Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Jump Into January Workshop Part 1

Jump Into January, 2018 workshop session - students and the instructor #tracylake #jumpintojanuary
 I have been out of town for the past several days to 
attend a workshop called 
Jump Into January!
The workshop is hosted and taught by Elaine Huffman. 
Our first class was taught by Tracy Lake - 
that's her above showing us what to do.
(That is Elaine to my left with the white apron.) 
round shapes on black background #jumpintojanuary #tangleu
 My first attempt was with circles.
I really love the contrast you get by placing the round 
white sections against the black backdrop.
Really fun project and I love how it turned out!
diamond shapes on black background #jumpintojanuary #tangleu
 Not really feeling the diamonds, which is why
I included part of a star in a couple places.
heart shapes on black background #jumpintojanuary #tangleu
 These hearts I really love!
We used various mark making techniques,
I bet you can recognize one for sure!
Not really going to explain these steps
since they were part of a paid workshop.
star shapes on black background #jumpintojanuary #tangleu
And I was happy with the way the stars worked!
galaxy shape on black background #jumpintojanuary #tangleu
In fact, this project was enjoyable enough that I made a two page spread in the art journal I took with me. I will probably add more to these when I have time, but for now I am calling them done. 

Great workshop held in Massachusetts!
More photos of art tomorrow. 
I'd love to hear your comments and ideas. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Still Snowing???

our log home in a snow storm
 It has been a heck of a week in Maine.
Well, all up and down the east side of the country really. 
In the space of six hours we got right at two feet of snow.
It was snowing so hard it was difficult to plow and stay ahead of it. 
Then, just because it could, it snowed more yesterday. 
lots of snow and our dragon mailbox
 On top of that our snow plow quit working.
The blade stopped going up and down which means
it is impossible to plow.
So we got deeper and deeper in the white fluffy stuff.
Our neighbor came and helped us - plowed us right out -
and told Mark what was wrong with the plow.
dragons in the snow
 $160.00 later we have a working plow again.
So Mark went today and plowed the neighbor's drive.
This particular photo was taken to show Larry - 
the man who made my big dragons - that they are getting buried. 
You can just see their heads peeking out behind the Storybrooke sign.
our beautiful log cabin in Maine
 Unbelievably it snowed a little more today.
But the sun came out and it warmed up to the low 30's, so some of the snow finally came off the roof. 
Tangle Starts Planner winter page
And of course I had to document the snow in my
Tangle Starts Planner.
Hahahahaha! I am loving this book!
If you are interested at all, here is a link.

Stay safe, stay warm, stay inside and drink coffee.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Dreaming of Tangles

Tangle Starts Planner page of a sleeping Teddy Bear at his desk - dreaming of tangles
This one was fun!
Tangle Starts Planner has 106 new tangle patterns in it. 
I worked on new patterns for a couple months. 
I swear I could see them in my dreams! 
So. When I was thumbing through my stamps and came across 
this sweet little bear working hard  (ahem!) at his desk, 
I totally thought about patterns!
From lower left and up around in a circle -
those patterns are crossbar, fab, zeplin, Printemps and oscillate. 
All except Printemps are new in the planner. 
I probably won't fill an entire page with one drawing 
very often, but with 242 pages in the book - 
I can if I want to! 

If you'd like to read more about the planner,
To get your copy of the
Tangle Starts Planner
just click here

