Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gotcha 8C's

Yeah, I'm sure that title makes no sense.
To you.
But to me it makes complete sense.

In my Facebook group Zentangle All Around
I offer an almost daily challenge 
involving one or two tangles to try out.
This particular challenge was to try
the tangle 8C, which looks fantastic
when it is drawn correctly.
And therein lies the challenge.

My first attempt was that middle section,
to the left. Yes, it looks good,
but no, it is not correct.
I thought it would look good morphing
into gotcha - that's the middle section
to the right.
But I wanted to get 8C right, so I added
a band across the top and bottom
and tried again.
This time I had success. 
And it all morphs together so delightfully.
Add a little shading and call it done.

Want to try these tangles for yourself?
Here are links to gotcha and 8C -
because pink = link.

The Creator's Leaf

Monday, August 22, 2016

Drogon, A New Tangle from Lily Moon

Fun tile to draw!
The border is gotcha, one i really love tangling.
Lower right corner is my very own tangle
- airways -
and across the frame is Lily Moon's new tangle
So versatile and easy to draw!
Drew this tile in Florida, just getting around
to posting it. 
Rainy day here in Maine,
so tangle time this afternoon - 
or a nap -
is a given.

The Creator's Leaf

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mickey Tangling

This past week I spent some time in
a hotel room in Florida.
I had taken this thank you card with me,
thinking I would tangle it.
Each time I spend a few days in a Disney
World resort, they send me a
thank you card
with Mickey sketched on it in blue.
I figured it was perfect for drawing on!
When I posted my tangled Mickey
in my Facebook group
Zentangle All Around,
I had a couple people ask me to make
a template, so here it is -
a Mickey template.
It's ready for you to tangle.
Have fun!

The Creator's Leaf

Friday, August 12, 2016

4 Tile Swapping

 One of the CZTs had a great idea to host a 
swap using four tiles,
drawing a mandala onto them,
then tangling each quadrant differently.
We mail our set to her and she will
match one of our pieces up with pieces from
three other people and mail us a set back.
Sounded like a really fun idea to me!
So here are my 4 tiles.
Here you see them unshaded.
At the top of the post you see what a 
difference shading makes. 
It's a pain sometimes but it is
always worth it!

I will be out of town for a couple days.
Expect more posts when I get back. 

The Creator's Leaf

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Leaf Page Completed

 Yesterday I posted about 
Genevieve Crabe's
new book 
Colorful Backgrounds 2.
Here is the leaf page I stamped through a stencil,
then tangled - completed now.
This was a really fun page. I tried to make
each leaf a different tangle.
That isn't easy to do.
My sharpie fine point pen and my Pitt pen 
worked great in the book, with no bleed through.
Also, no bleed through with the 
Tim Holtz Distress Inks I used.
If you are interested, here is a direct link
to Genevieve's page where you can get more
information and place an order. 
This book of beautiful colored backgrounds
just waits for you to add your tangles.

The Creator's Leaf

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New Release: Colorful Backgrounds 2 for Drawing or Tangling

Genevieve has a new book out
she has outdone herself with this one!
 This is Genevieve's second book in a series
of colorful backgrounds all ready for you
to tangle and draw on. 
And since Genevieve loves me -
she sent me a copy to preview and play with!

The book has a soft cover that opens almost perfectly flat so you can draw right up to that inside edge.
It measures 8.5" x 11" and has 40 full-color backgrounds. 
The pages are printed just on one side. I didn't have any trouble at all with bleed-through, but I would recommend placing a sheet of cardstock or thick paper behind your working page just in case.

Above you see a page of thumbnails showing 
you what some of the pages look like,
Genevieve even included 8 of 
my backgrounds in the book!
if you are a fan of crazy color and lots of it - this is the book for you!
Links for purchase will be listed at the bottom 
if you can't wait, here is direct link to 
Genevieve's page for ordering. 
Above you see the first page I worked on.
I did some basic tangling with a Sharpie fine point
and a Pitt Artist Pen but wanted to add a little something different.
So I grabbed a stencil, an ink dabber or pouncer, and a StazOn ink pad. Those black bricks you see were pounced on using the dabber and ink through the stencil. 
I also used a gray pitt pen, a graphite pencil,
and colored pencils for shading.
Awesome sauce!!! Worked like a charm!
I moved on to this page next. 
You can see it in its untangled form
in the thumbnail shot above -
second row, second picture.
What drew me to this page was the divided
sections. They look like bits of torn wrapping 
paper tossed here and there -
waiting to be tangled.
I worked on a few sections and left
about half of it untangled -
so you could see what i did.
I simply outlined a section, then filled it with a tangle.
No rocket science here.
 Last page.
I must apologize right now - 
I didn't realize my lighting was bad where I was drawing.
Some of these photos show the true color
some are just horrible looking.
The color in the picture right above here is true.
In the thumbnail it is first row, second photo.
 I was trying to think of other art tools
we could incorporate -
 other than strictly tangling.
Of course this book was made to be tangled in -
but there are other ways to use it as well.
So I pulled out a brand new stencil I hadn't used yet
and placed it in the binding of the book.
 Here are my supplies. 
 I chose three colors of Tim Holtz' distress inks.
I began by pouncing one of the colors through
various leaves on the page . . .
 . . . then a second color . . . 
 . . . then a third. 
Looks like a big, whopping mess of ink,
doesn't it?
(And here is where the bad lighting starts to show up.
Sorry, Genevieve. I didn't notice until this morning.
Too late to fix it.)
 With much apologies to Genevieve for the messed up color,
here is what I have after I lift away the stencil.
A wave of beautiful leaves across what should
be a beautiful fall colored page of orange.
 Now it is as simple as pick a leaf and tangle it.
I had no bleed through with my inks,
absolutely none at all.
I realize some will want to use alcohol markers -
those WILL bleed through.
Stay with gel pens, any pen you would usually
tangle with should be fine.
And just have fun.
 Just keep working, adding one leaf at a time.
And you will end up with a beautiful
fall colored page of leaves
that you can enjoy any time of year!
this photo here is pretty true to color.
I have not completed the page,
so you could start getting some ideas of
your own of where you could take this page
from here.

