Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Missing U Tile Swap

Many of the CZTs are preparing to go to Tangle University, 2013, soon. For those of us not able to participate this year, we decided to share an ensemble swap called Missing U. 
We were given this string - I show it upside down here to match my tiles. The string is comprised of capital letters M and U - for Missing U. The string spreads out over four zentangle tiles.
I began by transferring the string to my tiles. I attached the tiles together on the back side with blue painter's tape. (Note to self: don't do this next time. The tape was a bear to remove.) Then I started laying down tangles.
From there my tiles just sort of took on a life of their own. One section that started out as crescent moon actually turned into a new tangle that I'm calling 8ball. (I need to play with it some more, but I like it so far.) We are all mailing our completed tile sets to Denise, who will in turn mix and match and send us back four tiles - probably from four totally different sets. I can't wait!
Missing U. Maybe next year I can show you a post about me attending Tangle University, 2014. 
The Creator's Leaf


  1. This looks absolutely fascinating. What a super idea for a string too.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. I don´t understand how you make this! Must take hours and hours! It´s beautyful!


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