Friday, January 5, 2018

Zebra Highlighters and Yupo Paper #zebrapen @zebrapen

beautiful watercolor effect from Zebra highlighters on Yupo paper
 This was a fun experiment I have been wanting to try.
Zebra Pen has these wonderful Eco Highlighters called Zebrites that really have some beautiful color. I am using them in my bullet journal because they don't bleed through the pages. I had been wondering how they would work on Yupo paper.
In case you aren't familiar with Yupo - it is a plastic, non-porous paper and the color does not absorb into it, rather it sits on top.
watercolor effect using Zebra highlighters on yupo paper
 Awhile back I received some ATC sized Yupo paper samples in my Art Snacks box, so I pulled that pad out. To that I added three of the Eco Zebrite highlighters and a water brush filled with water.
I squiggled down some bits of color here and there in a totally random fashion, then moved them around with the water brush. 
What you see above is the result I got with that technique.
The colors bled into each other in some places, and in other places the color moved completely around the color it came in contact with - causing those circles of blue and green.
beautiful watercolor effect from Zebra highlighters on Yupo paper
 I loved how that worked and was encouraged with the results, so I moved on to some Zebra Mildliners I have.  
beautiful watercolor effect from Zebra highlighters on Yupo paper
 This time I selected five colors and started randomly laying down swatches. Instead of pushing color around with the water brush - I squeezed the barrel causing drops of water to fall onto the yupo paper. A little tilt of the paper here and there caused the color to flow and appear as you see it above.
Wet things on Yupo take awhile to dry - unless you use a heat gun, but that is a whole other experiment - so I left the two ATCs on my desktop to dry overnight.
watercolor effect using Zebra highlighters on yupo paper
 This is how they look when dry.
The colors are not as vibrant and they continued to mingle a bit, but I still really love the results!
The first one (highlighter) didn't change that much other than color brightness, but the second one (mildliner) changed a lot!
I think next I will play with a heat gun and maybe some alcohol. Although probably not both at the same time. Hahaha!
These highlighters and mildliners are available at Zebra Pen - just click here
Have some fun! I'd love to see how it turns out for you!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tangle Starts Planner Out Just in Time for 2018 #zebrapen

A very colorful book cover of Tangle Starts Planner
 Yay!!! It is finally finished and just in time for 2018!
For a couple months now I have been working hard to put this book together for you.
I wanted it to be a combination bullet journal type planner for the tangle artist along with tangling materials!
And I believe I have accomplished just that.
No color in this book, just 242 pages of black and white that you can add color to if you wish. 
Just read the instructions about the paper weight and pens first. 
I would like to point out that all the art in this book was drawn by myself with a Sarasa Fineliner from Zebra Pens! It is pretty much all I use.
a look at the index page of Alice Hendon's Tangle Starts Planner
 I don't actually have a copy in hand yet,
so I took screen shots of the pdf I submitted for the book. The Index will give you an idea what is inside.
This book has all the elements a bullet journalist would be looking for. And it has 106 new tangle patterns along with some awesome features for the tangle artist. 
The section on pages 154 - 183 is where you would set up your own lists and collections of things you want to track this year. 
And since there are no starting or stopping dates, and no specific month names written in - you can begin using this planner any time you wish.
a look at the Pen Test Page in Alice Hendon' Tangle Starts Planner 2018
Because someone always asks what pens to use, this is the page of instructions I included in the front of the book. When I build a book through Create Space which goes straight to Amazon.com I do not have control over the thickness of the paper. If you already have a copy of the Tangle It! Journal, this will be the same paper. And I believe it is similar in weight to other planners sold to be bullet journals®.
one of Tangle Starts Planner dot grid pages.
If you have never bullet journaled before - neither have I. But I am going to start. With this book. I tried to explain as you get into each new section how you might use the next set of pages. But as any journaler knows - this is your book and you set it up however you want to. It is all good! Above is the first "monthly" spread.
And this is the first of the weekly spreads.
grid dot paper from Tangle Starts Planner 2018
 Each weekly spread has an inspirational quote on the right hand page. Some art quotes, some life quotes, some super hero quotes because 
why not?
some tangle patterns that you will find inside of Tangle Starts Planner 2018
Here is a sample to show how the patterns are set up. All black and white, so no red lines. The grey lines show the new step and you build from there. I tried to keep all the patterns to 3-4 steps each.
Zentangle patterns and other patterns inside of Alice Hendon's Tangle Starts Planner for 2018
Above is a thumbnail "quick reference" page to show you what some of the patterns look like.
106 total.
Lots of fun stuff to work with.
There is also a section where you can add your own personal favorite tangles - another quick reference section.
a very colorful purple and turquoise back cover of Alice Hendon's Tangle Starts Planner for 2018
And if you need to know more, here is the back side of the book with the description.
A total of 242 pages all in all for $14.99 on Amazon.
Available all over the world. 
If you are in the United States and interested, click here
In Canada? Click here.
In Europe? Click here
Thank you for reading my post! Sorry to sound like I'm trying to sell you a book but this is part of my marketing plan <3 .
The cover page full of color as Alice Hendon's book Tangle Starts,
And . . . in case you were wondering, the
Tangle Starts full color book may be a wonderful place to play with all these new tangle patterns. 
Available in all those same locations. 

