Thursday, June 28, 2012

Praying You Through This Storm!

A wonderful video put together by my friend Kaylin. She lives in Colorado Springs where the wildfires - the fire storms - are bringing danger and disaster. Yet, through it all God can still be praised. As Kaylin puts it - God is for me. Yes, Kaylin, He is. We continue to pray for you from here in Florida. I love you, sweetie! Praying you through this storm!


  1. What a powerful and wonderful testimony of how the Lord gives hope and strength to His people in times of great danger and trials. I love what Kaylin did with this video. Thank you for sharing it on your blog, Alice. May God bless Kaylin and her family and keep them and everyone in Colorado safe. Maybe Kaylin will have an opportunity to use this situation to show others that God is there for them even in the midst of all that's going on. I continue to pray for all in Colorado until I see and hear that it's finally over. Linda E.

    1. thanks for the prayers, linda. i think kaylin is about 15 years old. she's very dear to my heart. i cried as i watched this the first time. i just had to post it!


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