Monday, October 16, 2017

Getting Sketchy and INKtober #zensations #hahnemuhle

 It is so hard to believe we are half way through
And what is even more amazing is the
fact that I am still keeping up!

Yesterday's tangle prompt for INKtober
was lollywimple. This tangle was designed by
a dear friend of mine - Sandy Hunter. She is such an
amazing artist and designer.
I chose lollywimple as one of our daily prompts
just so I could play with it,
and share it with everyone in 

I tangled lollywimple with a Sarasa Fineliner pen from
I used a 3.5" square Hahnemuhle You tile.
I am trying to use these two supplies everyday
for INKtober. 
Shading was with graphite and tort.
So. Much. Fun!
 The prompt on the 14th was Flying Geese.
What a fun tangle!
I chose to draw mine in a circle format.
If you look at the picture above, you will see
there are actually four concentric circles.
In each layer I drew the basic lines for
flying geese. In the center and third circles,
the pattern points outward.
In the second and fourth circles,
the pattern points inward.
The little black dots are my reminders for
which sections to blacken in with my Sarasa pen.
Then I filled in those sections with black,
shaded various parts,
and called it done.
I really like how this turned out.
When I posted it in 
Zentangle All Around,
I had several people contact me and ask
how this was flying geese.
Their mind's eye just couldn't see it,
which is why I'm blogging the picture above it.
 Getting Sketchy has kind of taken a back seat for me
the past few weeks.
I am fast and furiously working on some new
book material. Hoping to put two new books
out on the market within the next couple weeks.
My son is helping me with one of the books,
and neither of us has done this completely by
ourselves before. So this might be interesting.
I have all these great ideas and I am trying to
figure out how to get them on a page in an
attractive format. 
But . . .
I can offer you two pages of scribbled out,
scratched out notes and attempts
at some of the things you might see in book #2.
God willing.

In the interim, if you don't have a regular place to
get tangling inspiration
you are looking for a place to jump on the
INKtober band wagon,
head on over to Facebook and search for
Knock on the door and I will let you in.
Hope to see you there! 

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Keeping Up With INKtober #zensations #hahnemuhle #inktober

 I am so excited!
Today is the 13th of the month and I am still participating
in Inktober! This is the longest I've kept
up with it. 
Each of these three pieces were created on a
In the above tile I used a Sarasa Fineliner from
for the tangling. The color pops came from
Lolliz Gel Pens. I love the great colors they have!
The tangle prompt for the day was rainbow bridge.
To that I added tear drop border
So much fun! 
Rainbow bridge has so many possibilities!
 Kandy Ribnz has always been a hard one for me to draw.
My hand gets going with the right pattern,
then kapow! it's off to the wrong direction.
I have learned to draw this in pencil first,
then when I am close I can go to my pen.
I filled the middle sections with half of my
ripped screen tangle.
Drawn again with a Sarasa Fineliner,
the color is actually a Sarasa Mildliner.
A marker/highlighter kind of pen.
I love the bright colors they have!
This last one was yesterday's prompt - waybop.
I added a circular border and put ripped screen in the middle.
Shading makes that whole center section stand out. 
For shading on each of these tiles,
I used a Caran d'Ache HB pencil and a tort.
This pencil is my absolute favorite!
I actually recently ordered 8 more of them. 
You can never have too many pencils!
At $1.35 each they are a steal for sure!

Haven't gotten into INKtober yet?
There is still time!
In my Facebook group 
we are working on a tangle prompt each day.
Come on over and check it out!
Look for the pinned post at the top of the page -
that's where you find a list.
I look forward to meeting you.

Monday, October 9, 2017

More INKtober #zensations #hahnemuhle #stillmanandbirn #moleskine

 Wow! I didn't realize I hadn't posted my
INKtober art pieces for a few days.
The tangle prompt for the one above was Punzel
It's a nice, pretty tangle that
can be quite a challenge to make happen!
I mixed it with Diva Dance and All Boxed Up!
This was drawn in my Stillman & Birn
Zeta Series Sketchbook
using Sarasa Fineliner pens from Zebra Pens.
 My go-tos lately are the tiles from 
Hahnemuhle You Tangle Art.
They are 3.5" square and it's amazing what
you can do with one.
I will be doing a review on these tiles soon.
I tangled with another go-to from Zebra Pens -
Sarasa Fineliner pens from their Zensations line.
This pattern is called 4Fun!
And it was exactly that. 
I had no idea at the time how to shade it,
so no shading is what you get.
The pattern I picked for this day was tessell
I should have looked harder before I picked.
Just kidding! 
This was a really hard one to tangle.
Mirror images, tessellations.
My brain doesn't work that way.
I practiced this in my Moleskine sketchbook.
This was the practice and that's all you get.
I will probably never work on this one again
because it gave me a headache.
Hahahahaha! Not even joking.
I tangled this with - what else - my 
Sarasa fineliners. 
Glad I chose a fun fall-back-on tangle for today's challenge.
This is called Dragonair.
My friend Norma Burnell designed this tangle.
She uses it in her fairy drawings,
such a fun versatile tangle that can be used
in so many ways!
I used another Hahnemuhle You Tangle Art tile,
and spread some of Tim Holtz' Distress Inks
over it. They worked very well on this tile.
Then I tangled up a Kracken with my
Sarasa Fineliner pens.
So. Much. Fun!

