Thursday, December 22, 2016

From Our Home to Yours

I love this photo of our living room
and I wish I'd taken it.
My son Jason got this shot when he and his
family were here a couple weeks ago.
I love our log home 
and Christmas just looks right here.
23' cathedral ceilings are just made
for Christmas trees.
We also have a tree upstairs. 
This is our loft/master bedroom,
and that would be Aurora, my studio assistant.
 We have some pretty awesome views from the 
windows of our house. 
 Now that winter is full on us,
keeping up with the snow is a regular habit.
Plow it here, push it there,
shovel some over there,
it's all good!
We love it!
(And we really appreciate our friends 
Mike and Katie who keep our driveway
plowed until we can figure
out a plowing system of our own.)
This beautiful sight is what I see every time
I open the curtains in my art studio.
So beautiful!
Someone asked me yesterday what our
house looked like and I realized I'm not
sure if I have a snow covered photo of
our house. I think I do but I haven't been
successful in finding it.
Here it is in spring.
Just after the snows melted last year.
 Mark and I enjoy traveling the roads,
enjoying the beautiful scenery.
This bridge is located in Houlton, Maine.
Dirty snow shoved up to the guardrails
is courtesy of the snow plows. 
I don't think it takes away from the beauty at all.
Not far from where we live.
Everything is covered with snow and
looks crisp and beautiful.
Christmas will be here in a couple days.
The weather app is showing snow on
Christmas Eve.
I'm thinking we are going to have 
a white Christmas for sure!

Merry Christmas to you and your families!
May God richly bless you on this
holy day as we celebrate the birth of
Jesus Christ, our Savior.
Thank you for your faithfulness to me
and to my art journey.
You are my motivation and I am
so thankful for each of you!


  1. And a Merry Christmas to you & yours too. I can sense your joy at being where you are, & I share that but in the opposite direction having gone from snow to none & being far more comfortable. He knows what each one of us needs doesn't He? Thank you to you too - for your bright cheery posts in the midst of life that happens about you & for your artwork & generosity with sharing techniques & much much more............

    1. Love you! I need to send you a private message. I've just had too much on my plate lately. Sorry

  2. Merry Christmas Alice! Thank you so much for sharing photos of your beautiful home and for sharing such wonderful inspiration 😀

    1. You're welcome! Have a great year !

  3. MERRY CHRISTMAS ALICE, and thank you so much for a year full of beautiful Zentangle Art and absolutely gorgeous pictures. Would love to attempt to draw a few of your pictures, especially the last one, the farm house but would never unless you gave me permission? By the way, your Assistant is very beautiful! Of course, I love Cats! Let me know about the picture and I look forward to another artful and inspirational year.

    1. Patsy, that would be an honor. I'd love for you to draw my pictures. Have fun!


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