Monday, March 30, 2015

Test Driving My Wall Book

 My friend Jane gave our art journal group the challenge of stacking.
Stacking tangles,
stacking text,
stacking text and tangles,
stacking colors with any of the above.

Jane showed some examples of stacking,
and in a couple pictures she showed drawings she had made in her wall book.
I thought, I have a wall book that I rarely use.
So I pulled it out and tangled the stacks you see above
 in the page on the right.
It started out as a blank brick wall. 
(This is an actual two-page spread in the book.)
 I started at the bottom and worked my way up.
I love the way it turned out.
Looks like that art could be real graffiti.
(Fourth tangle up from the bottom,
is one I made up for this page.
I'm calling it Box It Up.
I'll post step-outs for it in tomorrow's post.)

In case you wondered, and even if you didn't, hahaha!
from the bottom up, the tangles are:
shattuck, copada, curlz (one I came up with at CZT training,) 
box it up, variation of crescent moon, flying geese, rain
curvy variation of shattuck, twing, laced, and footlites.
Here is the wall book, which I have been calling by the 
wrong name for the past couple weeks! 
I got mine at Amazon,
(I mean, really, is there any where else?)
Walls Notebook by Sherwood Forlee.
 I enjoyed that stacking stuff so much I decided to do a second page. 
I decided to go with graffiti circles and tangles that draw the eye to that post rising from top to bottom of the page.
And here is the completed page. 

Tangles from bottom to top:
shattuck (yes, I love this one,) puf, shattuck 
(see what I mean?), rain, box it up, and flying geese again.

And remember, anywhere you see pink words, that means it's a link. 
Click on it and you will be taken to step-outs for that tangle.
Cause pink = link.

In every picture I draw, I include my chop.
My signature.
At least I try to.
You see it just under this post.
My initials with the leaf - for The Creator's Leaf.

I don't always date the drawing - on the drawing itself - it's usually on the back.
For this page, though, I included it on the front.
Can you find it? And my chop?
(It's kind of obvious.)

P.S. ~ time for you to try out this whole stacking thing.
No rules, except you pile it up.
Words, tangles, colors, elements.
Whatever media you want to use.
It's stacking time!

The Creator's Leaf

Sunday, March 29, 2015

In a Swirling Tide

Lately I feel like my life is a swirling tide.
A lot of changes going on here in the house,
combining the content of two rooms into one,
making a bedroom for the Frankles.
Taking care of issues for my mother,
trying to figure out how to get out of town for a few days,
making plans for our big trip to Newfoundland
in two months,
just a lot needing to be done.
And I'm tired.
 At night, I sit on my chaise and draw.
Lately I've been re-watching the re-runs of M*A*S*H.
That whole team was so funny!
And even though I've seen the shows over and over
throughout the years,
I still laugh. Sometimes laugh really hard.
And chuckle.
 Then I recall that my dad fought in the 'Korean Conflict.'
Never understood why he called it that,
but they call it that in the show, too.
And I see the conditions he fought under,
and I thank God that he was never wounded.
(Although the patients at the 4077 have a 97.8%
chance of survival once they reach the M*A*S*H unit. 
Learned that last night.)
And since Hawkeye wasn't really in Korea,
I'm thankful Dad was safe.
 So with this piece, I used my Stillman & Birn Zeta Series sketchbook 
and just started by placing random black circles in a big wad - 
central of the paper.
Then I start connecting them with 4 swirling lines.
Next came the black and white contrasting fill-in sections.
Then the printemps and the flux . . .
 . . . then the Prismacolor pencils.
They give some really nice colors, go down smoothly,
and blend really well.
As for the swirling tide that is my life -
I am starting to see some relief.
The studio reorganization is coming along nicely.

(I guess I should have taken some measurements
before I got too far along in the process.
But things will work out.)

