Saturday, October 15, 2016

So Much Fun to Tangle!

Trying out a fun new-to-me tangle this week.
My friend Sandy Hunter, a CZT from Texas, 
designed the tangle.
It's called lollywimple.
Doesn't that just sound like fun???
Here is my first shot at it.
Sometimes a tangle just hits home and works.
This one did.
That entire piece of art is the one tangle
Just drawn many times. 
And I love it.
I'm thinking about making a copy and
coloring the copy with gel pens.
Lots of bright crazy color.

You can find the step outs to lollywimple
by clicking on the pink.
Cause when you are on my blog
pink = link. 


  1. This took on a life of its own didn't it? With a distinct Creator's Leaf touch. I just couldn't help seeing that outer ring like an x-ray of a jaw with teeth or like one of those scientific microscope slides with lots of little single celled organisms............... I can see you'll have enormous fun with the colouring too (don't forget to heat set the printer ink).

    1. this one was so much fun ! yes, heat setting for sure! haha! thanks :)


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