It isn't too late to get involved with Inktober.
Head on over to my Facebook group
and request to join. I'll add you to the group
and you can meet some wonderful artists
and see some beautiful art!
Then I want you to add some art of your own.
No pressure.
No judgement. 
I promise. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Getting Sketchy

 I haven't posted my Getting Sketchy
work for awhile now. I've been working on 
a new book that I hope to have available
for purchase soon. All my spare time has been
going to that endeavor.
(I really, really love that cat-a-line tangle!)
 I just needed a break today and I thought
what better than Getting Sketchy!
For those that aren't familiar with this idea -
each week in my Facebook group
we share our sketchbook work on Saturdays.
This would include anything we worked on 
tangle related in a sketchbook, a journal, 
a notebook, on sticky notes - anything - 
good and bad, completed or not, 
full of mistakes or perfect.
We share it all because we want to learn
from others' successes, as well as
their not-successes. 
(Check out Sandra Strait's cute little
roly-poly kitty!)
Scratched out work is good.
Little notes to yourself that this might not be your forte is good.
Red stars indicating this particular pattern is a keeper.
It's all good.
And we can all learn together as a result.

So. Interested?
Head on over to 
and get involved.
You know you want to!

Friday, October 6, 2017

INKtober #zensations #artistrove #stillman&birn

 This was a really fun piece to put together for
I used a piece of scrapbook paper
and tangled right on top of it. 
Yesterday's prompt was the tangle scallamp
that would be the twisting one right up
through the middle. 
To that I added the tangles Printemps,

I used a black Sarasa fineliner from Zebra Pens
for the drawing, a Uniball Signo white gel pen for highlights, 
and inexpensive Walmart colored pencils for the shading. 
Love how it turned out!
That Sarasa works great on every type of paper,
laying down some wonderful black color!
Today's tangle is an original from 
Zentangle® HQ called punzel
Punzel is always fun to draw and it 
pretty much looks different every time I
draw it. Probably isn't supposed to,
but it does. Hahaha!
I added in a little Diva Dance
and my own tangle All Boxed Up.

For this piece I used some new-to-me
pens from Artistrove called
Epiphany XB-Chrome.
Love these pens!
They go down smooth and glide across the paper!
Speaking of paper - this is in my 
Stillman & Birn Zeta Series Sketchbook. 
Shading is with a regular graphite pencil,
smudged with a tort. 

INKtober is going on all month.
To get involved, you can head over to my FB group
Knock on the door and let me know you are there.
We are closing in on 3,000 members,
so there is lots of inktober art happening.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Birds of a Feather and INKtober #zensations #inktober #hahnemuhle #schmincke

 Our art journal prompt in 
this week is birds of a feather.
With any interpretation we want to put on it.
I immediately thought about the art of
Lori Vliegen, someone I have been watching
for many years now.
And I thought about those cute little 
birds, and pigs, and bunnies she makes
and I wanted to give it a go.
 I started with this pre-made background in my journal.
When I play with my gelli plates
I keep a journal page opened close by so I
can brayer the leftover paint onto a useable surface
and not waste it.
That is how this page came about.
And due to its shimmer I know that I used
Pebeo Iridescent Acrylic Paint.
 I knew I wanted to keep the words
birds of a feather 
from the prompt, so I wrote them as a border
The letters 'zaa' are a salute to my group
Kind of scary to actually do this writing,
I have never been a big fan of my handwriting.
Something just about every art journalist who
ever lived has said at one time or another. 
Gosh, I just love those vibrant, bright colors!
Little blobs are the beginning of cute little birds.
Trust me on this. 
And a little dirty, dusty ground is required for
those little birdie legs to stand on.
(Thank you, Lori.)
 I used the same Sarasa fineliner to draw around
each little blob, add some legs, some tail feathers 
(shake your tail feathers, hehehehe!),
beaks, eyes, and wings.
It's all good. And as simple as that I have some
Birds of a Feather.
Thanks for the super idea, Lori!
It's INKtober all month.
This is the time of year we try to encourage each
other to put pen to paper each day.
Even if it's only 5 minutes.
It doesn't matter. 

I used a Hahnemuhle You Tangle Art tile
and my Sarasa fineliner to tangle up some
CO2 by Antonine Megger
and some O by Adele Bruno.
You just really can't beat that combo of
Sarasa on Hahnemuhle tile!

