Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday String Idea #18

 Here it is Thursday again,
and once again I have a string ready.
Will miracles never cease?
I seem to like roundish strings,
so here we are one more time - 
tangling in the round.

(Should you like to print that tile out at 3.5" size,
simply click here for a link.)
I know there is probably a lot more that
could be done with this tile,
but I am liking the minimal effect here.
So I am calling it done.
And my actual tile is a 3.5" one,
so it is smaller than it appears here.

That tangle in the center going around in a circle -
that one is called Shiretown.
If you are interested in it,
you should be watching for an announcement here
oh, just any day now.
Thanks for joining me for Thursday String Idea!

(Again, click here for a printable tile.)

The Creator's Leaf

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