Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lolliz, a New Gel Pen

 Ok, so I will just say it.
I am fascinated with this new tangle narwal.
I keep drawing it over and over and over.
Here I wrapped it into a wreath and added some floral.
 This is my before-I-added-color-and-shading look.
Good crisp lines,
a little narwal mixed with my tangle floral.
 I added some whisps and zingers.
 Then I pulled out some new color.
I don't use gel pens a lot, but they seemed to be
perfect for this piece.
LolliZ, a new gel pen I just got in recently.
And they worked like a champ!
 I really like the packaging on these pens.
There are four trays of pens inside the case.
Some regular gel pens,
some metallic,
some sparkly,
some milky,
and something else I don't recall right now.
(And I'm too lazy to get up and go look.)
They drew and filled in the spaces smoothly and evenly.
 And the colors were great!
I think my favorite was that darker gold.
It is sparkly and shiny, 
though you can't see that too well here.
 You can see some of the shimmer and sparkle here.
 And here.
I love how the printemps centers look!
Finished version pre-shading.
Completed version post-shading.
I really like the way this narwal turned wreath
turned out and the lolliz pens were better
than I had hoped for!

Have you tried narwal yet?
It is really fun!

The Creator's Leaf


  1. See, every time I see your Narwal , I am inspired. Those gel pens are beauties.

  2. That's really pretty alice :) I love narwal the gel pens look great too lots of different shades :)

  3. I love narwal too. Your ZIA is very pretty love it alice :) the gel pens look great lots of shades :)

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, and more gorgeous! Love Narwal in the wreath shape and your beautiful details make this frame-worthy! Love it!

  5. I can see you enjoyed this one & had great fun with the gel pens which seem to come in an amazing array of colours. The crispness of your tangled patterns with the selective use of colour is wonderfully effective & what a super idea to use narwal for a wreath.
    Paula (PEP)

  6. I have since received those fun gel pens! Perfect for highlighting smaller sections of work.


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