Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mermaid Journal

Got my journal cut out and sewn together today. And looking at this photo, I see that I need to take it apart and resew it. This time in the correct order. That would be a tail you see right behind that cover. It is supposed to be a place for a mermaid face to peek out. Oops! But I am going to post these photos anyway. Cause I already took them :).
A closer look at the pages.
This seahorse is one of my favorite parts so far. And the glimmery, shimmery, oceany look in these paints. Studio acrylics from PeBeo, the iridescent colors. I actually used a gold, a teal, and a green on this page and scraped them across with an old Disney World room key card.
Here is the reverse side of that seahorse page. You can see (almost) the full mermaid here. Or at least what will be a mermaid when I get to that part of the class. 
Hopefully this octopus will make some awesome hair for one mermaid. I have to tell you I've never done anything like this journal before. I have done a couple of Jane's classes (not Teesha's) and Jane really explains things well, so I have great expectations for my little mermaid circus book!
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  1. Replies
    1. i need to get back to this. i made one mermaid and then got lost in other projects

  2. This is wonderful, the colours are so exceptionally beautiful!

    1. thanks! it was fun to make, i just need to get back to work in this book. i have a lot of mermaids swimming around in my brain


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