating.
Photos will come soon.

This is a piece I started some time ago,
but saved the shading.
I dislike shading intensely
but it makes such a difference in your 
finished work.
Perservere and do it.
It really is worth the effort.
(And I love drawing narwal, so that
was an added bonus.)

That background wall is my tangle called blox.
Here is a link to the steps.
Hoping to be a bit more regular with posting
now that we are all unpacked.
Thank you for being so patient.
You're the best!

The Creator's Leaf

Friday, May 13, 2016

Time to Get Back to Work

It has taken longer than I anticipated
but we are finally finished unpacking boxes.
Finally I can get back to work.
Sorry to be gone so long.

Now I am trying to get familiar with this new computer,
computing standing up instead of sitting down,
and I am dealing with a new version
of photoshop.

I love this piece with the finery flourishes
mixed with arukas. 
Did you know that arukas is Sakura spelled
There's a brain twister there for you!

The Creator's Leaf