Sunday, November 2, 2014

Punzel on Square One

On Facebook there is a page called:
Square One: Purely Zentangle®.
The thought behind Square One is just that -
going back to square one.
Using a 3 1/2" square tile, a micron, and a pencil,
the tools we learned with, 
we go back to square one and tangle.

This week's prompt is chainging
or punzel if we felt really creative. 
Hahaha! This is a challenging - but gorgeous - tangle.
Reading the description told me that punzel
was so named because it reminded
Rick and Maria of Rapunzel's braid.
Happy stuff!
You can watch Maria draw these here.
Why don't you give chainging or punzel a try?
I'd love to see what you draw!
The Creator's Leaf

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