Friday, April 20, 2012

A little bit of everything

Zentangle. Zentangle is an art form that anyone can try. You use patterns in a series of steps, with repetition. I learned about zentangle on Pinterest, of all places. I was searching art journal boards and kept running across patterns. I just wanted so badly to be able to draw like these ladies and men whose boards I browse over every day. I started at and began reading and studying what I saw. This was my first large project. It's on a page in a smash journal, about 7" x 10". It was a lot of fun! No, it isn't perfect, but in zentangle it doesn't have to be. And that's only one thing I like about the art! 

My daughter asked me what those little fellows in the middle were supposed to be. She thought they were aliens. So, now they are aliens! (Originally they were supposed to be cats :), but I can't draw at all, which is another reason to like zentangle - I don't have to.)


  1. Well this is just lovely! LOVE the little "alien" cats in the center...and yes you CAN draw :) Thanks for the link to I've been fascinated with this art form as of late.


  2. This is lovely. The little cats are great :)

  3. thanks, amy and sue! i like my little cats, too! i need to add them to another project somewhere :)

  4. Awesome! Love the composition. Such a good way to practice different tangles and end up with a beautiful drawing.

    1. it was a way of practicing for sure - hahaha! and learning a couple new ones, too!

  5. This is stunning, Alice. I have never heard of this form of art before. I love how you inserted the scripture.

  6. thanks, teresa, somewhere i came across a "scripture a day" challenge, now i can't remember where but it encouraged me to add a scripture whenever i could. if i can ever find the link again, i'd like to get involved in that challenge, too!


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