Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tangle Patterns' String #3

At Linda Farmer's Tangle Patterns we are doing a weekly challenge :). She provides a string and asks us to tangle them as we wish. The string this week (above) was provided by Anne Marks.
I had this watercolored tile left over from our trip last week and decided to use it. I found that it was really hard to transfer a pattern over to a painted tile - I used the pencil technique that The Bright Owl taught me. Didn't work well. I guess the tile was too squishy from the paint, so I free-handed it.

Patterns I used are: crescent moon, chard, caviar, hybrid, shattuck, waves, organza, warped eggs, up and across, zedbra, vache, baton, betweed, and beadlines. Yes, it is a busy tile, but I think it works and flows well together - and I learned some new patterns. Thanks, Linda and Anne, for a fun string!


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