Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lovely Art in the Mail

 Recently I've made several posts showing you some post cards I've been drawing. Some of the CZTs have been involved in a post card swap. We get a list of addresses for the people signed up and we send them a post card we have tangled up. When I got home from Kali's last night and started going through all the mail that had arrived while I was gone, I was excited to see so many beautiful pieces of art. 

I did not draw any of the pictures in this post. Each artist's name is shown clearly on the photo. I love the colors Sharon used in the above card. The depth is attained by her excellent use of shading and blocking. Beautiful work, Sharon!
Deby got some great dimension in this drawing! Again - from shading and in this case - hatch marks. Well, at least half of a hatch mark. I have always loved Margaret Bremner's tangle pattern called Copada. It's the one that is in color. It just adds a touch of class to everything it is matched up with.
I wish you could hold this card in your hand and extend it to arm's length! The background design looks so real, and the swirl out front fairly pops off the card! Cathy did an incredible job with this one!
Deb told me that this reminded her of the ocean, which reminded her of me :). I love the blues and I really can get the feel for the waves rolling in. Such fun!
I just realized I have art from three Deb/Deby's. Haha! What really draws my eye to this ATC is the bright colors and the lollipop trees. Or flowers. The pink swirls in the background remind me of the clouds. A sort of cotton candy kind of day. I love it, Deb!
This post card from Mildred is really fun. As a photographer, I recognize the technique of off-centering. To make art - whether photo or drawing - interesting and eye-appealing, offset the primary focus a bit. This mandala is a wonderful example of that. It makes Mildred's drawing even more appealing than if she had centered the mandala. Again, her shading makes the drawing stand out. So beautiful!
What a fun ATC! Teri-Lee did an amazing job! I mentioned on facebook that the little cotton puffy flowers in the center remind me of the cotton fields I see as I travel through the Carolinas and Georgia. Memories of childhood! I love it!
Vickie picked a couple of tangles that worked so well together. The gingham background really makes the circle swirls stand out.  They look embroidered in real life. What an awesome and unique card!

I had a great mail haul! I should leave town again :). One comment that I made several times was that shading made the difference in these drawings. Attention to shading is how the picture gains that 3-D look. That naturalness. And it is what makes your tile, your post card, your ATC stand out from everyone else's. 

Thanks, ladies, for some beautiful art!

The Creator's Leaf


  1. I feel honored to be posted on your blog! I am glad you like my card. I love the backdrop you have for your blog with the bricks and leaves. Very beautiful!

    1. thank you, deby, your art work is beautiful! and i'm so proud of my postcard you sent me :)

      thanks for commenting on my blog setup. my dear friend Cynthia Garner with Cottage Remnants set it all up for me. and she used my own art pieces to make everything you see on the page - even the background. the leaves and bricks at the top were from a tile i drew for Linda Farmer's string challenge. blox is one of my own patterns, the step-out is in My Patterns which you can find at the top of the page.

      here's a link to cindy's page:


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