Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Books I've Read

Books I've Read in 2015

  1. A Time to Endure, Kyle Pratt
  2. Only My Love, Jo Goodman
  3. Only In My Arms, Jo Goodman
  4. Always In My Dreams, Jo Goodman
  5. Forever In My Heart, Jo Goodman
  6. My Heart's Desire, Jo Goodman

Books I've Read in 2014

  1. Cut-Out, Special Ops Series, Bob Mayer
  2. The Barefoot Bride, Joan Johnston
  3. Eternity Base, Bob Mayer
  4. An American Outlaw, John Stonehouse
  5. Elusive Hope, MaryLu Tyndall
  6. Montana Bride, Joan Johnston
  7. Night Storm, Catherine Coulter
  8. Night Shadow, Catherine Coulter
  9. Night Fire, Catherine Coulter
  10. The Line, Shadow Warriors, Bob Mayer
  11. The MacKinnon's Bride, Tanya Anne Crosby
  12. Echoes of Mercy, Kim Vogel Sawyer
  13. Butterfly Palace, Colleen Coble
  14. Short-Straw Bride, Karen Witemeyer
  15. Daughter of Twin Oaks, Lauraine Snelling
  16. Stealing the Preacher, Karen Witemeyer
  17. The Dressmaker, Kate Alcott
  18. Dig Two Graves, Revenge or Honor, Nick Vellis
  19. Lyon's Gift, Tanya Anne Crosby
  20. On Bended Knee, Tanya Anne Crosby
  21. Lion Heart, Tanya Anne Crosby
  22. Highland Fire, Tanya Anne Crosby
  23. The Other Brother, Lena Nelson Dooley
  24. Mary's Blessing, Lena Nelson Dooley
  25. Catherine's Pursuit, Lena Nelson Dooley
  26. Maggie's Journey, Lena Nelson Dooley
  27. Moonlight Masquerade, Ruth Axtell
  28. The Imposter Prince, Tanya Anne Crosby
  29. Angel of Fire, Tanya Anne Crosby
  30. Viking's Prize, Tanya Anne Crosby
  31. Once Upon a Kiss, Tanya Anne Croby
  32. Highland Song, Tanya Anne Crosby
  33. Divergent, Veronica Roth
  34. Insurgent, Veronica Roth
  35. Pirate's Bride, Lynette Vinet
  36. The Officer and the Traveler, Rose Gordon
  37. The Officer and the Southerner, Rose Gordon
  38. The Officer and the Bostoner, Rose Gordon
  39. Allegiant, Veronica Roth
  40. To Bewitch a Highlander, Lily Baldwin
  41. Highland Seer, Willa Blair
  42. Highland Healer, Willa Blair
  43. Highland Courage, Ceci Giltenan
  44. The Warrior's Maiden, Denise Domning
  45. My Notorious Highlander, Vonda Sinclair
  46. My Daring Highlander, Vonda Sinclair
  47. My Brave Highlander, Vonda Sinclair
  48. My Fierce Highlander, Vonda Sinclair
  49. My Wild Highlander, Vonda Sinclair
  50. Prince of Ravenscar, Catherine Coulter
  51. Highland Thunder, Lily Baldwin
  52. The Highlander'sTemptation, Eliza Knight
  53. The Highlander's Reward, Eliza Knight
  54. Rowan's Lady, Suzan Tisdale
  55. Day of the Cheetah, Dale Brown
  56. Plots and Pans, Kelly Eileen Hake
  57. The Ransom, MariLu Tyndall
  58. Happily Ever After, Tanya Anne Crosby
  59. The Maze Runner, James Dashner
  60. The Scorch Trials, James Dashner
  61. The Death Cure, James Dashner
  62. The Kindling Heart, Carmen Caine
  63. The Bedeviled Heart, Carmen Caine
  64. The Daring Heart, Carmen Caine
  65. The Bold Heart, Carmen Caine
  66. The Auschwitz Escape, Joel C. Rosenberg
  67. One Perfect Spring, Irene Hannon
  68. Undetected, Dee Henderson
  69. The Bride Wore Feathers, Sharon Ihle
  70. Cowboy Unmatched, Karen Witemeyer
  71. Half-Breed Bride, Sharon Ihle
  72. Shades of Honor, Wendy Lindstrom
  73. The Longing, Wendy Lindstrom
  74. Lips That Touch Mine, Wendy Lindstrom
  75. Kissing in the Dark, Wendy Lindstrom
  76. My Rebel Highlander, Vonda Sinclair
  77. Sleigh of Hope, Wendy Lindstrom 
  78. Winter's Heat, Denise Domning
  79. Summer's Storm, Denise Domning
  80. Spring's Fury, Denise Domning