Genevieve, thank you for letting me play
with your new book.
It is wonderful, beautiful, and fun!
I had a great time trying out some 
additional art supplies.
I expect my black pens and my colored pencils
will be my go-to's for this book
but the stencils and inks were fun, too!

So, now it's your turn!
Colorful Backgrounds 2 for Drawing and Tangling
is available in both print and electronic formats.
To purchase, check out these links:
Amazon in the US and 
Amazon in Canada for print copies,
ebooks here

The Creator's Leaf

Monday, August 8, 2016

Too Busy

Too busy.
That accurately describes my life
but I love it!
Lots on my plate art wise,
swaps, adminning, looking into book options,
helping a friend launch a new book tomorrow.
(Stay tuned.)
Working my Etsy store again,
trying to find some me-time to draw,
staring out my window at Maine.
I love all of it!

Let's do some links.
Etsy store is here.
Tangles used above are:
airways, cee-a-mosa, and 
cross bar - all my patterns.

Also Carole Ohl's inapod
Katy Abbott's kuke, and 
zentangle® original tangle printemps.

It's a beautiful day.
I think I'll stare out the window
some more. 
The Creator's Leaf

Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Colors from Rangers - Alcohol Inks

Fun news!!!
Tim Holtz and Rangers have come out with
six new alcohol ink colors!
I received my set yesterday and went
right to playing!
Of course I used Yupo paper to work on.
All pieces are 5" x 7".
Above you see the new colors: 
amethyst, flamingo, and turquoise.
Old colors used: shell pink and aqua.
 These colors seem to do a few things the older
ones don't. At least for me they did.
Look at that top blob of green on the left -
looks like the bottom of a shoe -
that was from one drop of color.
I have no idea why it split like it did,
but I love it anyway.
And then there is that double edged ring
of orange in the center of the paper.
Yeah, that was strange.
New colors used: valencia, patina, and limeade.
Old colors added: lemonade and shell pink.
 With this one I had something happen that 
doesn't usually happen . . . mud.
I dropped my colors onto the yupo
and noticed that whole central section 
looked like a puddle of mud.
I took a paper towel, placed it over the
paper, and gently pressed down.
It lifted the mud and left this color behind.
I love it.
New colors used: patina, turquoise, and flamingo.
Old color: shell pink.
Probably my favorite from the afternoon
To make these simple bubble drop pieces of art
all you do is follow two easy rules.
1) Do not touch the yupo paper with your skin.
Hold it with a paper towel.
Oils from your skin cause the ink not to adhere.
2) Drop single 'drops of color' from the bottles.
One at a time put down your first color.
I usually work in odd numbers and place 
five drops of the first color.
(Please don't count - hahaha! - it probably
won't work on this one.)
Repeat with other colors until you have 
the result you want.

You will know when your piece of art is finished.
It will sing to you and say, "Stop!"
The colors run and push each other out of the way
creating some beautiful pattening
that you couldn't repeat if you tried.

New colors: patina and turquoise.
Old color: cool peri.

And there are the new Ranger Alcohol Ink colors.
What a fun way to spend 15 minutes.
Favorite - patina.
Least favorite - valencia.
I will do a more complete product review soon.
The Creator's Leaf

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Challenge Day #2

 Yesterday's challenge was to use henna drum
and gotcha in a tangled piece of art. 
This was the start of my project.
 The henna drum reminded me of flowers
growing along a trellis,
so I went with that and added blox in the
Here is the shaded piece.
Shading really does help make your
art more three dimensional.
Next challenge coming up tomorrow
on Zentangle All Around on Facebook.
Why don't you join us?

The Creator's Leaf

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Zentangle Challenge

 I admin a group on Facebook called
Zentangle All Around.
We focus on tangles that have some element
of roundness in them - 
a curve or oval or circle - anything round at all.
And we are currently doing a year long focus
on strings. The thought being that at the
end of 2016 we will have 366 pieces of
zentangle art with some element
of roundness to them.
Yesterday I offered the challenge to try 
Caren Mlot's tangle navaho 
with my tangle All Boxed Up.
So this is what I did with them.
I worked on a square about 4 inches across.
The top tile shows my work unshaded.
Across the top is Julie Beland's beauchamp
mixed with my baubles, then All Boxed Up
to the right.
Across the middle is my tangle semaphore.
Then in the lower right corner you see
Caren's navaho.
(Sorry, I haven't posted step outs for semaphore yet.)

The second tile shows the piece totally shaded.
I don't do heavy shading like some pieces of
art you see online, I go for the lighter touch.
But even in the lighter touch, you can see
the difference shading makes in your art.
Caren's navaho stands out a lot more,
the beauchamp baubles are more 3D-ish,
and All Boxed Up looks like a completely
different tangle.
Challenge for you today?
Try these two tangles and let me see what you do.
You can post them directly on our Facebook wall -
Zentangle All Around.

In case you are new to my blog ~
anywhere you see pink, click there.
It is a link because . . . 
pink = link.

The Creator's Leaf