Tuesday, September 19, 2017

New Dragon from Mystic Reflections

 Check out this sweet little guy!
A friend sent me a link to an Etsy shop for
Mystic Reflections and in her shop I found
this dragon that I just had to have!
Cause - dragon!
 He doesn't have a name yet. 
This dapper little fellow is about 2 1/2 inches tall. 
What should I name him?
"Him?" you ask.
Cause this is totally a little boy dragon!
I think I like his eyes the best.
And the wings and also the tail.
Now to find somewhere safe to sit him.
In case you weren't aware -
I am all about the dragon!

You can see Caralyn Edwards' work at

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mandala #2

I really like the smoothness of the paper in this
Koala Tools' Circular Grid Sketchbook.
So much fun to work on at night while
watching Supergirl.
For the second time through.
Waiting for the release of season 3.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Koala Tools Circular Grid Sketchbook

So I saw this new book on sale at the Dick Blick site,
and thought why not try it out!
The book comes with 60 pages of pre-drawn
circles for mandala art. 
Even though the ad says
60 pages, 120 surfaces -
it really only has 30 sheets. I counted it.
30 sheets of paper
with the circle grids printed on both sides.
30 + 30 = 60
There you go, math geeks!

The Blick ad also stated that when I scanned
my piece of art, the teal lines would "become invisible when scanned."
So not true.
I am sure I can do that in photoshop if someone would
be so kind as to tell me how.
I tried everything I could think of. 
And although they offer this as a both-sides-of-the-page usable book, 
I would not suggest doing so. 
The places that I filled with solid black -
you can see bits of it on the reverse side of the page.
On the other hand, I really like drawing on this paper,
so smooth and the pens just glide across.
I used a copic multiliner, a bit of Sharpie fine point,
a white gel pen, and regular pencil and tort for
It all worked great. 

The pre-printed circles mean even sections,
and working one or two rings at a time was
super simple. 

The paper is thin, so I am thinking wet media
or markers is not the way to go here.
Be prepared for standard black and white,
with colored pencils getting thrown in.

So, yes, I would recommend this book with the
understanding it really has 30 usable work surfaces
and won't stand up to wet media.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Our Week in Pictures

 With all the rain in Texas with Hurricane Harvey
and all the rain starting in Florida with Hurricane Irma,
our little paradise here in Maine wasn't going
to be left out.
Enter stage right - rain, rain, and more rain.
Above photo was this morning in Houlton.
Our 'real' town.
So much fun doing the dump run in the rain.
 This one was a couple days ago -
probably following another dump run.
Heading towards Linneus where we actually live.
The skies do some crazy stuff here in Maine.
 Next door to our house is this potato field.
Large by some standards in the south,
but small when compared to many fields here.
I promise - there are some places where there
are potato fields or hay fields as far as the eye can see.
The farmers are seriously harvesting now.
Getting the potatoes out of the ground,
or rolling up roll after roll of hay.
Actually, I have no idea what the function of this
piece of equipment is, but potatoes started
showing up shortly afterwards. 
 Yesterday, I got a text from a neighbor saying it
was time for us to go pick up potatoes.
Once the field has been harvested,
the potatoes you see laying all around are just
left behind to rot.
So you get your buckets or bags and go pick potatoes.
They store for up to 6 months in cardboard
boxes in your basement.
They help carry many families up here through
the winter feeding their families. 
 This field was full of red potatoes.
Used to be Jason's favorite for mashed 
potatoes, so the Frankles played farmer
and picked potatoes for her daddy. 
Look at this photo and the one before,
those red round lumps just laying on the
ground, or peeping through the plants 
left behind - those are the potatoes.
In about 15 minutes we were able to fill two
shipping boxes full of potatoes,
which we then stored in the basement. 
You can't argue that I'm not a Mainer now. 

Have a great week!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Tear Drops

I have so very little time for art right now.
I worked on this little 5" x 4" piece over the
course of three days. A little at a time.
I just started drawing tear drops until they
filled the paper.
I used Lolliz gel pens to add the color to the
tear drops, then I splattered some
watercolor drops over the whole piece.
I like the way it turned out.
Fun, easy and quick. 

The house closing is taking longer than we
expected and we just got told it will take
another 2 weeks. So not happy today. 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Cool Find Yesterday

 Yesterday we were out driving, looking for some
waterfalls that we never found.
But we did find this awesome thing hanging
in a tree. It was about the size of a basketball,
head level if we had been walking.
I've never seen one of these before.
The best we could guess is it's a wasp nest -
 They had a body that very much resembled an ant.
An ant with wings. And they were flying in and
out of those holes. Like a bug condo.
Pretty awesome!
From a distance.
 The day was fairly overcast so please excuse
the low light in the photos.
This is part of the road we were on looking for
the waterfall.
Then it quickly lapsed into awfulness that was
all but impossible to maneuver. 
And required some work done on my car later that
day. Not a happy camper.
 I am guessing there was no wind,
because the long line of turbines - 18 in all -
not a single one of them were turning. 