  81. Autumn's Flame, Denise Domning
  82. A Love For All Seasons, Denise Domning
  83. Highland Secret, Amanda Scott
  84. Highland Treasure, Amanda Scott
  85. Highland Fling, Amanda Scott
  86. Highland Spirits, Amanda Scott
  87. Insergent, Vernonica Roth (2nd read)
  88. Allegiant, Veronica Roth (3rd read)
  89. Seagrass Pier, Colleen Coble
  90. Border Bride, Amanda Scott
  91. Border Fires, Amanda Scott
  92. Broder Storm, Amanda Scott
  93. Lord of the Seas, Danelle Harmon
  94. Four: The Transfer, Veronica Roth
  95. Lord and Lady Spy, Shana Galen
  96. True Spies, Shana Galen
  97. Unlikely Spy, Sarah Woodbury
  98. The Fallen Princess, Sarah Woodbury
  99. The Good Knight, Sarah Woodbury
  100. The Fourth Horseman, Sarah Woodbury
  101. The Uninvited Guest, Sarah Woodbury
  102. Wish I'd Known You, Stephen Bly
  103. The Mustang Breaker, Stephen Bly
  104. Memories of a Dirt Road, Stephen Bly
  105. Lord of the Seas, Danelle Harmon
  106. Four: The Initiate, Veronica Roth
  107. Four: The Son, Veronica Roth
  108. Four: The Traitor, Veronica Roth
  109. Chasing Sunsets, Eva Marie Everson
  110. Sagebrush Bride, Tanya Anne Crosby
  111. Waiting For Sunrise, Eva Marie Everson
  112. Dreamer, May McGoldrick
  113. Slow Moon Rising, Eva Marie Everson
  114. Enchantress, May McGoldrick
  115. Secret Vows, May McGoldrick
  116. The Firebrand, May McGoldrick
  117. Colorado Promise, Charlene Whitman
  118. Southern Seduction, Brenda Jernigan
  119. Love Only Once, Brenda Jernigan
  120. The Duke's Lady, Brenda Jernigan
  121. Highlander's Stolen Heart, Donna Fletcher
  122. Highlander Unchained, Donna Fletcher
  123. Highlander's Captive, Donna Fletcher
  124. Forbidden Highlander, Donna Fletcher
  125. The Measure of Katie Calloway, Serna Miller
  126. Spurs and Lace, Bonnie Paulson
  127. Sorrows and Lace, Bonnie Paulson
  128. Secrets and Lace, Bonnie Paulson
  129. Violet, Lauren Royal
  130. Lily, Lauren Royal
  131. Maze Runner, James Dashner
  132. Counterfeit Lies, Oliver North
  133. Leave it For the Rain, Wendy Lindstrom
  134. Heroes Proved, Oliver North
  135. How to Pursue a Princess, Karen Hawkins
  136. How to Capture a Countess, Karen Hawkins
  137. The Prince Who Loved Me, Karen Hawkins
  138. Highland Avenger, Hannah Howell
  139. Bride of a Scottish Warrior, Adrienne Basso
  140. How to Entice an Enchantress, Karen Hawkins
  141. Highland Wolf, Hannah Howell
  142. Highlander's Bride, Michele Sinclair
  143. Highland Knight, Hannah Howell
  144. Highland Master, Hannah Howell
  145. Frederick's Queen, Suzan Tisdale
  146. Once Upon a Highland Legend, Tanya Anne Crosby
  147. Highland Steel, Tanya Anne Crosby
  148. The Burning Room, Michael Connelly
  149. Plaid Tidings, Mia Marlowe
  150. Rescued by the Celtic Warrior, Amy Jarecki
  151. Return of the Highland Laird, Amy Jarecki
  152. Beauty and the Barbarian, Amy Jarecki
  153. The Highland Henchman, Amy Jarecki
  154. Captured by the Pirate Laird, Amy Jarecki
  155. Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins
  156. Highland Lover, Hannah Howell
  157. Highland Sinner, Hannah Howell
  158. The Tiger's Lady, Christina Skye
  159. Knight's Caress, Lynette Vinet
  160. Train Station Bride, Holly Bush
  161. McKenna's Honor, Suzan Tisdale
  162. Laiden's Daughter, Suzan Tisdale
  163. Findley's Lass, Suzan Tisdale
  164. Wee William's Woman, Suzan Tisdale
  165. Plaid to the Bone, Mia Marlowe
  166. Highland Savage, Hannah Howell
  167. Through Many Fires, Kyle Pratt

