Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Zentangle Challenge

 I admin a group on Facebook called
Zentangle All Around.
We focus on tangles that have some element
of roundness in them - 
a curve or oval or circle - anything round at all.
And we are currently doing a year long focus
on strings. The thought being that at the
end of 2016 we will have 366 pieces of
zentangle art with some element
of roundness to them.
Yesterday I offered the challenge to try 
Caren Mlot's tangle navaho 
with my tangle All Boxed Up.
So this is what I did with them.
I worked on a square about 4 inches across.
The top tile shows my work unshaded.
Across the top is Julie Beland's beauchamp
mixed with my baubles, then All Boxed Up
to the right.
Across the middle is my tangle semaphore.
Then in the lower right corner you see
Caren's navaho.
(Sorry, I haven't posted step outs for semaphore yet.)

The second tile shows the piece totally shaded.
I don't do heavy shading like some pieces of
art you see online, I go for the lighter touch.
But even in the lighter touch, you can see
the difference shading makes in your art.
Caren's navaho stands out a lot more,
the beauchamp baubles are more 3D-ish,
and All Boxed Up looks like a completely
different tangle.
Challenge for you today?
Try these two tangles and let me see what you do.
You can post them directly on our Facebook wall -
Zentangle All Around.

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  1. Interesting to see the shaded & unshaded pieces next to one another - I tend to prefer the lighter shading too. I like the way Semaphore complements & Navaho & fascinating to see your mixture of Beauchamp & Baubles (I had to really look hard to see the two tangles there).


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