Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Line Dance Tangle Pattern

step outs to tangle pattern line dance, Alice hendon
Many of you will already recognize this
tangle pattern of mine called Line Dance.
I detailed the steps to this pattern all the
way back in 2015.
It was even published in a book in  
December of that year. 
step outs to tangle pattern line dance, Alice hendon
 This was a sketch I did when we were putting the
book together. It was an idea for what to do
when you are stuck in a tangle rut and don't
know what to do next.
The steps in the first photo and the one above were
drawn before I had my cataract surgery, so please
overlook the unevenness and bumpiness.
Hahaha! I had no idea!
But . . . we all know in zentangle, there are no
art featuring tangle pattern line dance, Alice hendon
 So maybe you are asking why - after all this time -
I am finally pulling this pattern out and blogging it.
Well, someone mentioned recently that karma
comes around and gets you.
Have you heard that?
Without going into specifics, 
I wanted to point out that I put this tangle together
three years ago and have been using it in art
ever since.
Yes, I know it's just a bunch of squiggle lines
and anybody and their brother could be drawing this.
I just wanted YOU to know I have been drawing it
and naming it Line Dance since February, 2015.
art featuring tangle pattern line dance, Alice hendon
 The two photos above and the one below
were all published in a book in early 2016. 
The actual steps were published in a
different book in late 2015.
art featuring tangle pattern line dance, Alice hendon
 You can see that Line Dance is a versatile
tangle. It fills areas, it sets areas apart,
it is fun and looks different every time.
art featuring tangle pattern line dance, Alice hendon
This piece of art was meant to be part of 
another book that was never published. 
So I might as well use it here
in a blog post. Right? Hahaha!
And there you see some more Line Dance. 
art featuring tangle pattern line dance, Alice hendon
 I may say "hahaha!" but if you know me very
well, you will know that is one way I deal with
things. It does not necessarily mean I find the
situation funny.
I do not find it funny when someone takes my work
and claims it for their own.
Not fair, lazy person. 
Give credit where credit is due.
Shame on you.
art featuring tangle pattern line dance, Alice hendon
 No, Diana, I am not talking to you.
Your integrity level is too high to claim someone
else's work as your own. 
But you do look mighty fine standing in front
of all that lovely Line Dance!
art featuring tangle pattern line dance, Alice hendon
Do I want you to use Line Dance in your
tangle art?
Of course I do. 
That is why I designed it and took the time
to draw all those little boxes -
even if my cataracts made them look
better than they do.
Just think about the creators of all those tangles
on the internet. 
Take time to give credit where credit is due.
And if this doesn't pertain to you -
please accept my apologies.
Because it really only pertains to one.
Or two.
I am not a happy camper right now.
But it isn't because of you.
<3 <3 <3
(OK, rant over.)


  1. Love Line Dance! It is exactly what I need right now!
    Hate that you were taken advantage of - what is wrong with people? They will have to live with themselves and Karma - hope that is some solace to you.

    1. thanks, Chris, I hope I didn't offend anyone. except maybe the right one. ;)

  2. Extremely well put - sorry you have to do this though. Thank you for reminding me of a gorgeous pattern. I'm so badly behind with the 100 days......... argued with an uneven paving slab & have a black eye plus glued together temple........ Grateful it wasn't worse. Still can't work out why the paving stone got mad at me....... all I was doing was walking over it.

    1. I am so sorry you got hurt, that sounds painful and dangerous. glad it wasn't worse. and that shows me how out of touch we are. I need to downsize obligations so I have more time for friends.

  3. Very thankful you posted this as I was planning a class using this and an exercise from HQ Project Pack #2. So glad I can now give the proper credit! We all need to support our CZT community.

    1. yes, we all need to stick together. thanks for commenting :)

  4. Hello Alice! I've enjoyed drawing variations of Line Dance ever since you first put it "out here" for others to work with. While I draw greeting cards only for family and friends (that is, they aren't for sale, so the public never sees them), I strive to make sure the individual patterns are credited to their originators. Sometimes the backs of my cards are so "loaded" with names, both of the artists and their designs, the recipients wonder if I've written something in code back there :-).
    I hate the thought of anyone stealing anyone else's work--can't they at least acknowledge that they weren't the creator, but are happily using something another person came up with (and there is a group of "designers" on Pinterest that does plagiarize many of the patterns of Zentangle origin, each artist claiming is as their own under a new name)?
    I digress, however; they aren't going to change their ways, but they will eventually get caught in their wrongdoings, and will have to pay for it/them.
    Now I'm off my soapbox and back to drawing.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I am totally aware of the group of people you are referring to. I’m trying to distance myself as far away from them as possible. I just want to sit in my little room and make beautiful art. Thanks again. It is good to hear from you


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