Friday, January 2, 2015

Opus #2

Over the past couple weeks I have posted bits and pieces of this artwork on facebook and instagram with the promise of a blog post to follow. Well, here it is.
Zentangle recently came out with some new tiles they call the Opus. It is a 10.5" square tile of 100% cotton, fine artists paper. I enjoyed drawing on the larger tile, but won't be carrying them in my store for two reasons:

  1. At $22.00 for five tiles, I don't feel they are cost effective, and
  2. I haven't figured out any easy way to ship them, while keeping the shipping cost low, and have them packaged safely to prevent bends and creases. 
However, I did purchase some to play with. I posted the first Opus tile I made here. Well, shoot. Apparently I haven't blogged that yet. Well, here it is anyway. Shoot! I can't even find a picture of it. I guess I'll have to blog that another time. I have too much going on in my life. I'd like to be bored for awhile.
Moving right along. The first Opus tile I did - the one I can't show you right now - was done with microns alone. For this second tile I wanted to see how the tile held up to wet media. I used my peerless watercolors and a water brush. In case you aren't familiar with peerless, they are sheets of paper with concentrated color on one side. You dip your water brush onto the paper and it picks up the color that you then paint with. So, ultimately not a lot of wet on your paper and they are easily portable.
While the color looks amazing - peerless are bright and wonderful - the tile itself didn't hold up all that well. I had a lot of pilling and abrasion on the paper, even though there wasn't a lot of water. I just kept filling in bits of color till the entire tile was covered.
When the tile was totally dry, I gently brushed as much of the pilling off with my fingertips as I could and . . . 
. . . began to tangle. I filled in large spaces of colors with a couple different tangles.
Then I went back in the open areas and started filling in with a new pattern called Arukas.
Interesting story. Arukas is easy and fun, but I was really concentrating hard filling in those areas. Making them carry over under tangles and connect on the other sides. I concentrated so hard that I had a blood vessel in my left eye hemorrhage and cause lots of pain and ugliness. At that point I decided to call this tile completed. Ta-da! Opus #2 done. 

My eye is better. All healed up now. It did look quite nasty for about a week. Still doing eye drops for it, but the white part of the eye is no longer the color of that hidden Mickey up there anymore. 

So there you go. Blogpost done and hitting 'publish.' Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Glad your eye is better. I, too, found the hidden Mickey. Thank you for your review regarding applying wet color to the canvas. Your ZIA is great. Happy new year.

  2. A striking piece, the color looks delicious.

  3. Your posts always make me smile - glad the eye is healing. Interesting to hear about the pilling resulting from the use of water, very frustrating & I'd think the resultant surface difficult for the Micron tips.
    I can understand your reasoning about stocking the Opus tiles - that would be mine too!
    I too found your hiding Mickey & was mesmerised by all your weaving.
    Paula (PEP)

  4. This is gorgeous! I have yet to work with much colour in my ZIA projects but am really liking doing the background first then doodling over it! Glad your eye is better. I definitely understand how that happened . . . it's so addictive!

  5. We are "color" sisters in heart... I too love the bright, vibrant colors that you use bi am addicted to Dylusions!! So fun! I haven't gotten around to Peerless yet, however. Keep creating!! (Glad you're healed!)

  6. Alice this piece is just Gorgeous!!! You have such talent! Sorry about your eye, but glad it is better now.
    Thanks for your inspirations!!!

  7. Alice this is a stunning piece. Sorry to hear about your eye. Glad it is feeling better.

  8. Alice I love it. The colors are striking and you did an excellent job with the various tangles and placement.


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