Monday, June 2, 2014

Last Scrap

Let's see. By this time, I should have already been in the pool a couple times, Mark should have already had the boat in the water and caught a bunch of fish. He will also be sunburnt - - - cause that's the way it works. And I expect either Mike or Phil or both will have been here, or they will be on their way to fish! And I will be sitting in the room - or on the balcony in the swing - and I will be drawing and watercoloring. Yay!!!! I can not wait!!! (I totally wrote all this at home on Saturday and scheduled the post to pop up now :D ).
The Creator's Leaf

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  1. Sounds great Alice you wil be in Wonderland lol your work is so BEAUTIFUL you inspire me everyday!! I treasure the ATCs I received from you and bookmark the bookmark found a home in my Bible!!! No better place for it!!! <3


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