Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Diva's Bi-Zen-Tennial Celebration!

Laura Harms hosts the Diva Challenge each week.
This is her 200th offering.
Each week Laura posts a prompt, 
a tangle, an idea, an event - 
something specific for us to tangle and share.
Wow! Getting brave here!
This was my drawing the very first time I participated.
I'd been tangling for a couple weeks
and this was the first drawing I ever posted online.
It was April 18, 2012, her 66th challenge.
(I've learned a bit since then.)
The challenge was to use auras.
Jump forward to almost three years later . . .
. . . and this week's challenge is to use our
bread and butter tangle, the one we turn to most often,
and draw a monotangle using it.
All the way to the edges. No frame.
And to have the number '200' on the tile somewhere.

Basically what that means is to use only one pattern
and make it go all the way out to the sides.
I chose to use TootsieMoon, which is one of my own patterns.
I showed it in both the positive and negative formats.

Thanks, Laura, for 200 awesome challenges!
Happy Bi-Zen-Tennial, y'all!


  1. I love it ! And I love Tootsie Moon!

  2. TootsieMoon is so fun to draw - have been having my own fun with it since you first released it. It's also a great one to teach - thanks

    1. oh! i'm so glad to hear you are teaching TootsieMoon. there could be no greater compliment :)

  3. We both started about the same time in 2012. I like what you are showing and yes, we learned a lot since then.

    1. hahaha! it's been a fun journey :)


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