Saturday, February 2, 2013

One Zentangle a Day

CZT Beckah Krahula wrote this incredible 6-week course based around creating a zentangle every day while you learn the basics, the theory, and the structure behind the art of Zentangle. Another CZT, Cris Letourneau, is sponsoring a Virtual Book Club on her blog Tangled Up In Art. A bunch of us CZTs are working through the book together, honing our skills.
Yesterday was Day 1, Week 1. I picked up a 5.5" square Hand Journal from Dick Blick and that's what I'm using for this course. Each day I am going to sketch out the steps to the tangles that are taught, make whatever notes I need to, and complete the daily tile.
Here's my day 2 tile, just using the tangles from day one and two. If you haven't seen Beckah's book you should pick up a copy and work through it with us. You can check out our work on Cris's blog here. This should be a fun course! Thanks for hosting us, Cris!
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