Saturday, August 5, 2017

Just a Little Getting Sketchy

 Time for Getting Sketchy again in 
Zentangle All Around!
It's a Facebook challenge to show what we
worked on this week. 
Above is a piece I started some time ago,
for the Frankles' new bedroom.
I actually added some color to the letters this week.
And ordered a frame for it.
 Yeah, this is totally blurry.
But there is a reason for that.
It's a bit of something I'm working on for later.
A secret project - so to speak.
This was something I tried that did not work.
(And I totally threw all these markers in the trash.)
Looks like a major mess.
It totally does.
But -
I am going to do something with it anyway.
Sandra Strait has a new project where you turn
something crummy into something awesome.
This is a candidate for that program
if I ever saw one!
So - 
stay tuned for that!

And that's my Getting Sketchy for this week.
Not much done because I'm babysitting the
Frankles and she talks non-stop.
I am not even kidding.


  1. I think those markers would have hit the bin with me too!! I'm most intrigued by what this will turn into though............ The secret looks very interesting - those kinds of patterns delight & are so effective. Frankie's picture with her name looks fabulous coloured - I love the way all those greens work together. Your mookas are such a lovely shape.

    1. I like playing with mooka. I've drawn it many different ways but keep coming back to this one :)


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