Now, if my new Dylusions Paints get here tomorrow as planned,
I will be ready to head to Orlando in a few days,
to relax, draw, and paint
in a Disney hotel for awhile.
And eat ice cream and jelly bellies.
Can't wait!
I need a break from the swirling tide.

The Creator's Leaf

Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Colors With the Steps

I started this piece a few months back
and am just now getting back to it.
Let me walk you through the making of it.
One night I had a short window of time to work with,
so I decided to set up a few backgrounds to tangle
on later. 
I really, really love everything I know about
Stillman & Birn.
Their sketchbooks are wonderful!
Heavyweight pages, smooth surfaces, a sturdy cover,
and they come in a range of styles.
My favorite is the Zeta Series.
180 lb. paper, smooth surface, natural white.
Does well with a lot of water/wet media.
 So I used my Zeta series 6" x 8" sketchbook.
I began by placing paper under the page to
keep any wet/color from bleeding/running
onto the next page.
Good thing, too, because I decided to make the next page hot pink!
I spritzed the whole page with water,
then used two colors of Dylusions Ink Sprays.
I sprayed Vibrant Turquoise and Lemon Zest on top
of water and let the colors start running.
Don't worry about that little curving of the paper.
It settles down flat as the inks dry.
 Then I sprayed more water and tilted the sketchbook
from side to side, and back and forth
to get the colors mixing and covering the page.
One trick I've learned is this: 
where you have little specks of color, little dots that
spray out to the sides of your color shot,
spritz some water onto those blank areas
and you will be surprised how much color is actually
there that you don't really see with the eye.
This will give you some lighter areas of color.
And wherever you have too much color, or the color is too dark, 
or you are starting to get concerned about mud,
blot it with a paper towel and lift some of that color.
I keep a roll on my work table.
Actually I buy the pack of 12 rolls from Wal-Mart when they are on sale.
 This is what I ended up with. 
Remember I just used two colors on this page,
yet I see yellows, blue, turquoise, a darker blue,
pale green, spring green, and darker green -
all from the two colors I started with.
I love Dylusions Ink Sprays!
 An important thing to remember is these colors are not watersafe. If you use wet media on top of this page, the colors may very well start moving and blending again. As long as you remember this, you can work with it. It really isn't that big a problem.
To start building my page, I used two stamps strategically placed.
Hahaha! What was my strategy? 
I had no idea. I just like these two particular stamps.
 Then I set the sketchbook aside for a couple months while I worked on other things. Two nights ago I picked it back up and added these tangles. Just look for pops of colors, sections, blobs, areas, whatever you want to call them and add tangles in those sections. I started with the larger circles - the Frankles calls them balls - and made three sections with those. Fleurette, cruffle, kuke, and my own matahari. Then I added some bubbles, tipple, and printemps around them.
Last night I kept adding in those sections of primtemps, bubbles, and tipple,
connecting them to the three sections of balls, tieing all those sections together.
I even added a free-floating section over the butterfly.
Did a little shading and I'm done.
Super easy piece to make,
the colors are awesome,
and I'm happy with it!
A nice mixed media looking piece created with ink spray and a Sharpie fine point.
Just those two things.
Nice spring colors make me smile!
And you can so totally do this yourself!

The Creator's Leaf

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Making a Huge Mess

I noticed it had been a few days since I last posted.
I've been busy reorganizing the studio.
This is about a twice a year event.
Actually, I was hoping to find some photos that I lost
during the last reorganize.
Unfortunately they haven't turned up so far.
A very ambitious project.
I downsized four 6' bookcases to two.
Replaced the plastic see-through drawer carts
with wooden cases. Primarily so the Frankles
can't see what is in the drawers. 
Hahahaha! She's such a sweetie!
This is all I managed to get done last night.
I'm combining the den and a small bedroom worth of art supplies and paraphernalia (that's a law enforcement term)
into just the den.
The hope is that when I'm finished,
the Frankles will have her own bedroom - with a big girl bed and desk area -
that she gets to share with my reading corner.
I love my recliner.
Still lots of work to get done and I'll post photos when I'm finished, 
but first . . .  it's Frankie time for the next 3 days.
Love me some Frankie time!
The Creator's Leaf

