Monday, November 25, 2013

Guest Artist Nancy Wigley

Today I want to share some artistic backgrounds from Nancy Wigley. Nancy is a Facebook friend I met through my The Creator's Leaf page. She has been following my artisitic endeavors for a while now, which led to Nancy giving the inks and sprays a try out of her own. 

To make this beautiful blue background you see above, Nancy used Dylusions Ink Spray's London Blue on 100 lb. Strathmore Bristol Board. She first sprayed water onto the board, then spritzed the London Blue on top. Then Nancy added more water, finding that she could use the water to manipulate where the color went. (In the process, she also sprayed her fingers blue, as well as a box sitting on her work surface.)  To get the cool designs you see, Nancy placed a stencil over the wet surface, and spritzed more London Blue through the stencil.  I love the way it turned out! This one is my favorite!
For this one, Nancy used Dylusions Ink Sprays Fresh Lime and Pure Sunshine (two of my favorites!) Using the same paper, Nancy sprayed the inks onto a dry board, then used water to move the colors around. She blotted the excess water with kleenex, then spritzed ink onto a stamp and stamped images onto the wet paper. I really like the way this one turned out also!
This one is Nancy's favorite! She used the same paper, Dylusions Ink Spray Postbox Red, and Heidi Swapp's Mint Green Color Shine Spray. Again, she layed down the color first, then moved it with water, blotting with a kleenex. That green color shine spray has some fantastic sparkle in it, that unfortunately does not typically photograph. 

Nancy offers a tip of taping down your watercolor paper to your work surface. Leaving it taped down until the paper dries helps minimize paper warping. 

Nancy, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful backgrounds! These inks are so much fun to work with, and you got some really super results! I can not wait to see what you use these for!
The Creator's Leaf


  1. Gorgeous backgrounds! Thank you for detailing the process. I am not familiar with the color shine spray, but there is definitely visible sparkle!

  2. The last one is my favourite too - I can see hints of sparkle so imagine this would be amazing in reality. Thank you for the detailed description too.
    Paula (PEP)


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