Sunday, February 5, 2017

Moosestompers, 2017

 Mark and I have been waiting a long time for
Moosestompers Weekend!
Three days of fun plans for the family.
 When we got up for the day it was 5° outside.
And most of the events were scheduled outside.
So we layered up good and got ready.
Here is proof that I am now an official Mainer.
Plaid, flannel shirt.
Actually it's a pretty nifty plaid, flannel shirt -
it's lined with fuzzy, furry stuff inside.
 The Antique and Vintage Snowmobile Display.
There were some pretty cool sleds there!
That first one in the line there - the yellow one -
was my favorite!
 They had Snow Sled Rides.
This was our favorite - that sleigh in the back -
it's a jon boat dressed up like a moose.
 They got a really good ride around the park.
Sometimes at a pretty good clip, too!
 The Horse Pulled Sleigh Ride was more our speed.
Actually, I had so many clothes on -
I couldn't bend my knees to get
into the jon boat.
 We rode in the third seat.
The driver/owner said the next sleigh he had
was going to be pulled by some
Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales. 
I should have told him we have a son-in-law
that works for them. 
 There were several sliding hills for the kids.
This one had at least three more places on the 
back side that kids were using.
 And a larger, more exciting hill.
 They actually held the 9th 
Annual Sliding Race
here on Derby Hill.
 Getting ready for another great event,
but first a little dancing with Morris the Moose.
 He totally saw me with my phone and
posed for a photo.
Lookin' good, Morris!
 Let the dancing begin.
Actually Morris is the master of the
'sway side to side' dance.
 I don't know who this dad is -
but he and his kid in the blue were having
a great time!
 There is that awesome jon boat sled.
Hahaha! It was really cool!
 OK, Florida friends, when we got up this morning
it was 5° outside.
I'm thinking it's not going to happen with a
port-a-potty when it's 5° outside.
 This was the highlight of the day for us.
The Half Dollar Scramble For Kids.
Five area banks donated 900 half dollars
for this event. 

The first group to go was 6 years old and under.
The man stood in the middle of the circle and
threw out a bunch of half dollars.
Then the little guys ran around trying to find them.

It's actually harder than it sounds.
The money slides down through the snow 
to the ground, then people run over it,
crawl over it, push it around with their
hands and shoes, and 
shove around through the mess
trying to find at least one coin for their child.
Hahaha! Good times!
 Aren't they cute?
 Next group, ages 7-9.
 The parents didn't really need to get involved
with this group. 
They did very well.
 Then they moved to the 10-13 year old group.
That man in the middle had the money.
He threw it out by handfuls in a circle.
There were coins thrown down right there
where you are looking.
Don't see any, do you?
Harder than it looks.
The snow is probably only 2-3" deep there.
 And the race was on.
After about half a minute the man threw
out more half dollars.
Mark and I were impressed by the behavior
of the children in this group.
We figured it would get brutal,
but the kids were so respectful.
Some even shared with the other kids who
didn't find coins.
It was pretty awesome.

This was so much fun!
We had a great time.
Didn't get to attend all three days,
but we had a ball.
Hopefully next year we will be able to
take the Frankles to Moosestompers
for a little down-home fun!
The Creator's Leaf

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Good Day to Stay Inside

 This morning was interesting.
We woke up in the middle of the night . . .
It was 53° in the house
and 5° outside.
Our radiant heat went out and the 
pellet stove wasn't enough to carry
the whole house. 
When morning came, we called the experts in.
After a couple hours - we had heat again.

We are now up to 61° in the house.
I am wearing my fuzzy Uggs that I
got on Zulily for dirt cheap
and my flannel lined jeans.
Whoa, baby!
 As soon as the expert got our heater going again,
Mark and I left to go somewhere warm while
the house heated up.
Interpret that to mean 
Grammy's Country Inn -
for homemade chili that makes your 
tongue and lips burn. 
I took that top picture at the side of our yard.
The next one I shot from the car,
heading to Grammy's. 
It is snowing and 15 degrees.
I borrowed this fitting cartoon from
MUTTS - Patrick McDonnell's
Facebook page.
It fits now that the house is warming up.
Still love living in Maine!

The Creator's Leaf

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I love doing zentangle art.
There is a whole world of people out
there that share ideas,
share patterns and drawing techniques,
a whole family that opened to me
when I went through
Certified Zentangle Teaching class.

One of the lovely ladies I've met online
since then is Lily Moon.
If you tangle at all,
or if you have a zentangle Pinterest board,
you know who Lily is.
Her work is beautiful!
Her work is elegant, detailed, and so warm!

In my Facebook group
Zentangle All Around -
today we are working with one of Lily's
original tangle patterns - andromeda.
That whole circle you see above is 
my interpretation
of Lily's Andromeda pattern.

You can find the step out instructions here.
And by clicking here, you will be
automatically sent to her blog of
eye-popping gorgeousness. 