We did enjoy a nice ride,
for the most part,
until the car damage.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Beam Me Up, Scotty

Beam me up, Scotty!
That's totally what this little guy reminded me of. 
With his little rocket boosters and smiling face.

This colorful background was sent to me from
my friend Genevieve Crabe. I just love her work!
The tangles you see are mine. 
Ringz and nebula. 
And the little space guy is one of
Sandy Steen Bartholomew's Lilah Beans. 
I added galaxy dust (hehehe) with 
Pebeo Deco Markers. 
Highlights - gold and white gel pens.
Shading was done with 
Mitsubishi Arterase Color pencils from Japan. 

What a fun piece to work on!
Thanks, Genevieve, for sharing your love
of art with me!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What a Cool Project!

I made a tile this week for a really cool project
that is happening in Ontario.
My friend Brenda Shaver-Shahin is a
Certified Zentangle Teacher like me. She 
is opening a new shop in Ontario soon and is
busily getting it ready.
Brenda has asked her CZT family from around 
the globe to send her tiles that she will 
display in her new store.
She is calling the project 
A World of Tangles
 - or something similar.
I didn't want to be left out so yesterday
I mailed this tile to Brenda.
I hope she likes it!

supplies - official Zentangle® tile, gold gel pen,
black sharpie fine liner, white gel pen,
graphite and tort for shading. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Art This Week

 Did you read that post title?
Art This Week?
Like I had a banner week or something.
My son was here for the week,
we did a lot of 4-wheeling and visiting
and eating apparently.
I gained 1 1/2 pounds.
Not cool Danielle's cinnamon rolls!
You aren't supposed to fight back.
I did get the chance to frame this piece I finished
for the Frankles' bedroom in their new house, though.
 My art buddy Genevieve is putting a new book 
together of beautiful backgrounds she has made.
She sent me one of them to try out.
The color is her beautiful work,
the tangling is mine.
Hopefully it is beautiful, too. Hehehehe!
You can check out Genevieve's store here
 This is the cool 10.5" Opus tile from Zentangle®.
I am working on the back side, cause I'm weird like that.
I sprayed some Fireworks! ink sprays into the wet
surface and let them spread around.
Lots of shimmer and sparkle happening here.
And I am slowly tangling it.
A little one day, some the next, whenever I can fit 
in a couple minutes. 
In Zentangle All Around this week, my tangle friend
Christine Koncurat Reyes shared a new tangle of
hers called SO. I used it right down the center of this
piece, and filled it with my tangle ripped screen,
and bordered the whole piece with floral waves
from Nicole Dreyer..
Super fun piece to work on!

And that was my week.
Did you get a chance to be arty?

Saturday, August 19, 2017

This Week In Maine

My son Jason is here to visit for the week.
Bobbie and Frankie are already up here,
working and waiting to close on the new house.
It was nice to be able to show Jason some of our
countryside - without snow.
Yes, it's beautiful in winter,
but Maine is also gorgeous in the summertime.
This old barn was just north of Monticello.
 We were there to see the sunflower field.
Bobbie and Jason found it and took us there.
Of course I wanted pictures.
This field is to left of the red barn in the first shot.
It was crazy. So many sunflowers.
And every so often there was a random sunflower
a foot or so taller than the rest.
Can you see the one right in the center?
The fields are all ready for harvesting.
One year the farmers plant potatoes.
The next year they plant a grain crop or something 
that can be turned into hay for the winter.
We've done a good bit of riding the 
4-wheelers, too.
Here is a shot of the power line up near the
turbines, down the road from our house.
We always stop and look for moose or deer.
One time we have seen what we thought
was a deer. Too far away to tell.
I guess the moose are smarter than that.
This has the look of wheat to me.
It gets really tall and when the wind hits it,
it flows in ripples and reminds me of the song
America the Beautiful. 
Amber waves of grain.
Not far from the house is this really cool rock.
We thought Jason might like to see it. 
We headed back to the house.
Look at those skies. Pretty ominous looking.
Of course, wait 5 minutes and it will be clear.
You can see a bit of the sun there - trying to break through.
Our house is just behind those trees.
Prunella vulgaris.
Sheesh! What a name!
I need to rename this before I include it
in a tangle book for Maine. 
Hahahaha! But it was really cool looking!
This particular day we passed several families.
A few children.
Everyone waved to the Frankles in her
nifty helmet! Hahaha! She loves riding!
We rode up to our local diner - Grammy's -
and had some yummy local cooking.
Back at the house.
When you ask for a kiss - this is what you get.
Proceed with caution.
We had a great week!