Books I've Read in 2013
  1. The Forgotten, David Baldacci
  2. Cole's Mail Order Bride, Cia Leah
  3. Widow of Larkspur Inn, Lawana Blackwell
  4. The Tracker, Mary Burton
  5. Love Finds You in Wildrose, Tracey Bateman
  6. Love Finds You in Sundance, Miralee Ferrell
  7. The Texas Ranger's Daughter, Jenna Kernan
  8. Where the Wind Blows, Caroline Fyffe
  9. Texas Twilight, Caroline Fyffe
  10. Montana Dawn, Caroline Fyffe
  11. Touching the Sky, Tracie Peterson
  12. Shattered Silence: Men of the Texas Rangers, Margaret Daley
  13. Love Finds You in Groom, Janice Hanna
  14. Mail Order Madness, Kirsten Osbourne
  15. Warrior's Heart, Georgina Gentry
  16. Warrior's Honor, Georgina Gentry
  17. Diablo, Georgina Gentry
  18. Rio, Georgina Gentry
  19. Travis, Georgina Gentry
  20. Colt, Georgina Gentry
  21. Love Finds You in Tombstone, Miralee Ferrell
  22. Safe in His Arms, Colleen Coble
  23. The Heart Answers, Colleen Coble
  24. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, J. K. Rowling
  25. Land of My Heart, Tracie Peterson
  26. The Mail-Order Bride, Daris Howard
  27. The Last Cahill Cowboy, Jenna Kernan
  28. Sea Captain's Promise,Joyce A. Scott
  29. A Bargain Bride, Rebecca De Medeiros
  30. Deadly Misfortune, Dianne Greenlay
  31. Quintspinner, Dianne Greenlay
  32. The Lady and the Cowboy, Catherine Winchester
  33. The Maze, Catherine Coulter
  34. Blowout, Catherine Coulter
  35. Bombshell, Catherine Coulter
  36. Backfire, Catherine Coulter
  37. Split Second, Catherine Coulter
  38. Double Jeopardy, Catherine Coulter
  39. Sea of Monsters, Rick Riordan
  40. The Cove, Catherine Coulter
  41. The King, Steven James
  42. Rosemary Cottage, Colleen Coble
  43. The Last Rogue, Connie Mason
  44. Pirate, Connie Mason
  45. Love's Promise, Cheryl Holt
  46. Love's Price, Cheryl Holt
  47. Love's Peril, Cheryl Holt
  48. The Devil's Horizon, Matt Tomerlin
  49. The Devil's Tide, Matt Tomerlin
  50. The Devil's Fire, Matt Tomerlin
  51. Ship of Dreams, Brenda Hiatt
  52. Pirate's Bride, Lynette Vinet
  53. Tempt the Devil, Connie Mason
  54. Taste of Paradise, Connie Mason
  55. Sweet Piracy, Jennifer Blake
  56. The Captain's Caress, Leigh Greenwood
  57. The Negotiator, Dee Henderson
  58. A Pirate of Her Own, Cynthia Breeding
  59. How to Please a Pirate, Mia Marlowe
  60. Lord of Devil Isle, Mia Marlowe
  61. The Pirate Prince, Connie Mason
  62. A Pirate's Ransom, Gerri Brousseau
  63. Sea Mistress, Nancy Morse
  64. The Wicked One, Danelle Harmon
  65. My Lady Pirate, Danelle Harmon
  66. Pale Moon Rider, Marsha Canham
  67. Bound By the Heart, Marsha Canham
  68. The Wind and the Sea, Marsha Canham
  69. The Following Sea, Marsha Canham
  70. Almost a Bride, Patricia McLinn
  71. A Pirate's Promise, Gabriela Lawson
  72. Jennifer: An O'Malley Love Story, Dee Henderson
  73. The Iron Rose, Marsha Canham
  74. Across a Moonlit Sea, Marsha Canham
  75. Candle in the Darkness, Lynne Austin
  76. Tempest in the White City, Deanne Gist
  77. Captain of My Heart, Danelle Harmon
  78. The Admiral's Heart, Danelle Harmon
  79. Master of My Dreams, Danelle Harmon
  80. Mail Order Mix Up, Kirsten Osbourne
  81. Double Take, Catherine Coulter
  82. Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins
  83. Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins
  84. Tailspin, Catherine Coulter
  85. Unspoken, Dee Henderson
  86. Eleventh Hour, Catherine Coulter
  87. Riptide, Catherine Coulter
  88. Miner's Lady, Tracie Peterson
  89. Forsaken Dreams, MaryLu Tyndall
  90. Mail-Order Husband, Rebecca Tilley
  91. Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card
  92. Point Blank, Catherine Coulter
  93. KnockOut, Catherine Coulter
  94. Whiplash, Catherine Coulter
  95. Twice Dead, Catherine Coulter
  96. Hemlock Bay, Catherine Coulter
  97. Beyond Eden, Catherine Coulter
  98. Blind Side, Catherine Coulter
  99. Quarryman's Bride, Tracie Peterson
  100. Icecutter's Daughter, Tracie Peterson
  101. Deadline, Sandra Brown
  102. Envy, Sandra Brown
  103. The Rivals, Joan Johnston
  104. The Price, Joan Johnston
  105. The Loner, Joan Johnston
  106. The Cowboy, Joan Johnston
  107. The Next Mrs. Blackthorne, Joan Johnston
  108. Shattered, Joan Johnston
  109. A Stranger's Game, Joan Johnston
  110. Wyoming Bride, Joan Johnston
  111. Texas Bride, Joan Johnston
  112. Taken by Storm, Danelle Harmon
  113. The Wild One, Danelle Harmon
  114. The Beloved One, Danelle Harmon
  115. The Defiant One, Danelle Harmon
  116. Maggie's Mistake, Colleen Coble
  117. Rosa's Land, Gilbert Morris
  118. The Texan, Joan Johnston
  119. Frontier Woman, Joan Johnston
  120. A Bitter Creek Christmas, Joan Johnston
  121. Gods of Guilt, Michael Connelly
  122. Texas Woman, Joan Johnston
  123. Comanche Woman, Joan Johnston
  124. Frontier Woman, Joan Johnston
  125. Colter's Wife, Joan Johnston
  126. Hawk's Way, Joan Johnston
  127. A Little Time in Texas, Joan Johnston
  128. A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Joan Johnston
  129. Kid Calhoun, Joan Johnston
  130. Outlaw's Bride, Joan Johnston
  131. Sisters Found, Joan Johnston

