Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Treasured Tangles

Our local home school support group has a 4-H club called Treasure Seekers. Last year I taught a photography high school credit class at their co-op. This year I am teaching a Zentangle® project during their 4-H time. I set up a facebook page for them called Treasured Tangles. Above is the cover photo I made for their page. 
I started with a blank piece of watercolor paper and used a clear Sakura Glaze pen to tangle some scrolls and to write out the name.  I had to do this twice, the first time I wrote too fast and didn't allow the pen time to lay down enough color. So, if you do this project - write slowly, allowing the glaze pen to put down a good line of ink.
As the ink dries, the lines will start to stand out a little more visibly.
I used a wide paintbrush to wet the paper. Then I used a basic kid's watercolor paint set and swiped some color around the block. You can see there are some spots where the color is really heavy and wet - a result of probably too much water.
To tone that heaviness down a bit, I spritzed some rubbing alcohol over the area.This lightened the color up some, but also made some of the puddles of color bigger. I let it sit for a few minutes,
then I used a paper towel and blotted some of the really wet spots. Here you can really start to see the scrolls and the lettering begin to stand out.
As the paint continued to dry, the colors began to pop and the wording really stood out. This technique is what you would call a resist with a watercolor wash.
Treasure Seekers had their first zentangle class this morning. A total of 14 - which included two moms. These are their tile. A couple students came in half-way through the class and didn't quite get their tile finished. They all did a great job! It amazes me how quiet it gets when everyone starts drawing.

Our facebook page is called Treasured Tangles. The 4-Hers will be posting their artwork there during this school year. If you feel so inclined, please stop by and leave some encouraging and helpful comments on their work. I think you will be impressed!

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  1. i love to work with kids...
    children give me good energy ;)

    good luck to you!!!

  2. Lovely cover page! Looks like everybody enjoyed the class. :)


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