Saturday, January 24, 2015

Daily Twinchies, Week Three

Week three was completed on time,
I just didn't get it posted till now.
I'm getting this down to a bit of a routine.
Late at night I draw a twinchie,
drink my Sobe Life Water,
and watch either Merlin or Once Upon a Time.

For me the hardest part is figuring out what
to draw on something so small.
Hopefully this will become second nature
before long.
My studio assistant had to give up her cart.
Previously I had all these different types of
paints and inks stored in boxes.
I've noticed I'm doing more color recently -
I know that's hard to believe, hehehe -
so this cart will make it easier to grab what
I'm looking for.
And it's on wheels so I can hide relocate it
when the Frankles comes over.
I'm such a mean Grammy.

(For anyone interested - the cart came from IKEA. The brand is Raskog, it's called a utility cart.
$49.99, unless you catch it on sale.)

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