Friday, September 6, 2013

Bault - New Tangle from Erin Olson

One of our CZTs - Erin Olson - sponsors the weekly Zendala Dare. She is so creative and for the past couple days Erin has been busy posting new tangles she has created. Here is her pattern bault:
I like organic tangles and thought this one would work great with the garden drawings I like to make. So, I pulled out my zentangle sketchbook that I got at CZT training and started playing with bault. 
This tangle came a little quicker to me than the last one Erin posted. 
For me, the pattern works best when I made the first two petals touch each other at the base point before I moved on.
This was the first thing I drew with bault. I centered it and added diva dance waltz under it. Since I'm using it as one of the ATCs for the fall swap, I added some leaves into the waltz lines.
This looks much better in person, but I'm posting it anyway. I added some fall colors and reworked some pen lines that got covered over in watercolors.
When I was getting the pictures ready for this post, I noticed this laughing face in the drawing. I guess he was enjoying the diva dance just a little too much! Hahaha!
Then I moved on to this and did something I've never done before. I added color in my original CZT sketchbook that I got at training. I defaced my book with color :) and I'm smiling about it. I love color! I wouldn't necessarily recommend it very often, though, the paper didn't accept the watercolor pencils all that well. But, I do like how it turned out :) Thank you, Erin, for another cool pattern. My daughter thought it was mine, but I gave you full credit Erin. Got to say Kali was a little disappointed, haha! OK, I've caught up on sleep and I have coffee now. Fire away, Erin, I'm ready for another one!
The Creator's Leaf


  1. You seem like you are on a role. Your Bault turned out beautiful, love the colors. I need to get started, been down with a nasty cold all week, today I feel much better.

    1. Glad you're feeling better. I hate having a cold, it's so miserable. I'm trying to stay ahead of things and not get too far behind haha!

  2. Hi Alice, The variations you've included with the Bault pattern are really super. I can see a drawing of these in a meadow, among hills and valleys and Starlings swooping above them in the sky.

    1. I can, too, marguerite, any day now :)


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