Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Arukas Take One

So. Kali and Mark are still driving - 
their third day in the U-Haul truck.
Currently they are are somewhere in Oklahoma,
and yes, I do want to start singing the stage song
O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A every time I say that.

I have been trying to draw,
not always easy for me to do when I'm sad.
I got to spend most of yesterday with
Jason, Bobbie, and the Frankles
and that was a huge help to me.

Last night I gave my first try to this tangle
called Arukas. What fun!
I'm happy with the end results for my initial try.
Yesterday, Kali texted me this shot of Sable -
being all cute and stuff. 
This is the longest car ride she's ever been on!
Looks like Sable travels well!
The plan is to arrive late afternoon.
We have truck unloaders scheduled at 5:00.
And Kali starts her new wonderful job
at 5:00 AM tomorrow.
Hopefully she will be able to wake up and 
get there on time. 

(I am seeing now that the video doesn't open,
and you don't get to see how cute Sable is.
Sorry. I am going to leave it here anyway.
Cause it's my blog and I can. :) )

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