Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Must Be Snowing Somewhere

I had this nice little blog post almost finished,
I had even saved it a couple times,
then my computer went Boop! 
and the whole post went swoop! 
and try as I might I cannot find it anywhere.

The third week of our art journal journey is coming
to a close. Actually it should have closed late last night,
but don't tell anyone. I am almost on time :).
Cherryl's prompt this week was to fold a snowflake.
Much like I used to do as a child,
and then with my children,
and to trace your initials on it
being mindful of the fold.
(My initials are A, D, and H.)
Being mindful of the fold so that when you cut
your snowflake out, it doesn't fold up
and fall apart on you. 
That fold is mega important.
I call the above photo my
spaceship taking a bath photo.
Here is my snowflake cut out.
Nothing fancy. My initials are mostly straight-leggers.
Doesn't lend to very much roundness,
but that's ok. Just gotta work with it.
Then I started prepping my pages.
Since I am working in a journal and I didn't want my blues to spread onto other pages,
I placed a scrapsheet of computer paper under each side.
(Actually, I consider myself a bit of a rebel. 
So, I used new, unused sheets of computer paper.

Background color comes from Prima's 
Color Bloom Spray Mists - I used two colors.
I also spritzed them with water when they didn't move like I wanted them to.
I am so impatient when it comes to artting.
I sprayed a darker blue onto some bubble wrap
and placed it face down into the lighter shades of blue.
Totally must have deleted the photo I took of the salt,
so you are going to have to imagine it.
I sprinkled bits of sea salt across both pages of the spread
while it was wet and left the whole thing to dry.
Once the pages were completely dry, I used an old Disney Room hotel key -
resembles a credit card -
and scraped it gently across the top of the pages
to remove the salt residue.
You can rub your fingers across the surface 
to feel where you need to work a bit more.
I am sorry I didn't take more photos.
I have a date stamp that has letters on it, 
in addition to numbers, leftover from the old scrapbook days.
Everything old becomes new. Yep!
I used that to stamp the wording.
Noticed I misjudged my distance and got one too many B's on that first page.

Then I took the snowflake and traced parts of it onto
the adjoining pages. 
Color added to the flakes are from Derwent Inktense Watercolor Pencils.
I love them! They were the first big expense I made
in my art journey and I've never regretted the cost.
(Your art is precious. Get the best product you can afford. You are worth it.)

Then I added a few tangles,
and a sweet little crocheted snowflake that my mom
made for me back around 1980. 
Thirty-five years ago.
I had just build an old farmhouse style dollhouse
and mom made me some rugs for the floors.
I had this one in the living room.
She will be so surprised to see I still have it.
Stuck this beautiful little treasure down with
some glue dots.
My pages still needed something more to tie them together.
I took the two Derwent pencils I used inside the snowflakes,
and used a waterbrush to flick/spatter
specks of juicy color across both surfaces.
Still it needed some little pop.
And I still have that extra letter B to contend with.
Wal-Mart to the rescue.

Actually I got the jewels from Wal-Mart awhile back on sale -
even better.
See how I totally covered up that bad B
with a stone? And to balance I added
one to the right-hand side by the don't,
even though I didn't mess that part up.
I feel like the jewels were the right touch.

All done.
Two page spread of snowflakes.
Did I mention I live in Florida where it's been in the 70's here in early January?
Thanks to Cherryl for another great journal prompt!


  1. Brilliant - you've got me smiling as I read. Thanks for sharing the process of getting colour down & your trials & tribulations of creating & posting. You can have some of the chill we have here if you like………..
    Paula (PEP)

  2. I love it ! Thanks for explaining the process, step by step too.


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