Saturday, June 20, 2015

My First Narwals

Narwal is this great new tangle from CZT Samantha Taylor.
You can see the step outs in the pink link.
Cause remember pink = link. hahahaha!
If you go here, you can see a video of Helen Williams
drawing narwal on her blog A Little Lime.
Her video made a lot more sense to me than the step outs. 

I understood the curving line - sort of - but I wanted to see if 
I could draw the tangle in a bigger curve.
Like a circle.
I couldn't stand those big empty spaces in the narwal,
so I aruared them and shaded.
Shading looks really cool in this tangle.

 I also like to fill spaces with printemps and make them fall out the side.
Here is a closer view of that shading.
I think I'm finally getting better at it.
It's only been three years.
I hear some of you saying that there might be hope for you.
Definitely. Keep it up. The shading will come.

I am predicting that narwal is going to be huge!
I'm seeing it pop up in literally every zentangle Facebook page I look at.
Why don't you check out the links at the very top of this post,
look at the step outs and watch the video,
then give narwal a try.
I am going to go do some more!
I love narwal!


  1. Nice job on the Big Curve Narwal and agree any little spill outs are fun - some of your printemps look like they are bouncing - fun

  2. I've only recently come across your blog and I am happy to read that "the shading will come"!


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