Saturday, April 28, 2018

Days 22 - 24 of The 100 Day Project #the100dayproject #ledaartsupply #zentangleallaround

days 22 and 23 of The 100 Day Project,  Alice Hendon, tangle Folks
 Chugging away with
The 100 Day Project!
I tangled up a couple Tangle Folks
for days 22 and 23. 
I love to draw these little guys but I always
have trouble deciding how to tangle the parts.
Here is a link to the directions in case
you want to tangle up a couple of your own. 
day 24 of The 100 Day Project, Alice Hendon, printemps wall
Day 24 has flowed over into Day 25 and I am
still not finished with this printemps spread.
I am tangling it over two pages in my
Baby Leda Pocket Sketchbook.
I'm at the shading phase now, 
so hope to post the finished version soon.


  1. uh - my comment went amiss here. Love that left tangle folk particularly - the pattern of the body or perhaps it's just that she happens to be green!! My husband keeps telling me I pick green, & I always thought it was purple that was my colour, then I found I was always buying aqua bibles......... hmmm

    1. I love these little tangle folks. They are so much fun. That teal blue hair on the right is my color.


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