Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I Can Draw That With My Eyes Shut Tight!

Draw with your eyes shut?
Strange question?
Perhaps, but that is exactly what the Diva
asked us to do this week in her
The Diva Challenge.
I always love this challenge.
I've gotten away from using a string when I tangle.
I like the freeness that comes from not using a string.
But sometimes we just need to go back to our roots.
Back to where it all began and start over.
That is what Laura asked us to do in this week's
Diva Challenge

I took a 3 1/2" zentangle tile and used a pencil
to lay down a dot in each corner,
then connected the dots with lines
forming a box.
With my eyes open :).

Then I closed my eyes,
kept one hand on the tile so I would know where it was,
and I drew a string.
I like loopy-di-loops, so it kind of
went in that direction.

Then I opened my eyes and went
whoa! not such a great string!
But I had decided beforehand
that I would go wherever my blind string
took me . . .
. . . and this is what I drew.
I am forcing myself to leave some white space
(negative space)
in my tangling lately. 
And also lately - I am having trouble remembering
what tangles I actually know.
I have 4 or 5 basic ones that I use all the time.
Talk about being stuck in a rut.
So, I have started working on something
that I learned from Cherryl Moote that I
will share with you soon. 
An ongoing work in progress.
Coming soon.

For now, head on over to the Diva's page here
and check out all the blind string offerings.
You could even close your eyes and try your
hand at a blind string. 
I'd love to see how it turns out!

The Creator's Leaf


  1. nice tile - I like the top/right pattern that you have used - nice and light and airy, leaving some nice white space.

  2. Like you I sometimes forget a lot of tangles and keep doing the same over and over again. From time to time I look in my books full of tiles and see the 'forgotten' ones.
    Your tile is very beautiful and I do like the open space.
    By the way: I'm still so very happy with the Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays that I first saw on your blog!!!!

  3. Your string is really nice in fact: it made me think of an eye at first sight ... and your tile went exactly in that direction too :)
    I get what you mean by ... not remembering what patterns you actually know but I've just stopped worrying about it, some tangles are nice and neat and "zentangled-approved" ;) and others are ... well ... whatever they are. :D After all, it's all about letting go ... so sometimes you need to let even the tangles go to get there.
    Anyhow, you tile is really nice, I love the contrasts in it.

  4. Nothing wrong with being in a rut. At least you are moving forward! Love your blog title. Love your shading. Love the result.

  5. Love this tile. So glad you went with what you drew. I think that forces us to be more creative in what we do. The negative space is great. Several people have talked about being in a rut with their use of tangles. I sometimes just pull out my books and flip through to find something different (usually something outside my comfort zone).

  6. Wonderful tile! Especially I like your Flux border!

  7. Nice combination of tangles, lovely flux border.

  8. This tile is so BEAUTIFUL I teally love the top its so pretty very pretty!!

  9. This tile is so BEAUTIFUL I teally love the top its so pretty very pretty!!

  10. Im trying this as soon as I get tiles from Cheryl s class Saturday so cool!!! :-)

  11. Very fun tile and I think that we all get in a rut with the tangles we use sometimes! I know that I do!

  12. Alice - just discovered your blog through Pinterest...took time to read a few of your posts and take a look around at your lovely blog. So nice to meet a new creative soul. Will be stopping back again soon. Your zentangles are really super! Hope you have a great week-end.


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