Monday, January 19, 2015

Tibetan Teal Starburst

This was a fun tile.
Primarily I made this one to see how the ink spray would turn out.
I used Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst spray.
The color is Tibetan Poppy Teal.
These starburst sprays are so much fun - 
you get the main color, and you also get a hint of another.
Here you have the teal, with a hint of blush.
Tangles are rock n' roll, a partial TootsieMoon, 
and cheesecloth. I really love cheesecloth.

It's been a busy day here - 
organizing, re-arranging.
Pretty soon I won't be able to find anything.
Except Aurora. She will be hiding right here:
I told Mark we could turn this into a kitty condo.
Lower level - litter box.
Middle level - bed.
Upper level - food and water. 
I love my kitty,
but this is so going to be full of paint come tomorrow!

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