Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pink is Where It's At

I had a good week in Maryland. Kali and I went to see the movie Divergent on her night off. I recently read the trilogy and the movie was excellent! Stayed very true to the book. Can not wait for the next installment - in one year. Also, I've been working on book submissions. Kind of hard to do when all my cool supplies are at home, but I'm giving it a shot. And of course I have been readying all 53 of my little twinchies to go out in the mail. Just have to get to the post office and buy a bunch of postage. These were so much fun to make and I just used scraps of color that came from previous projects. (And apparently I make a lot of pink projects.) I hope to show you a few more tomorrow.

The Creator's Leaf


  1. Alice, Your Twinchies are gorgeous. Looking forward to receiving mine.

  2. Yes I would say that pinky/purple abounds on your projects! Fascinating to see your photographic layout above.
    Paula (PEP)


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