Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lucky Cat

 So excited!
This is my first template animal and I really like the way he turned out.
 On Facebook there is a wonderful artist named Ben Kwok. 
Ben administrates a group called Ornation Creation, where he regularly posts templates he has made for us to take and tangle. 
If you are a Facebook aficionado, you should check out Ornation Creation.
Ben gave us the above cat template, which I printed out on cardstock and started tangling.
Next time I will use watercolor paper, I wasn't convinced I could actually 
pull this off this time. Hahahaha!
 Ben also has a Facebook page called where he features his own work.
He is really incredible! Worth taking a look.
I promise!
I just kept filling in tangles. 
The idea I went with was the oriental lucky cat -
typically done in either gold or white with touches of red.
I kept the tangles simple.
The gold was a metallic Pitt Artist Pen,
the reds were a combination of PrismaColor pencil and Uniball Signo pen.
Shading made all the difference.
It usually does. 
And there you go.
My first Ben Kwok template tangled and framed
in a dark red, wooden 8" x 10" frame.
Now to decide what to work on next. 
He has 94 templates posted on the group page,
so there's plenty to pick from!


  1. He's rather splendid so I reckon you did pull it off. I've contemplated an image as opposed to abstract but got floored by how to choose tangles to fit. I shall have to ponder this a little. I love what you did with Diva Dance which looks to me like Rock 'n' Roll (just checked & it is) & doesn't Cruffle work well like that?
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Love, love, love how this turned out. Great job, Alice.....Linda E.


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