The Creator's Leaf

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tissue Paper/Dylusions Ink Spray - Art on a Shoe String

It's time for another 
Art on a Shoe String!
This week let's make backgrounds
for tangling, for cards, for art journaling -
or just because they are pretty!
Using tissue paper.
 Yes, I did say tissue paper. 
The trick here is to find some tissue paper
that bleeds when it gets wet.
I believe most tissue papers do,
so that part should be easy.
(I believe this would work with
those awful crepe paper rolls we
used to decorate with when we
were kids.
Cue the A.L. Bristol students here.)

I grabbed all the light to almost dark colors I had
and starting cutting strips
into 3" squares,
then I triangled them.
Any size will work -
and next time I am just going to tear
them into strips and try it that way.
 Supplies are super simple.
Tissue paper triangles,
heavy paper (mixed media or watercolor)
and a spray bottle of water.
Here we go.
 Spray that paper and cover it with water.
If you don't have a spray bottle
use a mop brush and generously cover
one section of the paper at a time
with water.
 So this is the first time I've ever done this.
You and me!
Let's do this!
Take your seriously wet paper
and begin placing triangles from the
bottom and work your way up.
I found this to be the easiest way for
me to work.
Bottom to top.
It's ok if they overlap a bit,
if there is a gap a bit,
if they are crooked a bit -
or a lot.
And keep placing tissue paper triangles
until your paper is covered. 
You will see the color is bleeding well.
And it is bleeding from one triangle onto 
the next.
Little rivers of water are flowing from 
one to the other.
Happy dance!
And all those wrinkles should cause
some texturing to happen.
 When the whole piece is covered and wet,
let it sit for 20 minutes with no help
from you.
Don't get tempted.
Give the water and ink time to work.
 After 20 minutes remove all the tissue paper.
Realize that your hands are going to get stained.
Realize the tissue paper is still wet -
don't let it drip on your clothes,
or your sofa,
or your rug.

I have to say this is my least favorite of
all the pieces I did.
This was my experiment piece.
I learned that some of my tissue paper
was toooooo dark, 
so I threw the extra triangles of those
colors back into the basket.
(Just kidding. I really threw them in the trash.)

I noticed the edges weren't defined.
The whole piece looks blurry to me.
(The photo isn't blurry.)
Mark mentioned all the white spaces,
but I didn't really mind those so much.
So, keeping those points in mind,
I moved on to my second sheet of paper.
I kept those triangles.
They work better if you lay them flat
when you remove them from your paper.
Once they dry you have some
awesome collage papers for art journaling!
 Second sheet of paper!
After I placed all the triangles,
I made sure they were all wet.
Some I had to spray more water on.
I made sure all the edges were tapped
down and in place.
After 20 minutes,
I had better results.
More defined edges,
no blurriness,
and some of the colors were
more dramatic like that red.
Lots of white spaces because I
let the papers bubble up too much with
water under them.
But overall I was much happier with 
this piece.
 I stood here at my desk,
staring out at all my beautiful snow,
and wondered where I could go
with this technique.

To the right of my window is a box
where I keep unfinished projects.
This is the one that sung out to me.
I've been tangling this piece for a
couple years, off and on.
I love the colors.
Dylusions Ink Sprays, of course.
Which can be a little pricey 
many places don't sell them.
So I wondered if I could achieve similar
results with my cheap little tissue paper.
So I pulled out another sheet of paper
and began placing triangles in a
similar color arrangement.
(Don't ask me where that green
one came from.)
Lots of water,
tamped down edges, 
plenty of little wrinkles and 
hills and valleys
for water to flow under,
and wait 20 minutes. 
OK, not exactly the same,
but I'm getting somewhere.
And I seriously love this one -
probably my favorite from the day.
(Did I already say that about another?)
 Here is another Dylusions Spray Ink
sheet I did awhile back.
I love the colors and the way
they play with each other.
Could I make something similar with
my inexpensive tissue paper?
 I tried to do a better job with 
triangle placement on this one.
There is some overlap and
very little gap anywhere.
 Here is an example of those
folds and valleys I was talking about.
Those little places where the triangle
isn't touching the paper.
Those make for some awesome texture - 
if they aren't too big!
 I did feel the gap here was too big,
so I placed another piece of tissue
paper right over the gap.
Not worrying about lining it up with
the others.
Just get it on there.
Make sure the edges are all down.
I even sprayed more water over
the top of all the triangles.
And after I removed the paper -
after 20 minutes -
this is what I had.
Very similar to the Dylusions piece.
And I think if I used random, torn up
bits of paper instead of the triangles -
it would resemble it even more.
 This is another Dylusions piece
I made awhile back. 
Two colors - fresh lime and London blue.
Let's give this one more shot!
 I used green, three shades of blue,
and a little yellow.
I didn't want the colors to run too much
and the paper was curling up,
so I held it down in the middle with
a ruler until the paper settled 
down a bit.
I used that ruler to make sure all the 
edges were tamped down.
Even had a little overlap on this one.
 Plenty of water 
and I covered up one gap.
And waited 20 minutes . . .
 . . . then I started peeling off the paper.
This is the closest I came to
duplicating the Dylusions Ink Sprays.
And I think it worked pretty well!
What do you think?

Tissue paper that bleeds,
some sturdy paper
and some water.
Dylusions Ink Spray "look"
duplicated for next to nothing!
Now, it's your turn!

The Creator's Leaf