Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Relaxing With Narwal

We are finally all settled in and my office/studio
is looking pretty good.
And workable.
Now if I can just keep it clean.
As if. Hahahahahaha!

I've spent the past few days in Bar Harbor, Maine,
working on some art but mostly relaxing.
And eating.
Photos will come soon.

This is a piece I started some time ago,
but saved the shading.
I dislike shading intensely
but it makes such a difference in your 
finished work.
Perservere and do it.
It really is worth the effort.
(And I love drawing narwal, so that
was an added bonus.)

That background wall is my tangle called blox.
Here is a link to the steps.
Hoping to be a bit more regular with posting
now that we are all unpacked.
Thank you for being so patient.
You're the best!

The Creator's Leaf

Friday, May 13, 2016

Time to Get Back to Work

It has taken longer than I anticipated
but we are finally finished unpacking boxes.
Finally I can get back to work.
Sorry to be gone so long.

Now I am trying to get familiar with this new computer,
computing standing up instead of sitting down,
and I am dealing with a new version
of photoshop.

I love this piece with the finery flourishes
mixed with arukas. 
Did you know that arukas is Sakura spelled
There's a brain twister there for you!

The Creator's Leaf

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Welcome to Maine!

Last week we loaded up the U-Haul truck,
put my car on the trailer,
and headed to Maine.
Actually, two awesome guys named 
Jesse and William
loaded our truck, drove it to Maine,
and unloaded it once they got here.
We found them on the U-Haul page
and they were wonderful!
One of our best investments on this move.
And you wouldn't believe what all was
in that truck! 
Think boat and lawn ornamentations.
Hahaha! More on that in another post.
Mark and I flew up to meet the fellows at the house.
By time Jesse and William got here,
we needed to get them into Bangor -
a two hour drive -
to catch a bus back to Florida.
So it was basically dump and run.
About 2/3 of those boxes are for my studio,
and the remainder are for the kitchen.
And we got rid of over half of everything we owned
before this trip. Thankfully!
 We had purchased the welcome sign last time
we were at the house. This time we added
our family sign that Mark's sister and husband
gave us 32 years ago for our first house.
 There is no rhyme or reason with these next
few shots. I love sunsets and Maine has
some of the best! 
This little church is within about 1/4 mile
of the house.
 Shot from our back deck,
second level and a step outside of
the living room.
Spring has come to Maine.
Starting to see a few robins pecking at the lawn.
Hoping to see some deer soon,
as they realize the snows have left and
there might be food around.
Hahaha! And a camera or two.
 Another beautiful sunset.
Shot through the car windshield on
our way home from a drive.
There is so much to see here.
Think wilderness with the occasional
house or farm thrown in.
 One of the first things to get unpacked
was my store. All my stock is on the shelves.
(That banjolele is not for sale. Just trying to keep
it safe till I find its wall hanger.)
I am thinking about downsizing what I sell,
and getting more involved in the digital world -
that doesn't involve a post office that is
20 minutes away.
Or packaging, or boxes, or tape, or labels.
 We get to pass this beautiful sight
every time we ride anywhere.
The waters are swollen now with all the
snow melting.
All that water has to go somewhere.
This is a cell phone shot, taken as a truck
whizzed past right behind me.
 I think this has a normal name,
but we know it as Mud Pond.
Not sure why it's called that.
It's right down the road from the house.
Last time we were here,
this lake's surface was a solid sheet of ice.
Now only about half to two-thirds of the 
lake is frozen.
 As I close in on finishing up all those
'studio' boxes, this is something I've
long wanted to do.
Draw/tangle on a wall.
Gosh! I hope this works!
And here's a shot to put it into perspective.
This wall wraps around and encompasses
the closet my store is in.
I have a piece of art on my computer screen
that I am trying to work from.
Not copy, but use as inspiration.
Sheesh! I've never done anything like this before.
Mark said if it stinks, he can paint over it.
So I am totally going to go for it!
I'll post shots along the way.
In the meantime, back to all those boxes!
Welcome to Maine!

The Creator's Leaf

Sunday, April 10, 2016

2 More Days!!! And a New Tangle!

Are you ready for a new tangle?
Here are the steps for Diagonal²,
a versatile and useful tangle.
 It's been a super busy past month
with us getting ready for our big move to Maine.
The truck will be here in two days
and we are closing in on being ready.

I had been saving this tangle on my desktop
to share with you.
I figured today would be a good day to share!
 Diagonal² is super easy to draw.
It works well as a filler, a background, 
or in stacks. 
 It can also fill specific sections of a string.
The possibilities of tangleations are endless!
Have fun playing with my new tangle.
I'll see you in a few days
once I am back up and running!

The Creator's Leaf

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

It's Crazy Here!

