Saturday, December 3, 2016

Still Working on This

My blogging has been erratic lately and 
I should explain why.
l went to the ophthalmologist back in July.
I was told then that I had cataracts starting
and to come back if I noticed a change
in vision. 

I was fine for a while.
Then I starting noticing that I was having
trouble drawing.
I bought different reading glasses,
thinking that would help.
It did not.

I started having trouble driving at night.
Approaching car headlights made huge
halos of light.
Sometimes the halos covered both lanes
of traffic. 
I was in Denver a couple weeks ago
and needed to drive at night.
There are literally thousands of lights in downtown Denver.
Add to that all the headlights and taillights 
of hundreds of cars.
Everything was one massive halo.
I had to park the car and get someone else 
to get me home. 

As soon as I got back to Maine I went to the doctor
and told him about the changes in my vision.
They did what is called a glare test
and determined that my cataracts were severely
worse and that I needed to have them
removed as soon as possible.

In Maine "as soon as possible" means January.
In the meantime my drawing/tangling
is significantly decreased.
That would be why you are seeing more
"color" posts from me.

My left eye is 20/70,
my right is 20/40.
I have a pair of distance glasses that correct
 my vision to 20/20
but they are only for distance.
So I can drive in the daylight. 
And I'm at the point where I'm not real
comfortable with that now either.

So please be patient while I wait to get
my eyes fixed and I can get back to tangling.

This photo above is actually a small block 
of a larger piece I've been working on off and on
for the past year. I love the colors.
I am using an 005 micron to make tiny
delicate lines. Can't do too much of that right now,
so it is on my To-Do list for when I can see again.

What are you working on?
Is it inspired by the season?
The holidays?
I'd love to know!

The Creator's Leaf

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Marabu Acrylic Ink

I received a new product in my Art Snack box
recently - see that pink?
That is Maribu Acrylic Ink.
It sprays on and mixes really well with
other ink sprays.
Like the teal Dylusions Ink Spray.
Great combination.
Frankly, I don't know where you buy it.
Mine was a sample bottle.
I took this piece with me to Orlando this week
and completed the tangling I had started.
Worked on some new patterns
and I included a couple older ones.
The Creator's Leaf

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dylusions Art Today

Another fun day with color here. 
Using my favorite go-to color source:
Dylusions Ink Sprays.
Of course.
And yes, I do own other product.

I used bubblegum pink and London blue.
Two colors, that's all.
Then I spritzed water through a couple stencils
to get that lovely overlay of leafy vines
and flowers.
Easy peasy! I promise!

The Creator's Leaf

Monday, November 14, 2016

Lindy's Stamp Gang Preview

Love me some Lindy's Stamp Gang!
Such rich, beautiful, sparkly, wonderful color!
I took the afternoon yesterday and played
with various products.
My favorite pieces came from Lindy's
and this is just a preview.
I wish you could see all the glimmer
and shine!

The Creator's Leaf

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Getting Sketchy Week 7

 Here are my sketchbook pages for this week.
I tried out a few new to me tangles that
I had been admiring online.
I really love that barrel roll!
 And I worked on some new things for myself.
 Still loving Sandy Hunter's lollywimple!
And I really like this organic braid!
Played a bit with some curvy patterns.
They bare much similarity to two I've already made.
 This week I tangled on a background I made
a week or so in my sketchbook
using a brayer and rolling on color.
Also, I tried a new acrylic ink spray
from Marabu! 
That would be the burgundy color.
Love it!
Sprayed on well and mixed great with
the turquoise Dylusions Ink Spray.

Are you using your sketchbook each week?
It's a great way to document what you learn,
and to track your tangling progress.
Why don't you give it a try?

The Creator's Leaf

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

INKtober, 2016

The month every year when we try to put
pen to paper.
Each day of October.
And yet again I have failed.

I started out great.
Day One my prompt was 'fast.'
Hence the rocket ship.
I even made it through day two
with some practice tangling
lollywimple and joki -
which still eludes me.
Then life happened.
I got behind.
And more behind.
And more behind
till I said forget it. 
I will try again next year. 

