Friday, August 10, 2012

Love the Beach!

I was looking back through books, getting my artwork ready to head to Rhode Island tomorrow morning, and I came across these two pages in my smash journal. I haven't posted these before. I drew these back at the very beginning - this was one of the first drawings I did using zentangle patterns.
Some of the patterns I used are florz, keeko, shattuck, a variation of diagonals, tidal, and cheesecloth.
The color came from Pitt Artists Pens. This was before I learned about Derwent intense pencils - haha! cause I would have totally used those if I had them then!

And speaking of Rhode Island, I am leaving in the morning. I will be back home next Thursday. I don't know if will be able to post while I'm gone, so if you don't see anything new here for a few days - that is why. I hope to see you here when I get back!

The Creator's Leaf


  1. Beautiful page spread! I love the calligraphy, too. Enjoy your week away. :)

  2. wow... love it!!!!!can fill a page with seagulls and translucent clouds... love it already ;)

    enjoyable holiday!!!!

  3. What a wonderful journal your on Alice...
    I love the palm tree ;D
    Have a wonderful weekend whatever you get up to!


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