Books I've Read in 2012

  1. Leopards Kill, Jim DeFelice
  2. Cowgirl Trail, Susan Page Davis
  3. The Innocent, David Baldacci
  4. Love Forbidden, Kathleen Morgan
  5. Unlikely Wife, Debra Ullrick
  6. Without Options, Trevor Scott
  7. Threat Level Black, Jim DeFelice
  8. Calico Canyon, Mary Connealy
  9. Petticoat Ranch, Mary Connealy
  10. Gingham Mountain, Mary Connealy
  11. Submerged, Dani Pettrey
  12. Revolution, Jennifer Donnelly
  13. Accidental Bride, Denise Hunter
  14. Out of Control, Mary Connealy
  15. In Too Deep, Mary Connealy
  16. Heart's Safe Passage, Laurie Alice Eakes
  17. The Janson Command, Robert Ludlum
  18. Anonymous Bride, Vickie McDonough
  19. Song of My Heart, Kim Vogel Sawyer
  20. When the Smoke Clears, Lynette Eason
  21. Lady Anne's Quest, Susan Page Davis
  22. The Lady's Maid, Susan Page Davis
  23. Chasing the Sun, Tracie Peterson
  24. Crucible of Gold, Naomi Novik
  25. Dawn Comes Early, Margaret Brownley
  26. The Chase, DiAnn Mills
  27. Act of War, Dale Brown
  28. Tall, Dark and Determined, Kelly Eileen Hake
  29. Love Blooms in Winter, Lori Copeland
  30. Pirate Lattitudes, Michael Crichton
  31. Blue Moon Promise, Colleen Coble
  32. Saving Hope, Margaret Daley
  33. Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins
  34. Kill Shot, Vince Flynn
  35. Angle of Investigation, Michael Connelly
  36. All Necessary Force, Brad Taylor
  37. Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins
  38. The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins
  39. Air Battle Force, Dale Brown
  40. Battle Born, Dale Brown
  41. Firethorn, Ronie Kendig
  42. Black Wolf, Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice
  43. Whiplash, Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice
  44. Raven Strike, Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice
  45. Revolution, Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice
  46. Retribution, Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice
  47. End Game, Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice
  48. Satan's Trail, Dale Brown
  49. Strike Zone, Dale Brown
  50. Deep Trouble, Mary Connealy
  51. When Love Comes My Way, Lori Copeland
  52. Veil of Pearls, MaryLu Tyndall
  53. The Bride Wore Blue, Mona Hodgson
  54. Consent to Kill, Vince Flynn
  55. Captive Trail, Susan Page Davis
  56. Lone Star Trail, Darlene Franklin
  57. A Ranger's Trail, Darlene Franklin
  58. Surrender Bay, Denise Hunter
  59. Long Trail Home, Vickie McDonough
  60. End of the Trail, Vickie McDonough
  61. Lethal Legacy, Irene Hannon
  62. Over the Edge, Mary Connealy
  63. A Sound Among the Trees, Susan Meissner
  64. Tidewater Inn, Colleen Coble
  65. Paper Roses, Amanda Cabot
  66. Gone in a Flash, Lynette Eason
  67. Where Leads the Heart, Colleen Coble
  68. Scattered Petals, Amanda Cabot
  69. Tomorrow's Garden, Amanda Cabot
  70. Summer of Promise, Amanda Cabot
