Thursday, February 19, 2015

Garlic and Joey

I've been playing with this shape a lot lately.
(I'm so cold I'm having trouble typing.
Back space, correct, go forward, repeat.)
Playing with different ways to fill this shape -
that totally looks like a bulb of garlic to me,
for some reason.
That background is a 5" x 7" pull from a gelli plate.
Joey's Challenge this week was called 
The Polka Dot Tangle.
Randomly drawn circles, 
each filled with a different tangle.
It's really good practice for quick tangles.
For this 5" x 7" piece, I used my new 
Prima Color Bloom Spray Mists.
I've used them before and my pens worked great over the color, but for some reason this time
my pens did not work so great. 
I used a sharpie fine point and had
trouble filling in the dark areas.
I tried shading, but the color wouldn't hold
the graphite. So. Here it is.
Unshaded but that's ok.
To participate in Joey's Challenge,
just go here and check it out. 


  1. Wonderful piece (I think I like the dandelion looking pattern the best).

    1. thanks, lori, i tend to use that one a lot :)

  2. I like how you tied the circles together with the partial borders!

    1. thanks, this was a hard challenge for me

  3. Alice, I really like your work! Not just the polka dot, but while I was here, I looked around a bit. Beautiful art!

    1. thank you so much, i appreciate that :)

  4. I like the infill's between the circles which gives the appearance of auras, I had to look again to see what was going on.
    Paula (PEP)

    1. this circle thing really had me stumped. i'm glad you noticed the way i tried to tie it all together. that means it worked :)


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