Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Making Backgrounds
Today I wanted to take a break from tangling and just start some backgrounds. I had some new product I wanted to try out, so that's what I did. What you see above is a spread in my art journal. The background is complete and ready for me to start adding either journaling, ephemera, pictures, or tangles. That would be a decision for another day. Today was all about playing with colors and trying this new ink spray.
Here is what I used. The pages in this Dylusions Creative Journal are 8" x 5". I love the larger size Dylusions Journal. This smaller version I am a bit disappointed in. It doesn't hold up to wet media as well as its larger version.
For color, I tried these new (to me) Heidi Swapp Color Shine sprays. I remember Heidi from my old scrapbook days. Based on the name alone, I bought these three bottles of color.
Here is my process. Open your journal up to a clean spread. I like to place a couple sheets of computer paper/scrap paper under the flaps to protect my work surface from ink. Any time I work with inks or sprays, I cover my work surface with a craft sheet from Ranger. It's a surface that wipes clean every time, no matter what product you use. I have also at times just covered my table with butcher paper. That works well, too.
For color I used amethyst, teal, and pink. I spritzed the colors onto dry paper and let it sit and dry for a moment. I notice my amethyst looks blotchy in the top left hand corner. I had some problems with the spray coming out of the bottle in a big blob at first. Lesson learned. Practice on scrap first. The other two bottles worked great!
Next I used these cool masks from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. I placed the mask down on one corner and spritzed color over it.
When I lifted the mask, this is what I had. Of course there was ink on the face of the mask. I don't like to waste product, so I flipped the mask over and placed it down on the adjacent page, pressed down so the ink would adhere to the page, and lifted the mask away.
This is how it turned out. Spritzing over the mask above, gives softer focus. Flipping the mask over and pressing the ink straight onto the page in the shape of the flower gives more texture.
I did the same thing here with a star mask . . .
. . . then flipped the mask over and pressed it down onto the middle of the left page. This is what my two pages looked like at that point.
To finish it out, I used a couple stamps and placed some random images. This is what I ended up with today. 

I have to say again I was disappointed with this particular journal. The colors bled right through to the back side of the pages, rendering those pages useless for light colors - without a coating of gesso. 

The inks are not what I am used to, but I think I like them. They are more subtle than the Dylusions Ink Sprays. What they lack in brightness, they make up for with loads of glitz and glamour. Shiney and fantastic! 

Now I plan on going back in with my microns and copics and tangling some awesomeness onto these two pages. I'll show those to you soon!

The Creator's Leaf


  1. I think your pages are beautiful. You'll probably can make something beautiful of the backsides too? :-) A lot of opportunities to go ;-)

  2. Have you seen this It may not be suitable but just a thought. Thanks for the info re the paper too - very strange & that certainly put me off purchasing it. Love your use of the little masks too.
    Paula (PEP)


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