Friday, July 5, 2013

Monochromatic, APR #64

The Artist's Play Room challenge this week was monochromatics. Any color - our choice - in variations from light to dark. This is what I made today.
I haven't done a tutorial in awhile, so here are the steps I followed to make my monochromatic offering this week. I started out with a sheet of 9" x 12" Strathmore Bristol smooth surface, 100 lb. paper. I also used Dylusions Ink Sprays in Funky Fuchsia, Bubblegum Pink, and a mix of White Linen with 8 drops of Bubblegum Pink. 
To get started, I took a Ranger spritz water bottle and misted the paper lightly.
While the water was still damp, I spritzed the three colors of ink spray onto various sections of the paper. To get the feathered effect I got with the pink section to the right, I held my ink spray bottle to the side of the paper and spritzed it across the paper instead of straight on to the paper. As the ink hit the page, it feathered and spread in the water. 
Let the ink sit in the water for 10-15 seconds, and you will notice the colors start to blend and spread. 
You can keep adding color as you need to. If you have white spaces that could use a little help, spritz more water onto those white areas and watch the colors start to spread even more.
If you get too much water buildup, roll a section of paper towels back and forth across your page. This will blot up excess water and color. It may also lay down some awesome texture, depending on what your paper towels look it.
Here is a closeup of some of the details.
Keep working the water, ink, and paper towels until you get the effect you want.
More detail. If you want to hurry up the drying process, feel free to use a heat gun.
Wanting to incorporate other elements into my monochromatic theme, I used some stencils from, a couple daubers, and some Memento ink pads. I placed the stencil where I wanted it to be on my layout, held it in place with my hand, and then dabbed stamp pad ink (rose bud) onto the stencil flowers.
I wanted my flowers to have some depth, so I used a wild plum Memento ink pad and a smaller dauber, dabbing darker ink around the lower portions of the petals. I used another Joggles stencil to make the sun.
Once I got my inks the way I wanted them, I heat set them with a heat gun. I don't know that this is absolutely necessary, but I am used to doing it.
Next I used this cool little supply that came in the mail last week. Punchanella, I got it from the Paper Studio. It is the remnant leftovers from sequins. Pretty awesome! I laid it in place across a lower corner and used the wild plum ink to dab some wonderful dots across my page.
I love the way it looks! And it is so easy to do!
This is what I had up to this point.
I also used a stamp at the lower left corner to add a sentiment. Adding linework was a lot of fun! Patterns I used included: grass border, tidal, leau, printemps, phicops, mooka, fescu, and dandelions. I added a few butterflies via stamps and was done. I love the bright colors! This was so easy, anyone could make it. You don't have to use the ink sprays if you don't already own them. (Although, if you ever try them you won't want to use any other ink.) Ranger color wash sprays would work and most Michael's carry them. You could do something similar with watercolors also. 

If you have a minute, head on over to Jenn McLean's page Just Add Water, Silly and check out everyone's artwork for this week's challenge. You could even add some of your own!
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  1. Whoa... its beautiful ! loved that pink

    1. thank you! i love bright colors :)

  2. Wow, this pink is really popping at my eyes! Great that you made a tutorial of the process! Thanks for sharing and thank you for visiting my page!
    Gabriele visiting from APR

    1. hahaha! i hope that's a good thing - popping, i love brightness!

  3. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. I.Love.This. I love every little thing about it!! So pretty--and now...I must buys really never ends, does it?? Hahaha! Beautiful, Alice!!

    1. no, it never ends. but i am starting to try to figure out what supplies i already have that will work.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial - now I've got an idea for using my Distress Stains which are languishing in a drawer. I love the lifework with this & how you didn't detract from the overall composition you had but used the linework (autocorrect keeps insisting LIFEWORK haha) to enhance what was already there.
    Paula (PEP)

    1. distress stains definitely work this way, too. i've used them before, they don't spread as much as these do, though. sometimes you can use rubbing alcohol and get similar results

  6. This is absolutely beautiful - my favourite colours and I love your design.

  7. Amaising! Thank You this tutorial post. It was interesting to see the prosess.
    It was good idea to use tangles in the end.

    You have wonderful blog, I've lookt it for many times.
    Thank You and greetings from Finland :-)


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