  71. Whispers in the Wind, Lauraine Snelling
  72. To Love and To Cherish, Tracie Peterson
  73. Touching the Sky, Tracie Peterson
  74. No Place For a Lady, Maggie Brendan
  75. Montana Rose, Mary Connealy
  76. The Husband Tree, Mary Connealy
  77. Wildflower Bride, Mary Connealy
  78. Jewel of His Heart, Maggie Brendan
  79. Taming the Wind, Tracie Peterson
  80. Cymbeline, William Shakespeare
  81. The Colonel's Mistake, Dan Mayland
  82. Stagecoach Bride, Mary L. Briggs
  83. Full Disclosure, Dee Henderson
  84. Twice Promised, Margaret Brendan
  85. Love of Her Own, Margaret Brendan
  86. Shattered Silence, Margaret Daley
  87. Plains of Promise, Colleen Coble
  88. Her Colorado Man, Cheryl Ludwigs
  89. To Whisper Her Name, Tamera Alexander
  90. Train Station Bride, Holly Bush
  91. Bride by Choice, Mary L. Briggs
  92. The Preacher's Daughter, Cheryl St. John
  93. The Mistaken Widow, Cheryl St. John
  94. Joe's Wife, Cheryl St. John
  95. The Wedding Journey, Cheryl St. John
  96. The Bounty Hunter, Cheryl St. John
  97. Prairie Wife, Cheryl St. John
  98. His Secondhand Wife, Cheryl St. John
  99. Badlands Bride, Cheryl St. John
  100. The Gunslinger's Bride, Cheryl St. John
  101. Sweet Annie, Cheryl St. John
  102. The Tenderfoot Bride, Cheryl St. John
  103. The Lawman's Bride, Cheryl Ludwigs
  104. The Preacher's Outlaw Bride, Mildred Colvin
  105. Her Montana Man, Cheryl St. John
  106. Strong and Stubborn, Kelly Eileen Hake
  107. Arctic Fire, Stephen W. Frey
  108. A Lantern in the Window, Bobby Hutchinson
  109. Love, Suite Love, Colleen Coble
  110. To Love a Stranger, Wyoming Series, Colleen Coble
  111. Unclaimed Bride, Lauri Robinson
  112. Silent Night, A Rock Harbor Christmas, Colleen Coble
  113. A Lady in the Making, Susan Page Davis
  114. The Borrowed Bride, Elizabeth Lane
  115. Tiger's Claw, Dale Brown
  116. Abby, Mail Order Bride, Verna Clay
  117. Collateral Damage, Dale Brown
  118. Homesteader's Sweetheart, Lacy Williams
  119. Black Box, Michael Connelly
  120. Love Finds You in Prince Edward Island, Susan Page Davis
  121. Mail Order Mama, Kirsten Osbourne
  122. Her Wyoming Man, Cheryl St. John
  123. The Last Man, Vince Flynn

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  1. I can not believe... so many...in 7 months???? wow ... You're a big reader!!! Bravo!!!

    1. i do love to read, fifi, it is my break time from everything else :)

  2. Holy crap--you've read all these just this year?? Wow!!

    1. i am a reader for sure - the only one in my family. i have my kindle with me everywhere i go. don't know what i'd do without it :)

  3. Wow, you are quit a reader. I love reading too. Yes, carrying a reader helps for all those times we have to wait.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  4. You MUST read The Book Thief. I read the entire book in one day. Gripping.


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