Saturday, September 3, 2016

Get Your Color On Tutorial in Etsy Now

I have many times been referred to as
The Queen of  Color
and I get many questions about how I
accomplish such colorful backgrounds.

The answer is here in my new tutorial:
Get Your Color On - 
A Color Ink Spray Tutorial.

And it's available in my Etsy Store
for immediate download.
Using my step-by-step project guide,
you will be able to create beautiful 
backgrounds like these on your first try -
or close to it.
 From there it's an easy step to go straight
to tangling - zentangling - your beautiful
works of art.
(Or you could frame them just like they are.)
 Here are a few samples of projects I tangled
using my colored background pages.
This is page one. I immediately jump into
projects and lead you on a step by step journey
to a colorful adventure. 
This is a photo heavy tutorial for those visual
learners out there - like myself.
Here is a link to
Get Your Color On -
Color Ink Spray Tutorial.
It is an immediate download item.
No waiting for shipping.
And -
thank you for your interest.

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  1. Looks like you had a whole load of fun creating the tutorial - love the sample pages too & your very characteristic signature tangling.


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