Friday, September 7, 2012

Lovin' Me Some Watercolors!

Trying something different this week. Haven't played with my watercolors in awhile, so I figured it was time to make a new project. And I'm listening to Mandisa sing while I type, so if I ramble off into random lyrics please forgive me :).
I began with a 5" x 7" piece of Strathmore Bristol (vellum surface) paper that I cut down from a larger size sheet. I'm just noticing that the cover of the pad this came in says "dry media" - oh, well. I used water and paint, sometimes a fair amount of water, and it worked great! I began by drawing out my bubbled letters, then drawing the box around that. I neglected to take a photo at that point. Sorry, I'm still learning :). Then I brushed around some beautiful green watercolor paint.
Not sure how well you will be able to see this, but I'm showing the photo anyway. I like to plop some drops of color down, let it sit a few seconds, then dab it with a paper towel and hit it with a heat gun. If you look at those darker spots towards the bottom right you can see some of the paper towel texture. I just like the way it looks, gives a little variation, and it looks like I did something awesome!
(Mandisa's singing Broken Hallelujah, which I love! Whistling and singing going on here!) I used a couple different shades of pink - splashing around, holding paper up and tilting - letting small amounts move on the paper. (Dance, Dance, Dance is playing now :D.) After each addition of color I let it sit a few seconds then dry it with a heat gun. It keeps my colors from running together too much - unless I want them to run, then I get the colors the way I want them to be before I dry it.
Once the background was the way I wanted it to be - I moved on to some Derwent Inktense Pencils (I just realized I've been spelling that wrong in some past posts - I need to go fix that.) I used two different shades of purple/mauve to color in some of the banner border and I used the watered down color on my water brush to fill in a shade around the banner box.
Next came coloring in the bubble letters and their aura. Again I used the pencils. I like using them in small, tighter areas over the watercolor paints. Probably doesn't make a real difference but it's more comfortable for me.
Down the right I stamped in some flowers from a Ditto cardmaking stamp and placed some words from an old Disney stamp I've had literally for 8-10 years.
Then I tangled in some little heart balloons and flower thing-a-ma-bobs, cause I don't know what their real name is :). An easy-peasy piece to make. I told Kali I was going to put it in my Etsy store (I have one item in there - hahaha!) and she asked how much I was going to sell it for. So, I'm guessing I'll be making another piece to actually put in the store. Just a guess. 

And just so you won't be left guessing - Mandisa is now singing Voice of a Savior. What a victorious song!  You and I are not that different. We've got a void and we're trying to fill it up, something that'll give just a little peace. All we want is a hand to reach to, open arms that say I love you! We'd give anything to hear, the voice of a savior! I pray you have an incredible day! And thank you so much for taking time to read my ramblings - you are greatly appreciated!

I would like to count this post towards The Artist's Play Room for this week. The challenge was to celebrate our favorite color - that would be "pink for certain!" said the lady with the pink hair. You can check out all the lovely colored artwork at Jenn's place - just click on the box below :).
The Creator's Leaf
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  1. just: LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

    so fresh, so airy , so happy, so... so... so... beautiful


  2. Lovely! Lovely! I so enjoy when people show and explain their process. I should learn to be better at that, myself. This was wonderful to see. Love the old Disney stamp, too. ;)

    1. thanks, rita, this was a fun project

  3. I love to see the process especially as I feel I have so much to learn.
    It's great to see each stage so thank you for sharing.
    The colours are beautiful and I like the sentiment too.
    Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned...enjoy! ;D

    1. neesie - several people have commented that they like to see the steps, so i'm trying to do that on occasion. not that i really know all that much because i don't. i'm just having fun and learning along the way :)

  4. I love the colors in your "LOVE" card, as well as your entertaining music commentaries. I got Scott and Modler's first book, and love it. The new one you mentioned in your previous post is on my wish list, but I'm waiting to get enough stuff in an order to get free shipping. LOL! Have a blessed week!

  5. Visiting from the layers and colors in this piece! It looks like you really enjoyed making it.

  6. love reading your process, I am always so happy to use watercolors in all their forms. I'm envious though, I WANT inktense watercolor pencils!! It seems everyone but me have them. Grrr. Hehehe.
    Beautiful painting. I'm all up for love.

  7. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment about my blog. Makes me feel good!! Love is all you need is the first thing I thought of when I saw your work on this post and hey, that's a good feeling. Have the song now humming in my head. Reminds me of the movie Michael -- when John Travota played an angel and sang that song on a road trip to Chicago. LOL

  8. Beautiful and cheery piece, Alice! I enjoyed reading about your process hearing how other artists apply their craft.

  9. Oh that is the whole process as you explain it so vividly!

  10. I love this piece and all the descriptions(and ramblings) along the way showing "How To". I laughed out loud when you said "and it looks like I did something awesome."!

  11. I love this, the colours are so vibrant especially that pink. Thanks for the how to, it's very informative and fun as I'm still learning water colours.

  12. I especially like your background - my college room was pink and green and it was such a safe haven in stressful times! The little finishing details are very cute and adds beautiful interest:-)


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