Thursday, June 30, 2016

Grow A Little Each Day

 Art journaling has been pushed to the very back of the plate 
as we work on books.
I miss it.
So this week I decided to check out one of the
weekly art journal groups I am in
and do a prompt.
Jane posted the weekly prompt about gardens
and what they mean to us.
This pastel-ish piece of art is one I have
long admired on pinterest.
You can check out the original post by the
artist that created it here
I wanted to recreate the feel of this art
without copying the original artist.
Cause that isn't cool.
 I started with this watercolored background in 
my art journal. I made it with a simple kids'
watercolor pan set from the school row
at Wal-Mart.
 I used Tim Holtz's Distress Stains and a 
couple stencils to start my framework.
The stains were a little more soupy than I
recalled and didn't play great with the
stencil, but that's alright.
It adds to the rustic feel. 
 When I started outlining for definition,
I was greatly disappointed to find that my
microns and other fine liners would not
work over the distress stains.
So much so that I ruined three pens before I decided
to throw in the towel and resort to gel pens.
 What you see here is the result of about
5-6 different types of gel pens and markers.
Not real happy that it was so hard to draw on top
of these stains.
I finished everything off by 'sacrificing if
necessary' a graphic 3 micron. 
Thankfully I was able to fill in those
borders without killing another pen.

A great prompt from Jane.
And I learned and will 'grow' from doing the project.
It was still fun anyway!


  1. Beautiful piece! <3
    I have gone back to journaling, too. Sometimes you have to take a break and do something different. :)

  2. Love it love the use of color and how you get it to work together. I just posted my attemp on tangles and journaled If I didnt break the rules it will hopefully appear would like a comment if you will I show as anonymous but name is Elaine Salvitti not sure how to make the real name appear

  3. Interesting about the Stains not working with the pens - wonder if there's something in the chemical make-up of them. I did not get on at all well with Distress Stains & ended up giving them away. Isn't it super how whatever we do we learn & move forward........a real tangling lesson eh??? Your end result looks magical & it's so interesting to see what inspired it & how you made it your own design nonetheless.


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