Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hotel Tangling

 Kali and I have been out of town for a couple days. Hotels are always fun for me. I have free time to draw with no interruptions. That makes me happy. On this trip I was able to complete 2 days in the One Zentangle a Day book. This was day four. We worked on shattuck, nipa, and jonqual. I had always drawn shattuck with curved lines before, so I really like the way the shattuck with the straight lines turned out. Above I used shattuck by itself in the upper left section. Then I blended shattuck with nipa in that lower left and upper right areas. Down the right side I mixed shattuck with a bit of static. Fun!
I'm still working on Day Five, this is what I have so far. Our patterns were isochor and printemps. I had never tried isochor before, it subtly reminds me of striping. Sparkles were introduced. My tile above shows the new patterns and the sparkles, and I threw in some stipple shading.
This is the real reason we were out of town. Disney's Beauty and the Beast was very good. Kali and I were a bit disappointed with the scenery/props. After being blown away by Mary Poppins a couple weeks ago, I was disappointed to see that they really didn't do much with the set other than curtains here and there. Oh well, I guess we are spoiled. We did enjoy the show itself, though. Then we went out for donuts from Krispy Kreme and then back to the hotel. That's a whole other story all in itself. We were two girls on a floor filled with construction workers. Made for an interesting night.

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  1. Do you two ever stay home? LOL! Krispy Kreme!! Yum!!


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