Saturday, February 14, 2015

Week 5 of the Daily Twinchies

I knew when I started this 
'one-twinchie-a-day' thing,
that I would eventually fall behind.
There is just so many other things I could
be doing with my life
Yet, I think it's important to stick with
trying to draw one twinchie a day when I can,
because it keeps my hand in the game.
It keeps my brain engaged in the tangle world.
So many times I would rather play with color
and inks
and paints
and pastels
and watercolors -
well, you get the idea.
Making myself tangle black on white is something
I have to intentionally make myself do.
I know as a Certified Zentangle Teacher
I should probably spend more time in 
the traditional tangling method
and this one twinchie a day thing is how
I am accomplishing that.
Week Five and just a week or so behind schedule.
Not bad for me, actually.
Then I had that whole shade-or-not-shade
conversation. So I am showing you both versions.
I just titled this jpg 'compare'. Pretty much covers it.
Until next week.

And Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I like them shaded, a little late is fine as long the others are little and lovely

  2. It's a super way to keep your hand in. You can still make the missing days up so don't despair, that's pretty impressive with 5 weeks of tiles done. Thanks for the shading/non-shading comparison too, it does make a difference doesn't it?
    Paula (PEP)

  3. Definitely like the shading better, but they are all beautiful. This is such a great idea and one that is attainable. I just might attempt doing some twinchies myself......Linda E.


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