Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Cards - It's A Square Thing!

Getting ready to head to the airport. The mail came in today and I just had to post this before I leave. Moo has some new business cards - cute little square ones! A little larger than the twinchie and a little smaller than the official zentangle® tile. Here is my new card! All my own artwork. I love it!
They even sent some cute little cards to share! I'm thinking they've heard about my pink hair? Or maybe my blue hair? Or maybe my pink and blue hair? Nah! Probably not. Hahaha!

The Creator's Leaf


  1. your biz cards are beautiful!! nobody does color like you. :-)

  2. Love your business cards. They will be remembered by whoever you hand them out to. I think you should try purple hair, that seems to be all the rage here :).


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