Friday, May 8, 2015

4Mom, Jane Eileen's New Tangle

 Here is a pretty cool new tangle my friend
and fellow CZT Jane Eileen created
for Mother's Day!
Jane was playing around with this new tangle.
As she drew it out, this is what she saw on row two
and the name right away became 4Mom.
Jane has a pretty fantastic blog called 
See Jane Run 
where you can see her beautiful renditions of 4Mom, 
as well as a host of other goodies!
Here is a little two inch Bijou tile I drew, 
stacking Copada with 4Mom. 
A lot of punch in a little tile!
This is another 2" Bijou tile,
stacking 4Mom with flux.

My tile at the very top of this post
stacks 4Mom with crescent moon
and my own tangle TootsieMoon.
 4Mom is a versatile tangle, with lots of tangleation possibilities.
We'd don't you join us and give 4Mom a try this week!


  1. Thanks, Alice! I can't wait to see what people do with 4MOM!

  2. Your examples are exquisite and should help get everyone inspired to give 4MOM a go!

  3. What fun! Can't wait to try his new tangle. Thank you!


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