Saturday, May 11, 2013

There Be Dragons

Recently I pulled out the tangle called dragonair and started working on it. Norma Burnell is the Queen of Dragons and Fairies and she designed this tangle. I have admired it for quite awhile, but have had some difficulty getting it to look right. I decided I was going to stick with it till I figured it out. I've been out of town the past two weeks helping my daughter move almost 800 miles away for school. During the day we set up her apartment and ran errands. At night I had time to draw a bit. I drew this on Strathmore Grey. Sporting a small amount of battle armor, I really like the way he turned out. I'm not going to be giving Norma a run for her money, but I have finally figured out the dragonair pattern, and for that I am happy!
The Creator's Leaf

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