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

More Tangle Starts Pages

 So Christmas is sneaking up on us,
it will be here in less than a week!
 With that lovely thought in mind
I thought I'd show you some interior pages
from my book Tangle Starts.
And I apologize for pushing this book, 
but it really will make a wonderful gift 
for someone you know!
The above page was made with 
Brusho Color Crystals
and loads of water! 
Such a wonderful page to tangle on.
It would be really pretty for an art journal page background also.
 This page screams steampunk!
Tangle up a steampunk vehicle,
stamp a steampunk scene,
use it for collage art,
or an art journal background.
 Schmincke watercolors brought this page to life.
That and water splatted across the page.
This would be a great piece to watercolor on -
fruit, birds, whimsical animals.
Your choice.
I love making this kind of page.
Sitting here staring at it, I can count at least
12 different products I used to make 
this piece of art.
I am thinking collage art for sure!

Whether you are an artist, or you know 
someone who is,
Tangle Starts is a perfect jumping off point.
You can read more about it by going to this
Remember with Amazon Prime you can have
this book in 2 days. 

Thank you for being so faithful this past year in following my blog and being supportive of my art.
You are greatly appreciated!
I pray your Christmas is wonderful and spent in a way you love, 
with people you love,
being thankful for all God has blessed us with.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas Gift Options

 If you are interested in a giveaway for a copy of my book
Tangle Starts,
my friend Jennifer McLean is hosting a giveaway on her blog 
You can read the post and enter by going to this link
There is one more day in the giveaway.
You can read more about my book on Amazon.
This particular piece of art is not in the book,
but there are similar pages.
Backgrounds without the tangling, I added that part.
This is an example of one way you can use the book.
picture of a Moleskine Sketchbook and Pigma Sepia Drawing Pen Sets
Christmas will be here before you know it.
I have 137 items in the Christmas Gift section
of my Etsy store TheCreatorsLeaf. 
With priority shipping you can have them in your hands within a couple days. 
Above you see one example of a kit I have listed here
This is one of my favorite items in the shop.
A set of 23 unique substrates for you to draw or tangle on. 
The color work has already been done for you. 
You can see this set here

Christmas shopping can be as easy as checking out
these two links:
find my book Tangle Starts here and
Gift Sets for the artist in you life can be found here
And remember - there is one day left in Jennifer's giveaway here

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Tangle Starts Background #zebrapen

 My copy of Tangle Starts arrived and I've been drooling over the pages! 
So many beautiful pages to pick from.
I am super happy with the quality and the colors.
I personally made all the backgrounds found in this book.
This page above is one I made with a gelli plate,
a stencil, and some green acrylic paint. 
I took my book, found this page, and grabbed a black
Sarasa Fineliner from Zebra Pen.
These floral tangles are all creations of my own, too.
You will be reading more about them very soon.
 I really love the way the Sarasa Fineliner glides across these pages. 
The page surface is smooth and the Sarasas are the perfect choice. 
For the next page I am going to try their Technical Pens.
If you are interested in the Sarasa Fineliners,
you can tell from this photo that they come in various colors. 
They are all beautiful! 
You can check them out in the Zebra store here.
I'll be doing a complete review soon. 

And if you are interested in grabbing a copy of
you will find that here.
All the mystery of color has been taken care of for you.
All you need to do is grab a pen and tangle. 

Have a great rest of your week!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tangle Starts Backgrounds

 I love making backgrounds!
Colorful, textured, fluid and flowing -
it's all beautiful and it's all fun!
For the one above, I used 
Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay India Inks
and lots of water. 
A heat gun pushed those colors into circles
and lots of runny drips!
Love it!
And believe it or not - I only used three colors!
This background again came from
Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay India Inks.
This time I flicked a splatter brush of water
across the surface just before the colors were dry,
then lifted color off the paper with a paper towel.
Love the way this one turned out!

Both these backgrounds are in my new book
If you love colored backgrounds but don't have
the supplies, or the knowledge, or the time -
this book might be your answer.
You can tangle on the pages,
you can paint or used wet media if you follow
the instructions on Pages 3 and 5,
you can tear the pages out and cut them up to
use as collage art - there are so may ways to
use these backgrounds!

