Saturday, May 16, 2015

Knee Deep and Falling Behind

My life is running in fast forward right now.
I just got home from one trip.
I'm headed out to get my hair re-blued,
then on to the airport to pick up Kali.
Then tomorrow we head to the
Wizarding World of Harry Potter 
for a couple days.
Followed by Frankie time for a few days.
Then it's take Kali back to the airport,
come home and pack,
then head to Newfoundland for ten days.
I can not wait!!!!!
And with that much happening in my life,
I really don't have time for the migraine I feel building right now. 
Easy time tangling is about all I can handle.
This is actually a piece of scrapbook paper I tangled on. 
And I'm calling it good, 
cause it's all I have time for right now.


  1. Looks absolutely super Alice, I love the highlights & don't they fit well together? Take care with that head - hope that by the time you read this it's gone. Have a super time with Kali then Frankie & enjoy Newfoundland.
    Take care with the travelling & keep safe.
    Paula (PEP)


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