In my group
I have provided a prompt list for the entire month
of a different tangle pattern each day and where
to find the instructions online. 
If you aren't already INKtobering somewhere -
and even if you are -
you are welcome to come join us!
I would love to see what you are working on!
Come knock on the door
and I will let you in.
Pinky promise!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Day 3 M'Anning #inktober #zensations #hahnemuhle

Day three of INKtober, 2017!
The tangle prompt in our group today is
M'anning, one I had not tried before.
It went down super simple,
all roundish and stuff :)
and I like it!
I completed it with a full aura,
and my go-to Printemps and tipple. 

I used my Sarasa fineliner pens from Zebra Pens
to draw the patterns.
Zebra also has these awesome blended
pens called Super Marble Gel Pens.
Each pen is filled with a combination of three
colors and you just don't know what it will
look like until you draw the line.
The two shells to the right have this pen
on the inner lines. Some places it looks
blue, some places it has a pink tint.
Pretty awesome!

I tangled up this bit of M'anning on a tile
from Hahnemuhle You Tangle Art.
I really like the smoothness of the tile for
pen work, but it leaves a bit to be desired 
for the way I used some watercolors here. 
I wanted a soft wash of pretty color around the
outside of my tangles, 
so I grabbed my Yasutomo watercolor pans
and a water brush and proceeded to wash
some pretty color around the outside. 
If I am right in my understanding of paper weight,
310 gsm converted to Bristol weight 
should make it about 140 lb. 
This paper should have held water
better and not have caused so much pilling.
I will definitely have to try something different
next time.

Overall, though, I like the way my tile
for day #3 of INKtober turned out. 
The tangle is CO2 which can be found on 
Why don't you give it a try?

Monday, October 2, 2017

draWings #hahnemuhle #inktober #zensations #schmincke

My INKtober post for today began on a 
Hahnemuhle You Tangle Art Tile.
All that yummy background color came from 
Schmincke watercolors (love!)
Schminckes are so vibrant and alive!
Tangling was done with Copic multiliner 0.1 and 0.3,
a Sharpie fineliner, and a Sakura micron 005.
Walmart colored pencils were used for shading,
and a white Uniball Signo pen for highlights. 

Two days in to INKtober.
Ready to get a jump start on ideas for 
tomorrow's post. 

What are you doing for INKtober?
Need inspiration?
Head on over to my Facebook group
Knock on the door and I'll let you in .
We are doing INKtober as a group and
there are lots of ideas to be found there.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

INKtober is Under Way #zensations #inktober #hahnemuhle

 INKtober is upon us again. 
It's that time of year when we are encouraged 
to create an inked piece of art each day. 
Doesn't matter what form that takes. 
Just get some ink on a page each day. 
Great habits are formed one day at a time. 

In my Facebook group 
I have posted a challenge to my members to create 
one piece of inked art each day and 
post it in our group. 
My hope is for many of the members to develop 
a love for putting themselves onto paper 
in the form of inked expressions. 

The zentangle pattern I chose for them to use today is spoken
Both my tiles start with that tangle. 
On the above tile I began with my Mildliner pens from Zebra Pens. 
The structure for spoken was made with two colors
(and they go down smooth and yummy!)
 Then I used a copic multiliner to fill the color with the tangle shattuck
Other tangles are:
I used Hahnemuhle You Tangle art tiles for both pieces. 
Here I spun the tangle spoken both 
clockwise and counter clockwise, then filled with other tangles.
They are:
wave runner and tear drop. 
Shading on both pieces was done with a basic pencil and tort.

So. What are you tangling up today?
If you want to try INKtober, but don't know
where to start, head on over to 
Zentangle All Around 
and I'll let you in the door. 
Look for the INKtober post 
(it's a cool photo outlined in teal) 
and read that information to get going.
Hope to see you there!

In case you are a new reader,wherever you see the color pink -
that is a link. Easy to remember -
pink = link.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Bubble Love Meets Narwal

 Here is another fun piece of art!
I loved creating this!
It features the tangles:
narwal (one of my all time favorites,) 
 I began by tangling the art on a sheet of ivory
Stonehenge 8" x 8", 90 lb. weight.
 I wanted to be able to show this piece in shaded
format as well as colored, so I made a copy
on card stock and shaded the copy. 
I really like the shaded version and the depth it has . . . 
. . . but color really sings to me. 
I used copic sketch markers to add color.
All the shading is done with copics. 
Narwal and bubble love are not tangles I would
normally choose to go together, 
but I am very happy with the way this
piece of art turned out. 

What are you working on today?
I will be posting a new project in my Facebook group
tomorrow for Inktober.
Why don't you drop in and join us.
Just knock on the door and I'll let you in.