You can see some ways I am using my copy 
here and here.
And you see some of the inside pages
by clicking on "See all 2 images."

Have a great week creating!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Huge Christmas Sale in My Etsy Store

 The Creator's Leaf on Etsy 
is where I am trying to make Christmas happen!
(You can just click that pink link and go straight
to the store, if you wish.)
In fact, I just reduced the price on almost every item in the store,
and I added about 10 more gift sets.
Such as this one here for the horse lover in your life.
 Nice sturdy metal tin houses all the supplies you
need to get your tangle on - 
a variety of tiles and the pens
you need to make the magic happen. 
It's all in this tin for just $19.99.
That's less than half the total value.
I want it to go to someone who will love it!
 This kids' set has been very popular the past couple years, 
and I have 2 sets left.
My resource for getting these books at cost has dried up,
so when these are gone - that's it.
That instruction book is the same one I refer to 
over and over again.
The supply bag holds tiles and the tools to draw with.
Reduced to $14.99.
 I have a lot of gift sets ready to stuff a stocking
or to be gifted. This is just a sampling.
You need pens to tangle with or to art journal with
and I have a lot of them in the store.
Here is a new item recently released from Tombow,
just $12.99.
 Lolliz are wonderful!
Four trays of pens - neon, sparkly, metallic, milky.
Just $7.99.
 Been wanting to try some paint pens?
Just $7.99.
 Staedtler pens are cutting edge and this deal is a steal.
Just $15.99.
 Anyone who has priced Copic Markers knows this is a great deal.
Skin tone set and jewel tone set -
just $34.99.
Less than half price.
 I have a lot of journals in the store.
Both purchased and handmade. 
Above is one that I put together myself.
Love these clear covers!
I have 7 or 8 different ones listed.
Hand book journals!
What a deal!
Just $12.99
Strathmore Watercolor journals are one of my favorites.
I got a great deal on these with a store that was
clearing out art supplies.
Just $15.99 each.
 Strathmore Mixed Media journals.
I use these a lot!
Just $17.99 each.
 These next few sets of photos are of journals that
I bound together. 
The inner pages include heavy scrapbook paper, watercolor paper, mixed media paper. 
Pages from gelli plate pulls, watercolors, and brushos that I made.
Unique one of a kind journals.
Size 4" x 6".
Smaller pages mean quicker works of art.
Just $7.99 each.
Some of the inside pages are shown in the next photo.
the photo below shows some of the pages.
 Baby journals. I actually made a couple of these.
For all of these I say "journals" which could also
translate into "scrapbooks."
Here are a few of the inside pages.
Just $7.99
Peerless transparent watercolors.
You literally touch the wet tip of a brush to these little
swatches of paper and it picks up the color.
Then you just watercolor away with it.
Seriously. It's that easy.
This is the last set I have.
Just $9.99 - 
these swatches will last you a long time!
 I've added some art journaling books into the mix.
Ready to have these books out of my closet
and off the shelves.
$12.99 total.
 Just $12.99 for all four books.
This set just $12.99 -
that's a legit deal right there!
(And I have art in two of these books.)
 I love playing with color and making tiles to tangle on .
Here is a set of 12 pre-colored tiles waiting for you to add your art.
Just $9.99
 I also have digital art in the store.
Purchase and download.
Just $6.99
 I have 15 of these sets and will probably never make
sets this large again.
All pre-colored, you get an assortment of 23 different tiles, ready for you to just add the art.
These are 2" square tiles - a set of 9 that make a
larger piece of art, if you want.
You can tangle them in this configuration
or you can use them individually.
A great stocking stuffer idea!
Just $7.99.

I don't make pitches like this often -
I bet you're glad!
I just really wanted to show a sampling of what
I have in my store.
All total there are 146 active listings for art items
such as what you see in this post.
Most items ship priority, which means they can be
to you in just a few days.

Prices seem too high?
Just ask.
And if you don't see what you want -
just ask. I might have it in the closet.

Merry Christmas, all!

In case you are new to my blog,
pink = link. 
Wherever you see pink, just click and you will be taken
to that page.