Sunday, November 10, 2013

One Step At a Time, APR #83

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This coming week's challenge at the Artist's Play Room is sea shells. Jenn lives up north where it's cold and freezing and possibly covered in snow, so it is no wonder she's thinking about warm waters, soft ocean breezes, and beautiful sea shells. And I haven't participated in awhile, so I thought I'd just jump right in!
Here are a couple sea shells I've been working on this past week. For those of you new to the art - this is Zentangle®. Creating beautiful pieces of art by drawing a series of structured lines. Just relaxing and enjoying yourself, letting the worries and stress of the day take a back seat for a bit. In the above two photos, the seashell spiral takes center stage to a plethora of flowers and other boardwalk/beach kind of items. These shells were super easy to draw and literally only took a few minutes to make. The longest past was coloring in the dark areas!
My last couple posts have shown you bits and pieces of this 11" x 14" tangle I am working on. It has taken me longer than usual to complete the drawing due to a lot going on in my personal life this past week. I finally finished most of the drawing last night and have started adding a bit of blue.
This piece will eventually be cut down into 16 ATC pieces for a swap I am part of. The swap theme is Black and White with One Color Accent. The last sheet I did had pink as the accent. I went to blues for this one and I'm just getting started with the color. Thought I'd show you a preview - mainly because I haven't posted in a couple days and I didn't want you to think I had dropped off the face of the planet.
Here is a look at the entire piece - with just some beginning pops of color. I will post another photo when I'm finished with the accent color.

Please take a minute to visit Jenn's blog here, where the week's challenge is posted. You have an entire week to artfully craft your interpretation of the sea shell - in any art medium you desire - and post a link to your work. I know Jenn would love to see you there! (And I love the name of her blog - Just Add Water, Silly! 
I have a new art journal ordered, waiting for it to arrive so I can start on a more cohesive project. Stay tuned :) .
The Creator's Leaf


  1. LIke the blue added - look forward to seeing the whole completed. It looks quite amazing in pure black & white. You take care - have had you on my mind a fair bit so glad to see this post.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Wonderful work. I don't think I've seen this style in such a large size before.


    1. darla- these large sizes are something new for me and i'm having a blast drawing them!


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