Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Perfect Size

Yesterday I went to Jacksonville to take my mom to the doctor. On the way home, I was able to stop at Office Depot - one of my favorite stores :). Yes, that is a bit strange, I understand.
But, I just love going there - alone - so I can walk up and down every single aisle, and look at every item in the store. Yesterday I found this little treasure! I have a matching mail sorting box - I use it to keep my Tangle a Day calendar in, along with my One Zentangle a Day workbook and journal, my CZT field book, my Tangle Keeper from Genevieve Crabe, and a ziploc bag full of watercolored tiles for later. Now I have this little post-it note box that is the perfect size for keeping a stack of tiles on hand and ready. There's a half inch wiggle space, so I put a couple black tiles on one side, and a couple ATC tiles in the back. All close at hand. Yay!!!! Yay for Office Depot and awesome deals!

The Creator's Leaf

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