The Creator's Leaf

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Working on a New Cityscape

A new cityscape I'm working on.
This class of Robin's is fun!
A lot of classes I've signed up for and started
were hard to follow,
didn't make sense,
didn't have enough explanation.
Robin's class isn't like that.
She gives us video of herself
making the same project we are,
step by step.
Out of all the dozens of classes
I've signed up for over the past couple years,
this might be the third one
I actually complete.

This cityscape has a long way to go.
I hope to work on it more today.
If you would like to check out Robin's classes,
here is a link to her online course list.

Most of the color above is made with Dylusions Ink Sprays
and brushos color crystals.

The Creator's Leaf

Saturday, October 15, 2016

So Much Fun to Tangle!

Trying out a fun new-to-me tangle this week.
My friend Sandy Hunter, a CZT from Texas, 
designed the tangle.
It's called lollywimple.
Doesn't that just sound like fun???
Here is my first shot at it.
Sometimes a tangle just hits home and works.
This one did.
That entire piece of art is the one tangle
Just drawn many times. 
And I love it.
I'm thinking about making a copy and
coloring the copy with gel pens.
Lots of bright crazy color.

You can find the step outs to lollywimple
by clicking on the pink.
Cause when you are on my blog
pink = link. 

The Creator's Leaf

Friday, October 14, 2016

You Never Know Where You'll End Up

Many times I sit down to tangle,
to draw,
and I have no idea where I'm going.
I just draw lines.
And sometimes it ends up looking like this
when I am finished. 
Like one crazy mixed up line critter.
 So let me show you how I arrived.
I began by laying down a bunch of curving,
rambling swervy lines and
joined the tails back to some touchpoint
in the drawing. 
Nothing is left open-ended on the outer edge.
(This idea came about from something 
saw on Pinterest.)
 I just picked a couple sections and
began filling the little worm shapes in
with curving lines.
Some curve under, some curve over.
 And I just kept going until all the worm shapes
were filled with lines.
 Some of those little 'tails' formed shapes which
I could blacken in with a white highlight . . .
 . . . and I noticed they were looking a bit like
eyes, so I connected some more lines
and made some more little eye shapes.
Some of those white spaces began to fill up
with more line work.
 And then it was complete.
Except two of those spaces called for gem stones.
With drop highlights underneath.
And my little crazy critter cried out for 
shading to bring him to life.
Comparison for you.
To shade or not to shade.
This was drawn in a beige colored
sketchbook as part of my
Getting Sketchy weekly series
in Facebook group 
Zentangle All Around.
Shade? Definitely!
And because you just never know where
you'll end up, I now have one cute little
crazy critter!

What can you do with this line idea?
I would love to see what you come up with!

The Creator's Leaf

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My First Cityscape

Yesterday I gave you a little sneak peek of what I had been working on. Here is the finished project.
I have long been a serious admirer of
Robin Mead's artwork.
She and I both love bright color -
the more the merrier.
A month or so ago, Robin sent out an
email announcing an online class she
was going to teach about . . . 
Crazy Colorful Cityscapes. 
You can find a link to her classes, including this one, 
on Robin's website by clicking here

NOTE: This is a paid for class, Robin makes a living
from her artwork. For that reason, I will not 
be showing you steps,
nor explaining what to do.
You can get more information on her site,
or better yet - take the class.
I will just be showing you some of my work.

Above is the linework art that I did 
for my first cityscape. 
I really loved it at that point and was hesitant
about adding color,
but honestly 'color' is why I signed up 
for the class! Hahahaha!
From there it was a quick jaunt to add some color!
 And to add some detail work!!
 I hope I remember to add the year
to each cityscape I make.
If you follow me, you already know that
Kneaders is a special place in our family.
Then I added some more little details. 
And . . .
. . . called it done. 

And now, it is on to lesson two!

(For color I used Lolliz gel pens,
gelly roll pens, Schmincke watercolors,
Daniel Smith ultrafine watercolors,
posca pens, an ultra-fine point Sharpie,
and a uni-ball Signo pen.)

The Creator's Leaf