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lucky Cat

 So excited!
This is my first template animal and I really like the way he turned out.
 On Facebook there is a wonderful artist named Ben Kwok. 
Ben administrates a group called Ornation Creation, where he regularly posts templates he has made for us to take and tangle. 
If you are a Facebook aficionado, you should check out Ornation Creation.
Ben gave us the above cat template, which I printed out on cardstock and started tangling.
Next time I will use watercolor paper, I wasn't convinced I could actually 
pull this off this time. Hahahaha!
 Ben also has a Facebook page called where he features his own work.
He is really incredible! Worth taking a look.
I promise!
I just kept filling in tangles. 
The idea I went with was the oriental lucky cat -
typically done in either gold or white with touches of red.
I kept the tangles simple.
The gold was a metallic Pitt Artist Pen,
the reds were a combination of PrismaColor pencil and Uniball Signo pen.
Shading made all the difference.
It usually does. 
And there you go.
My first Ben Kwok template tangled and framed
in a dark red, wooden 8" x 10" frame.
Now to decide what to work on next. 
He has 94 templates posted on the group page,
so there's plenty to pick from!

The Creator's Leaf

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy Birthday, Frankles!

Two years ago today our little Frankles arrived - 5 weeks early.
Perfect health. Mom Bobbie was having some problems,
which required Frankie to come a little early.
 She was a tiny little thing.
4 lbs, 9 oz. if I remember right.
That's Jason's hand on her tummy.
I was able to get to the hospital in time to spend
a few minutes with my son before he joined
Bobbie to deliver the baby.
He was scared, nervous, excited, and anxious 
all at the same time.
I think it was the best 15 minutes I ever spent with my son.
Waiting for his daughter to be born.
Brings tears to my eyes - every time I think about it.
These precious little toes are two years old today,
and she's busy running, climbing, jumping.
A busy little girl,
a sport, lots of fun,
happy, and a singer of loud magnitude.
Hahahaha! I love her so much!
Happy birthday, little Frankles!
I believe flowers are always appropriate
for a birthday celebration!

The Creator's Leaf

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring is Here in Florida

Spring just popped in to Florida within the past few days.
Everything is covered in pollen.
I know because I can't go outside.
I can't breathe, my eyes itch, I'm congested. Ugh.
And my red car is yellow.
But . . . spring is certainly a welcome sight.
These are some azaleas blooming in the yard.
Actually I took this photo a week ago
and we still have blooms. Tons of them.
Anyway, I am getting further behind with my art journal prompts,
this particular prompt was You Are an Artist.
The description was - show what you are really good at.
I love me some bright, wonderful, bold, beautiful, 
in-your-face-awesome color!
Here's another 5" x 7" scrap of leftover color.
Dylusions Ink Sprays.
Gotta get 'em all!
Every color, and multiple bottles of some colors.
(Bubblegum pink, lemon zest, fresh lime.)
I used lots of water and played with the color till I came up with this.
Then I added my favorite - flowers.
Hahaha! If you click on the color photo and enlarge it,
then you can click back and forth between the two
and you will be able to see how the flowers came to life.
For the first time ever, the photos pretty much line up perfectly.
If the flip thing works :).

Prompt #9 - √.
Now on to 10, 11, and 12.

The Creator's Leaf

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

String #145

I haven't been keeping up with Linda Farmer's 
weekly string challenge like I should.
I used to faithfully tangle the string each week.
Guess life has gotten in the way,
but here I pulled out a recent string and drew
a little puf, and some printemps.
The shading really brings this piece together.
Sorry I couldn't show the steps to printemps.
When I follow the link from tangle patterns
it takes me to a page that is no longer there.
Oh well. It's the rolley one, like cinnamon buns :).

The Creator's Leaf