Thursday, August 28, 2014

Simple Watercolor Flowers

Let me just say this, if I can do it so can you!
A couple weeks ago I was getting ready to go on a road trip.
I knew I couldn't take a lot of art supplies,
so I decided to prep a watercolor page before I left.
What you see above is all the prep I did.
I took a decent size paint brush and spread some
generic flower shapes onto a piece of
watercolor paper using my Grumbacher watercolor pans.
 Not a lot of attention to detail.
Just got some color slapped onto the page with
the focus being a couple flowers and what could pass
for a sunny area.
Next I started adding some lines.
I drew around the petals and stamin of the main flower,
and detailed the stem.
I outlined the petals of the flower bud,
and started turning those orange arms into something -
maybe some aloe, or cactus arms.
I finished the cactus-aloe-octopus arms,
and detailed the green leaves.
The flower bud didn't really have any way to
anchor it to the rest of the picture,
so I added a stem leading up to it.
Did a little more details on that stem and those leaves.
Then I started filling in a sun. 
Basic flower design for the sun - 
a center and some petals.
That makes an awesome and easy sun.
I completed the sun with some loose 'nzeppel tangles, 
and some rays in those petals.

And I was done. 
Seriously, the drying of the watercolor paint
almost took longer than the drawing.

All in all I have probably 15 minutes 
worth of work in this drawing.
Simple and direct.
Sweet and easy.
The clock is running.


  1. Fabulous!! You continue to amaze!! Will try this....but your "slapping color on a page" looks a ton better than mine will!!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. hahahaha! you may surprise yourself :) have fun! and thanks for the comment - it made my day!


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