Friday, July 10, 2015

Feather Stacking

 You keep hearing me talk about stacking tangles.
Right now I am working on feather stacks.
You see, each of those little v-shaped sections
is a separate stack.
Let me walk you through how I made this.
I love me some bright, beautiful, vibrant color!
To get this color effect I wanted, I used some Brushos Crystal Colours.
Brushos are powders that activate and swirl and mix when hit with water.
I began by using a mop brush and just slopping water all over the top 
of my 140 lb. mixed media paper.
Then I used three shades of Brushos crystals and just 
tapped the color into the water.
After the color spread and mixed, I realized it still needed a bit more green, 
so I added more of the pigment where I thought it would work best. 
If you are interested in reading more about Brushos,
I did an in-depth product review here
Once my paper was completely dry,
I lay in a faint outline of a feather and filled in the vein.
I haven't done a successful feather before,
so I thought the pencil line might help me with parameters.
I began by dividing some sections and etching in  feathered lines for segments.
Then I tangled the areas. 
I wasn't really happy with the way my feather looked at this point.
So I added some frills. 
A little fescu, some more whispy lines,
and that white gel pen for some popping highlights.

I think I like this feather stacking.
Definitely going to give it another try.
Hahaha! Why don't you join me?


  1. Gorgeous!! I'm lovin the bright colors too! Great feather work!!

  2. Terrific tutorial on both the colour & the tangling - like your demonstration of what you weren't happy with & how you solved it.
    Paula (PEP)


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