Sunday, June 10, 2012

String 004 from Tangle Patterns

Here is the string Linda gave us at Tangle Patterns this week. This string came from Sue Agnew. Our job was to take the string and add tangle patterns.
Ta-da! I added in: organza, ixorus, popsicles, beaded, tweety, and one of my own - sunz. I also shaded - which you can't see that well here, sorry. This was a lot of fun! Thanks, Sue! And thanks to Tangle Patterns and Linda!


  1. Very pretty and oh so delicate!

  2. Hi Alice, so glad you found me! I always hope the blogging 101 series will help fellow artist. I found that trying to learn off the internet frustrating because it was computer geniuses who were teaching and they usually assumed I knew a LOT more than I did. That;s why I'm doing this series, from the artist's perspective, lol.

    If you want a blog button I usually use a favorite piece of the artist's art, buttons are $10. If you want to give it a go just email me from my blog

    I love your zentangles and your artistic talent shows. Great balance. Hope to see you in my weekly art challenge, the artist;s Play Room!


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