The countdown has begun.
The U-Haul truck and movers will be 
here in seven days! Yay!!!
I am in crazy ninja packing like a nut mode
trying to get everything done.
I also have several doctor appointments
in the midst of packing yet another box.

I just realized I never posted this variation of
betweed that I tangled up a while back.
Looks intimidating, but it was really easy.
This particular piece was
tangled on scrapbook paper.

Start with a circle, 
section it off into about six segments,
then betweed each section with curvy lines.
And be patient.

Now. Back to my boxes!

The Creator's Leaf

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Packing v. Tangling

Packing v. tangling.
Tangling v. packing.
Well, the real decision was made because
all my art supplies are already packed away!
This beautiful piece (can you tell I like it?)
was already made and saved on my desktop.
The background colors come from 
- what else??? - 
Dylusions Ink Sprays.
The outer border is a new tangle of
Ina Sonnenmoser's.
It is called brugges - doesn't it look like old lace?
Here is the step out for it. 
You can see more of Ina's tangles here
on her blog
She is building a depository for tangles.
You might want to bookmark it!

And . . . I will go back to packing boxes.

The Creator's Leaf

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Power of the Cross, Blessed Easter

 Once in darkness - now in light,
Once blind, now you see.
Once a sinner - now a saint,
Once bound, now free.
That's the power of the cross.
See the chains fall.
That's the power of the cross.
See the chains fall.
Once a stranger, now a child.
Empty - now filled.
Once condemned, now reconciled.
Broken - now healed.
That's the power of the cross.
See the chains fall.
That's the power of the cross.
See the chains fall.
Yeah, the chains fall.
Once a prodigal, now home.
Once lost, now found.
Once an enemy, now a friend.
Once poor, now crowned. 
That's the power of the cross.
See the chains fall.
That's the power of the cross.
See the chains fall.
See the chains,
See your chains fall.
See the chains,
See your chains fall.
(Power of the Cross, by Natalie Grant)
He is risen. Matthew 28:6
I know my redeemer lives. Job 19:25

Happy Easter!
I pray for family held close to your heart.
I pray for happiness and thankfulness and joy.
I pray God's blessings on you and your family.
And I thank you for joining me on my
art journey and adventure.
What a blessing each of you are to me.
Every single day.
I am thankful and grateful for each of you.

(Just a little side note -
I took each of the photos in this post.
Locations range from mid Florida all the way 
up to the D.C. area.
One day I hope to have a cross and steeple
book on the market,
with lyrics and thoughts about the cross.
The artwork is mine, as well.
The first piece is tangled.
The last piece is a paper pieced topper 
I made awhile back for my photography blog.)

The Creator's Leaf

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Small, Medium, and Large

 Recently on Zentangle All Around -
my Facebook group -
guest poster Yvonne Westover challenged us to tangle the
same basic piece of art in different sizes.
 I began with a two inch tile - a Bijou from Zentangle.
Some call this a twinchie.
I decided to go with the wreath shape
and picked some basic organic tangles to use. 
I was surprised how much I could fit into a
small two inch tile. 
 Next I moved on to my middle size in the grouping.
This medium size is about 4 inches across.
Same organic tangles, just with more
attention to detail.
This is where the challenge ended -
with small and bigger -
but I wanted to carry the challenge another step.
I pulled out a 10.5" Opus tile and got to work.
This one took me a couple nights to complete.

I used the same tangles - 
To complete the piece, I pulled out a
red gelly roll pen and filled in some of those
little tipple. Zing! I loved the bit of color!
And last, I shaded the flux.  Nothing else.
Just the flux.

I love the way this tile ended up.
You never quite know going in how things will turn out. 

Why don't you give it a try?
Take 3 different size tiles -
or draw 3 different size tiles in your sketchbook -
limit yourself to 3 or 4 tangles
and give it a whirl.
I would love to see what you do.

Feel free to post your art at
Zentangle All Around
on Facebook.

The Creator's Leaf

Monday, March 14, 2016

Meet Kilgharrah

The Great Dragon of Merlin stories.
A constant help to Merlin,
almost up to the end.
The next to the last dragon.
I had never drawn anything like this before.
No animals, nothing elaborate.
I started with a loose sketch - just the basic lines.
Then I added some tangles.
Not a lot, just enough.
Then I added color using
Schmincke watercolor pans.
Great, bright, bold colors in this set.
Once I got the colors I wanted,
I held the paper straight up and down over the trashcan,
and used a spray bottle to spray water over the whole thing. I let the water run and spread,
then blotted the drawing with a paper towel.
Such fun!

I named him Kilgharrah - 
he is going to be part of a topper 
for my new blog - 
There Be Dragons Here
This blog is going to feature my dragons,
and photographs of Maine.
A photographic journal,
so to speak.
And you get a front row seat.

The Creator's Leaf